There are very few policies that apply only to this wiki. The wiki's mission statement can be found here. The policy for the wiki's IRC chat can be found here. There are many types of user rights that one can have on the Evillious Chronicles wiki. The types of rights are:

Bureaucrats (list)
Administrators (list)
Chatmoderators (list)
Rollbacks (list)
Bots (list)
More rights...

Some pages can be protected, to prevent malicious edits to be done on them. The policy about protected pages can be found here. Sometimes though a page may be needed to be deleted quickly, the policy for that type of deletion can be found here. A great feature about wikis is templates. A template can be very helpful for an average user using a piece of complex code. The policy for templates can be found here. If you would like to experiment with a template you may want to experiment on the Wiki Sandbox. Another great feature on the wiki is categories. The policy for categories can be found here. Your privacy is very important on this wiki. Policy about your privacy can be found at here. It is important to note that this wiki DOES NOT want to have ANY copyright problems, so PLEASE read the copyright policy here. Now that you have learned more about the policy of this wiki, enjoy your stay at Evil's Theater!

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