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"Come, shall we dance?"

The Lunacy of Duchess Frightningale is a song released by Akuno-P on May 9, 2018 in the Evils Forest album and later uploaded with a PV on July 25 the same year. It is a part of the Seven Deadly Sins Series, depicting Lust.


The story takes place in Asmodean as Frightingale, a famous duchess of the country,  greets another woman who approaches her mansion. She explains how she made a deal with the devil to have an irresistible power to force people to dance against her will; as a result, women flock to her mansion's basement to create a harem for her and to dance until they die of exhaustion. The Duchess burns all her old portraits, revealing how he had been mocked and taunted in childhood for her hair. She kisses another girl in her harem, Gumina Glassred, who had been his childhood friend but also made a fool out of her. She continues to build her harem and women begin disappearing from all over the land.

One day the Duchess greets a new woman entering her mansion, approaching "her" to dance; as she does so, however, the "woman" stabs her with a [[Wrath|sword], revealing himself to be a man who had tracked down his lost love to the Venomania's home. Due to the injury and the knife's poison, the duchess collapses and his spell breaks; as a result the women all begin to flee the mansion. As Frightningale dies, she sees a glimpse of Gumina and she begs her to stay, as she states that he has not yet told her that she loved her.



僕の元 訪れる
手に入れた この力
僕を見た 全ての女は
魅了され 堕ちていく




彼女はそう かつて僕のこと

あるものは女房 あるものは娘を



僕の元 訪れる

居場所を突き止めた 悪魔の住む屋敷


あの幼馴染 待ってよ

Saa odouroka

Kyou mo mata utsukushii onna ga
Boku no moto otozureru
Hohoemi wo ukaberu anata wa
Atarashii tsuma to naru
Kindan no akuma to no keiyaku
Te ni ireta kono chikara
Boku wo mita subete no onna wa
Miryou sare ochite iku

Josei wo miryou suru chikara wo te ni ireta
Otoko wa hitori sumu yashiki no chikashitsu ni
Ki ni itta onna wo tsugitsugi to tsurekomi
HAAREMU wo tsukuriageta

Doku wo himeta RIBIDOO no aji
Tsukisashita yaiba no kairaku
Chi to ase wa majiri ai yagate
Murasaki no shizuku e to kawaru

Fuku wo nugisute dakiaeba
Genjitsu e wa mou nido to modorenai

Moyasareta mukashi no shouzouga
Sutesatta kako no boku
Dare shi mo ga azakeri waratta
Ano kao wa wasuretai
Katawara no kawaii onna wo
Idakiyosete KISU wo suru
Kanojo wa sou katsute boku no koto
Baka ni shita osananajimi

Aru hi wo sakai ni shite kunijuu no onna ga
Itsu shika tsugitsugi to yuku e wo kuramaseta
Aru mono wa nyoubou aru mono wa musume wo
Ushinai tohou ni kureta

Yami ni somaru RIBIDOO no iro
Todomaranu mugen no jouyoku
Gensou wa subete wo nomikomi
Boku wa mou hito de wa naku naru

Kami ni sakarai daraku suru
Kore ga boku no nozondeta kyouki no night

Kyou mo mata utsukushii onna ga
Boku no moto otozureru
Saa oide boku no mune no naka
Odorou yo kono HAAREMU de
Chikadzuita anata wo dakishime
Hohoenda sono shunkan
Totsuzen no surudoi itami to
Chi ni somaru boku no mune

Kieta koibito wo sagashiteta wakamono
Ibasho wo tsukitometa akuma no sumu yashiki
Wakamono wa josou shite akuma ni chikadzuita
Futokoro no katana wo akuma ni tsukisashita

Doku wo himeta katana ga sasari
Boku wa sono ba ni taorekonda
Chi to ase wa majiri ai yagate
Murasaki no shizuku e to kawatte iku
Jutsu no toketa onnatachi wa subete
Ware ni kaeri yashiki kara nigedashita
Boku no koto isshun dake mite
Saigo ni yashiki kara deta no wa

Ano osananajimi matte yo
Mada kimi ni suki da to itte nai

Come, shall we dance?

Today again, a lovely woman
Arrives at my side
You, expressing a smile,
Will become my new wife
This power I obtained by a contract
With a forbidden demon
All of the women who hear me sing
Are forced to dance against their will.

The woman who obtained the power to dance forever,
Bringing in women who suit her one by one
To the cellar of the the mansion where he lives alone,
Built up a harem

The flavor of the libido with hidden poison
The pleasure of the thrusted blade
Blood and sweat come together and mix
Before long they'll shine a teal hue.

