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"Goodbye, the one I love."
―Nemesis Sudou[src]

The Last Revolver is a song released by Akuno-P on March 8, 2010. It concerns the tragic romance between Nemesis Sudou and her lover Nyoze Octo after a year together.


Nemesis Sudou relates how Santa has given her a revolver. As she points the gun at her beloved, she prepares to say goodbye. She then expresses a wish to see the summer fireworks festival with him again, apologizing because it could not be so. Nemesis says that from the beginning, they were too different.

Before the confrontation, her love met the "evil" her under a sakura tree the year before and that they became attracted to each other. Being tasked to kill him, Nemesis laments that, while it isn't the first time she has killed a human being, it is the first time she'll fire and cry. She reminisces on how in spring they met, in summer they made "the best memories", in autumn they "became one", and in winter they said goodbye to everything.

When the killer prepares to shoot him, Nemesis says sorry at the last moment and he says something in turn, shocking her. A gunshot is heard. The killer repeats her wish to go to the summer fireworks festival with him again. She then tells him not to worry, and that they will definitely meet again. She relates that they promised they'd always be together; then, a second gunshot is heard.


もしも やり直せるならば


さよなら 愛しい人

ゴメン そんなこと


それでも 好きになった

お願い 悪いのは全て私なんだから


撃鉄を起こし 指を引き金に
人差し指が 小さく震える

心配しないで きっとすぐに会えるからね

Moshimo yarinaoseru naraba

SANTA san ga kureta
Jitsudan iri no RIBORUBAA wo
Me wo mae ni tatsu anata ni muketa

Sayonara itoshii hito

Moshi yari naoseru nara
Mata futari de natsumatsuri no hanabi demo
Mi ni ikitai ne
Gomen sonna koto
Mou muri datte wakatte iru n da
Saisho kara futari wa
Subete chigai sugita kara

Sakura no ki no shita de
"Aku" no watashi ga deatta
Anata wa "seigi" gawa no hito deshita

Soredemo suki ni natta

Hito wo utsu no wa kore ga hajimete de wa nai keredomo
Nakinagara utsu no wa hajimete ka na
Onegai warui no wa subete watashi nanda kara
Sonna yasashii kao wo shinai de

Haru ni deai koi ni ochita
Natsu ni ippai omoide tsukutta
Aki no yoru ni hitotsu ni natta
Fuyu ni subete owari wo tsugeta

Geki tetsu wo okoshi yubi wo hikigane ni
hitosashiyubi ga chiisaku furueru
Watashi wa saigo ni "gomen" to itta
Anata wa saigo ni...

Moshi yarinaoseru nara
Mata futari de natsumatsuri no hanabi demo
Mi ni ikitai ne
Shinpai shinai de kitto sugu ni aeru kara ne
Zutto issho ni iyoune tte
Itsumo itteta mon ne

If only we could start over

Santa gave to me
A revolver with live rounds
I aim at you standing before my eyes

Goodbye, the one I love

If I could do it over
I’d want to go see the summer fireworks festival again
Just the two of us
Sorry, ‘cause I know
That such a thing is already impossible
Because from the beginning, everything between us
Was just too different

Beneath the cherry blossom tree
You met the “evil” me
You were on the side of “justice”

Even so, I came to like you

This isn’t my first time shooting someone
But this is the first time I’ll shoot while crying isn’t it?
Please, because it’s all my fault
Don’t make such a kind face

In spring we met and fell in love
In summer we made a lot of memories
On an autumn night we became one
In winter we marked the end of everything

The hammer raises, my finger on the trigger
My index finger trembles slightly
In the end I said “Sorry”
In the end, you…

If I could do it over
I’d want to go see the summer fireworks festival again
Just the two of us
Don’t worry, because I’m sure I’ll be able to see you soon
Let’s always be together
That’s something we always said, huh?

English translation by Pricechecktranslations

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Conceptualization and Origin

  • The song's title alludes to the ultimate fate of Nemesis and her lover. 
  • The song's English title, "Good-by my lover" is derived from Nemesis' words to Nyoze right before killing him.
  • While commenting on the song's creation, mothy stated that he had wanted to portray a female hitman.[1]
  • The revolver used in the song PV is based on the design of a Smith & Wesson Model 60 revolver.[2]


  • In the Evils Forest booklet, Ma comments that they didn't know the whereabouts of the last collectible, questioning if the song was a clue to learning it or simply an error.
  • In The Daughter of Evil: Wiegenlied of Green, the incantation that Gumillia uses to project Michaela's spirit from the tree sapling is the first verse of The Last Revolver written backwards.
  • During the song PV, when the first shot is fired, the screen cracks and is left with a bullet hole for the rest of the song; during the closing credits, the second shot is fired and leaves a second bullet hole, freezing the two gun shots over the credits for Nyoze and GUMI, respectively. 
  • When commenting on his official releases for 2010, Akuno-P stated The Last Revolver was not part of the Seven Deadly Sins Series, likely due to speculation of it portraying Wrath in the series.[3]



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