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"I'll do this over again any number of times."

The Karma of Evil Will Not End is a song released by Akuno-P on August 10, 2018 on the Clockwork Lullaby album. It is the eleventh song in the Clockwork Lullaby Series, and is told from the perspective of Alice Merry-Go-Round after Irina Clockworker and her children traveled to a repeat of the Third Period as part of the Court Ending.


Time turns back after Adam and Eve begin their Re_birthday too quickly. As a result they and Irina Clockworker are sent back to Magic Kingdom Levianta, before Project 'Ma' was started. Irina, who has reincarnated into Alice Merry-Go-Round, sings of how the "karma of evil" will not end. She also sings of how she will never forgive a certain individual, always hating them and always loving them.

Alice resolves to convey to the world everything that she has heard and seen as a prophecy, claiming that the gods are now gone. She will go through this loop again and again until the day comes when she brings the world salvation. Adam and Eve then list all of Alice's aliases and incarnations from the start of the world to the end of it.




嗚呼 だけど




聞いた事 全て


そしていつか 世界に

Kuroi yoake
Toki ga kaeru

Subete owari
Soshite hajimari

Hayasugita RI BAASUDEE
Aa dakedo
Aku no inga wa owaranai

Watashi ga anata o yurusu hi wa konai

Towa ni nikishimi
Towa ni aisuru

Kore mo mata hitotsu no PUROROOGU
Aku no inga wa owaranai

Kono me de mitakoto
Kiita koto subete
Yogen toshi tsutae yo
Kami wa mou inai

Nando demo yarinaosu
Soshite itsuka sekai ni
Shin naru kyuusai o

A black dawn
Time turns back

Everything ends
And then begins

The Re_birthday came too early
Ah, but
The karma of evil will not end

The day where I forgive you
Will not come

I will forever hate you
And I will forever love you

This too is another prologue
The karma of evil will not end

What I saw with my own eyes
And what I heard, all of it

I shall convey as a prophecy
The gods are gone now

I'll do this over again any number of times
And then someday I will bring
True salvation to this world

Related Songs[]

Queen of the Glass[]

Queen of the Glass is another song concerning Alice Merry-Go-Round and the "prophecies" she conveys to the people of Levianta; the song concerns the revelation she received from Levia and Behemo that began Project 'Ma'.

Project 'Ma'[]

The song Project 'Ma' depicts the outcome of Alice's prophecy to the world with the Project 'Ma'.




Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • The song's title is based on the phrase "this karma of evil will not end," which appears multiple times in the Evillious Chronicles.


  • The song's opening and ending tunes, when reversed, form the tunes of Project 'Ma' and the instrumental track Prophet Merry-Go-Round, respectively.
  • The crows heard in Moonlit Bear are also present in the song.
  • The lines spoken at the end, when reversed, are Irina's aliases over time.
  • In the Clockwork Lullaby album, Kiril Clockworker mentions Adam Moonlit's realization that Irina was his mother; he also notes that, as time turns back and Irina once again becomes Adam and Eve's mother, that she must stop the cycle, claiming there are no gods in that world.[1]


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