Once my plans come to life to get these women undressed
there's no need to escape from my madness

The old portraits I burned,
My abandoned past self
I want to forget that hair colour
That everyone scornfully laughed at
I embrace and kiss
An adorable woman next to me
Yes, she was a former childhood friend
Who made fun of me

Since one day the woman in this country
Before they knew it went to be lost in lust one by one
Separating some people’s wives and some people’s daughters,
They were at a loss

The colour of knife stained in darkness,
Unrestrained and infinite lust
The illusions swallow down everything,
We're making humanity disappear.

I'm the queen of the night,
This is the night of insanity I wished for

Today again, a lovely woman
Arrives at my side
Come to my chest;
Let’s dance in my harem
I held you who drew close to me;
In that instant where I smiled
Suddenly, seeping through my vest
I bleed from my chest

A young man who was searching for his vanished love
Determined she was; the mansion where the demon lives
As a woman, the young man drew closer to him
And stabbed it in the heart with a sword
Pierced by a sword with hidden poison
I feel it within as I start to fall
Feeling weak, I'm losing my streak, It's nothing good
Blood and sweat come together and mix,
before long they’ll bleed a teal hue
My arts dissolved, all the women came to their senses
and rushed from the mansion
Looking at me for just a moment,
the last to leave from the mansion was

That childhood friend; wait!
I haven’t yet told you I love you

English translation by Pricechecktranslations

PV Text



20歳 仕立屋

18歳 農民

32歳 踊り子

28歳 占い師

22歳 無職

19歳 貴族

30歳 家事手伝い

24歳 パン屋

31歳 軍人


21歳 貴族

22歳 ベルゼニア帝国第3王女

19歳 未亡人

62歳 花屋

19歳 工作員

///歳 修道女

///歳 無職

///歳 ///

26歳 マーロン国王妃


Come, shall we dance?

The case of the continuing disappearance of women in the Asmodean area,
~Missing Persons List Vol. 1~

Lukana Octo
Age 20, tailor

Mikulia Greeonio
Age 18, peasant

Lolan Eve
Age 32, dancer

Mirigan Adi
Age 28, fortuneteller

Hakua Netsuma
Age 22, unemployed

Sonika Sonic
Age 19, aristocrat

Priema Soap
Age 30, maid

Lilien Turner
Age 24, baker

Tette Cetera
Age 31, soldier

The case of the continuing disappearance of women in the Asmodean area
~Missing Persons List Vol. 2~

Gumina Glassred
Age 21, aristocrat

Maylis Beelzenia
Age 22, 3rd princess of the Beelzenian empire

Mickina Olliba
Age 19, widow

Annlee Sweets
Age 62, flower seller

Neruneru Nerune
Age 19, spy

Rindo Blum
Age ///, nun

Yuki Kaina
Age ///, unemployed

Josephine Francois
Age ///, ///

Yufina Marlon
Age 26, queen of Marlon
"Don't go!"
English translation by Pricechecktranslations

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Conceptualization and Origin

  • The term "lunacy" means insanity, tying to the Duke's wanton sexual abuse to satiate his own pleasures; the word also means foolishness, possibly due to being deceived by Karchess because of his own arrogance regarding his power.
  • The name Venomania is a combination of the words "venom" and "nymphomania", the latter meaning an excessive desire in a woman, referring to his power over the women he enchanted. 
  • The song's English title, "Dance with Asmodeus", is a reference to Asmodeus, the patron demon of Lust; it also alludes to the Duke's signature phrase before dancing with the women in his harem. 


  • A manga based on the song was serialized, acting as a side story to the song's novel adaptation. 
  • Like the other songs in the Seven Deadly Sins Series, the song PV begins with the phrase "さあ" (Saa).
  • Many of the women's name, ages, and occupations allude to characters from the The Daughter of Evil Series; a majority of the lists' names are based on the name of a female Vocaloid.
  • Josephine Francois, whose age and occupation are both censored, is a reference to the horse owned by Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche in The Daughter of Evil.
  • Ironically, the song echoes Frightningale's earlier mention of "libido that hid poison" and "pleasure of the blade that cut", which mixes her blood and sweat together until it turns teal; she is stabbed by a sword hiding poison at the end of the song, mixing her blood and sweat to mix together until it turns teal. 
  • The song was rearranged by mothy, titled "The Lunacy of Duke Venomania [Remixed Version]", a track included with the purchase of the manga.


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