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The Evillious Chronicles is an expansive dark fantasy multi-media series conceptualized by Akuno-P, originally told in song using the Vocaloid software. Expanding into light novels, short stories, and manga, the overarching story revolves around the vessels of sin, seven objects inhabited by demons that spread malice and calamity in their wake, and the numerous characters affected by them throughout the centuries.

Please note that series is currently ongoing and therefore has many ongoing plot threads that have yet to be concluded. We ask you be respectful when contributing your own ideas concerning the series. Otherwise, have fun exploring the world of Evillious!

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Lich Arklow was an underling of the Demon of Gluttony and a former forest spirit of Held. Chased out of the forest, Lich began serving the new Demon of Gluttony and was incarnated as a death god.
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Seven Deadly Did You Knows...

  • The two characters on the Clockwork Lullaby album are meant to be seen as generic wind up dolls
  • In traveling to a parallel world, Banica utilizes a sky fortress she names "Evil's Theater II"
  • Retasan is inspired by the star fort, a type of fortification first seen in Italy; Beelzenia, where Retasan is located, fittingly shares parallels with Italy.
  • The earth god Held appeared as a bluebird when confronting Nemesis Sudou and Allen Avadonia after the Third Period was destroyed.
  • In-universe, the name of Lunaca Labora means "full moon laboratory" in ancient Leviantan.
  • The presence of Jakokuese elements in Asmodean's culture, such as the use of katanas, may be a reference to Camui Gackpo's samurai aesthetic.
  • Hanma Baldured's surname contains the characters of the Japanese spelling of Baldur, a god in Norse mythology.


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