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The Lunacy of Duke Venomania is a manga released by B's-LOG COMICS on December 28, 2012. The story is based upon the song of the same name. The manga was written by Akuno-P and illustrated by Reki Bito. It elaborates on events skipped over in its light novel counterpart, following the seduction of Lilien Turner and the pursuits of Karchess Crim for the mysterious abductor.

Publisher SummaryEdit

———Now, let's dance———

The town beauty of Mystica in the Beelzenian Empire's Asmodean province. In the wake of a "man's" visit there, an incident of women's disappearances takes place in this town one after another.

It was regardless of their status, age, or marriage. The only common factor being their beauty and reputation......

Where did the women disappear to———

And who will be targeted next......?

Plot SummaryEdit

In his mansion, Sateriasis Venomania impales himself on the Venom Sword, making a contract with the Demon of Lust while I.R. watches with glee; as a result, his blood is filled with "Lust". Several months since then, in the summer of EC 136, Karchess Crim reads a report of women who have gone missing in the Asmodean region, including Lukana OctoMikulia Greeonio, and Gumina Glassred. He lingers on the last name, Lilien Turner, who has disappeared in April of EC 136, the same year as Lukana's disappearance. 

In April EC 136, Duke Venomania attends to Mikulia in his growing harem and is visited by I.R.[1] The sorceress demands that Venomania accompany her to Mystica, threatening to take back the Venom Sword otherwise. Venomania entrusts his mansion to Lukana and, preferring to travel in her cat body, I.R entrusts her human medium with Mikulia. After kissing Gumina goodbye, Venomania leaves with I.R.

Venomania arrives in Mystica and stops at a bakery, where he meets Lilien Turner. He asks after the Misty Mountains' location and, after a brief misunderstanding with her father, he enlists the girl's aid in taking him to his destination. On the way to the mountain range, Lilien and Venomania have a conversation concerning the missing women; Lilien reveals that one of the victims, Lukana, had been her friend. Back in Venomania's mansion, Lukana and Gumina discuss the weather in Lasaland and their relationship with the duke.

Nearing the Misty Mountains, Venomania compliments Lilien on her attractiveness and then bids her farewell; he shows I.R. on his shoulder when the girl expresses unease over his leaving without a retainer. Lilien's friend Rajih Assad, having been sent to look for her, comes to take her back home. I.R. and Venomania travel into the Misty Mountains, discussing their new knowledge that Lukana and Lilien were childhood friends. They arrive at a small altar, where they descend into a hidden tomb filled with gold and jewels; the duke discovers a spoon among them.[2] I.R and Venomania discuss the value of the spoon, as well as the sorceress mentioning a meeting with one of her subordinates, and then leave the tomb. The duke states his intention to stay in Marquis Ferdinand's mansion for the night.

Lilien dreams of an occasion where she and Lukana shopped for bracelets in the market; she wakes in a cold sweat as the dream ends in Lukana's disappearance. In Venomania's mansion, Lukana stops Mikulia from decorating I.R.'s motionless human body. The two discuss Mikulia's relationship with Duke Venomania, as well as her more difficult relationship with Gumina.

Back in Mystica, Venomania meets Lilien at the bakery and the two spend a day together, with Lilien taking the duke on a tour of the town's market; Rajih watches from a distance, unbeknownst to either of them.

That night, Venomania arrives at Marquis Ferdinand's mansion and meets his wife, currently being used as I.R.'s human medium. She shows Venomania a secret room filled with various items and clothes belonging to Maylis Beelzenia, and the duke is impressed by the portrait of the princess hung up on the wall. I.R. leaves and discovers the corpse of Marquis Ferdinand in another room, killed by the duke. Elsewhere, Rajih discovers Lilien wearing an uncharacteristically feminine dress, the girl being enchanted by Duke Venomania.[3]

Sometime later in Venomania's mansion, Gumina plays the violin to drown out the sound of the rain and contemplates her inability to recall her childhood memories of the duke. Meanwhile, Rajih stands outside of Marquis Ferdinand's mansion and recalls his own childhood memories of Lilien and Lukana, as well contemplating his romantic feelings for Lilien. He recalls an argument they had when he expressed his misgiving about the duke, after finding her wearing the feminine dress he bought her. He resolves to investigate Venomania's true intentions for Lilien's sake.

Inside Marquis Ferdinand's mansion, Venomania attempts to seduce Lilien; in the process, the girl sees Lukana's bracelet on the duke's wrist and when questioned he reveals that he is the source of the disappearances. Lilien becomes distraught and attempts to leave, but Venomania uses the power of Lust to seduce her. Rajih breaks into the mansion, discovering the corpses of Marquis Ferdinand and his household. He goes to confront Venomania; intending to silence Rajih, the duke makes a demonic transformation and attacks.[4] I.R. begins to return, alerted by the noise.

During the battle, a flashback explains Venomania's past as the child of a duke, named Cherubim; he had been born with a birthmark in the form of a second face and was thus locked away from the rest of the world. After his mother had committed suicide, his father remarried and had a second son, Sateriasis, who befriended Cherubim and introduced him to Gumina. The child fell in love with Gumina, but sometime later discovered that she was engaged to Sateriasis; as a result, the broken-hearted Cherubim killed his family and made a contract with the Demon of Lust, taking on his brother's name and image.

Venomania defeats Rajih in battle, but is impressed by his feelings for Lilien, which remind him of his own feelings for Gumina; as a result, he allows Rajih to live and heads back to his mansion with I.R., the mage having met with her subordinate Tette Cetera and learned interesting information. Rajih awakens and goes to find Lilien, intending to confess his feelings for her, but discovers that she has already fled.[5]

A few months later, Karchess Crim pays a visit to Marquis Ferdinand’s Mansion, now occupied by the marquis' nephew. He discusses the murder of Marquis Ferdinand’s household and the disappearance of Lilien Turner, with the marquis' nephew directing Karchess towards Rajih. In Beelzenia, Baron Conchita brings Princess Maylis a report of Karchess' investigation, catching her interest.

Rajih has become disillusioned by his ordeal and is found by Karchess in a drunken stupor. The count offers an alliance with him to rescue the women, including Lilien, being held by Venomania; he shows Rajih a golden key he intends to use to kill the demon. In Venomania's mansion, Lilien dances with the duke, becoming the newest member of his harem.[6]



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  • The special edition purchase of the manga included a limited edition CD with a remixed version of The Lunacy of Duke Venomania.
  • During several events of the manga pertaining to Venomania's Lust powers, certain parts of the illustrations are colored in the webcomic version.
  • While the Ferdinands are referred to as Earls in the manga, they are said to be Marquises in the Deadly Sins of Evil light novel.



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