"I'm sorry for being alive."

The Daughter of White is a song released by Akuno-P on January 6, 2010. It is the fourth song in The Daughter of Evil Series, its events coinciding with both The Daughter of Evil and Regret Message.


The song starts in the village of Yatski as a girl, Clarith, is ostracized by the Elphes for having white hair. She prays to an old tree for friends. One day, she meets Michaela after finding her unconscious and they become close. Clarith becomes happy that someone wants to be friends with her. She explains how they left the village to work in the city under Mikina Freezis. One day, a blue-haired king visits the mansion and meets Michaela. He falls in love with her, and so rejects Riliane's proposal. Riliane thus orders the death of all the green-haired women in Elphegort, and Clarith once again becomes depressed as the princess's wish is acted out.

The song starts again by the harbor as Clarith relates how she became a nun in the church, in a monastery after the Lucifenian Revolution. One day she meets a mysterious girl, "Rin", whom she begins to grow closer to. Eventually, Clarith comes across a confession booth and by mistake overhears Rin's confession, realizing that Rin is actually Riliane, the Daughter of Evil. Later, Riliane is alone at the beach. From behind, Clarith approaches, preparing to kill her with a knife. She points it at her back.

However, Clarith reveals that she could not kill Riliane because she recognized herself in her, a lonely girl. She relates how Riliane is getting better at her cooking. In the final moments, Clarith recalls how she saw an illusion that stopped her at the harbor. She wonders who that boy she saw was.


「生きていてごめんなさい」 いつのまにか口癖
弱音ばかり吐いていた つまらぬだけの人生
村の人たちは皆 きれいな緑の髪
仲間外れの私 人と違う白い髪

森の奥で密かに そびえ立つ千年樹
私はここで一人 神に願いをかけた
孤独に生き続けること それはとても寂しい
だれでもいい私の 友達になって欲しい

彼女と出会ったのは 千年樹 のすぐそば
倒れていた彼女を 助けたのが始まり
いつのまにか二人は とても仲良くなった
だけど私と彼女 何もかもが違った

村の中の誰より きれいな緑の髪
その優しい声と笑顔 誰からも愛された
どうしてこんな私にも 優しくしてくれるの?
自分より劣る女を 憐れんでるつもりなの?



二人で村を飛び出して 街で暮らし始めた
不慣れな生活でも 一緒なら大丈夫
裕福な商人の 婦人の使用人
生きるために選んだ 私たちの仕事

ある日屋敷で見かけた 青い髪の優男
あいつと彼女の出会いが 全てを狂わせた
海の向こうの国の王 彼は彼女を深く愛し
隣の国の王女の 求婚を拒んだ


どうして どうして

「生きていてごめんなさい」 いつのまにか口癖
弱音ばかりを吐いていた つまらぬだけの人生
港町の教会 新たに暮らし始めた
革命で王女が死んだと 風の噂で聞いた

彼女と出会ったのは 教会のすぐそば
倒れていた彼女を 助けたのが始まり
いつのまにか二人は とても仲良くなった
だけど私と彼女 何もかもが違った

ああ なんということでしょう


あの娘は昔の私 とてもとても孤独な人
ひとりで生き続けること それはとても寂しい




"Ikite ite gomennasai" itsu no ma ni ka kuchiguse
Yowane bakari haite ita tsumaranu dake no jinsei
Mura no hitotachi wa mina kirei na midori no kami
Nakama hazure no watashi hito to chigau shiroi kami

Mori no oku de hisoka ni sobie tatsu sennenju
Watashi wa koko de hitori kami ni negai wo kaketa
Kodoku ni iki tsudzukeru koto sore wa totemo sabishii
Dare demo ii watashi no tomodachi ni natte hoshii

Kanojo to deatta no wa sennenju nosugusoba
Taorete ita kanojo wo tasuketa no ga hajimari
Itsu no ma ni ka futari wa totemo nakayokunatta
Dakedo watashi to kanojo nani mo ka mo ga chigatta

Mura no naka no dare yori kirei na midori no kami
Sono yasashii koe to egao dare kara mo ai sareta
Doushite konna watashi ni mo yasashiku shite kureru no?
Jibun yori otoru onna wo owarenderu tsumori na no?

Hikutsu na watashi wo dakishimete
Kanojo wa sasayaita
"Anata wa dare yori suteki na hito yo"
Namida ga koboreta

Tatoe sekai no subete no hito ga
Watashi wo sagesumi waratte mo
Hitsuyou to shite kureru hito ga iru
Sore dake de shiawase datta

Futari de mura wo tobidashite machi de kurashi hajimeta
Funare na seikatsu demo issho nara daijoubu
Yuufuku na shounin no fujin no shiyounin
Ikiru tame ni eranda watashitachi no shigoto

Aru hi yashiki de mikaketa aoi kami no yasaotoko
Aitsu to kanojo no deai ga subete wo kuruwaseta
Umi no mukou no kuni no ou kare wa kanojo wo fukaku aishi
Tonari no kuni no oujo no kyuukon wo kobanda

Kuni wa senka ni tsutsumareta
Oujo ga kudashita meirei
"Midori no kami no onna wa subete
Koroshite shimai nasai"

Minna minna inaku natte shimatta
Shiroi kami no watashi igai
Kanojo no kawari ni watashi ga shineba yokatta no ni
Doushite doushite

"Ikite ite gomennasai" Itsu no ma ni ka kuchiguse
Yowane bakari haite ita tsumaranu dake no jinsei
Mina to machi no kyoukai arata ni kurashi hajimeta
Kakumei de oujo ga shinda to kaze no uwasa de kiita

Kanojo to deatta no wa kyoukai no sugu soba
Taorete ita kanojo wo tasuketa no ga hajimari
Itsu no ma ni ka futari wa totemo nakayokunatta
Dakedo watashi to kanojo nani mo ka mo ga chigatta

Dare mo inai yoru no zange shitsu
Guuzen kiite shimatta kanojo no kokuhaku
Aa nanto iu koto deshou
Kanojo wa masa ni
-Aku no Musume-

Machi hazure no chiisana minato
Hitori tatazumu ano ko
Haigo kara chikadzuku watashi
Futokoro kara NAIFU
Toridashite oujo no senaka ni mukete

Anata ni ayamara kereba ikenai koto ga aru no
Watashi kekkyoku anata no kataki wa torenakatta
Ano ko wa mukashi no watashi totemo totemo kodoku na hito
Hitori de ikitsudzukeru koto sore wa totemo sabishii

Nani mo dekinakatta ano ko
Sukoshi ryouri ga umakunatta
Kyou no oyatsu no BURIOSSHU
Totte mo umaku yaketeru

Ano toki ano umibe de
Isshun mieta genkaku

Ano shounen wa ittai
Dare datta no kashira?

“I’m sorry for being alive”, before I knew it that was my catchphrase
Mine was a dull life of saying nothing but complaints
Everyone in my village has beautiful green hair
I’m left out, with white hair different from theirs

A millennium tree secretly towers over the scenery deep in the forest
When alone here, I made a wish to god
To carry on living in isolation, that’s very lonely
Anyone would be fine; I want someone to become my friend

I met her, near the millennium tree
She had collapsed and I saved her; that was the beginning
Before I knew it the two of us were getting along well
But just about everything between me and her was different

She had green hair more beautiful than anyone in the village
With her kind voice and smile, she was loved by everyone
Why are you being so kind to someone like me?
Do you intend on pitying a woman who’s inferior to you?

Embracing the abject me
She whispered
“You are more wonderful than anyone else”
Tears spilled out

Even if all the people in the world
Scorned and mocked me
There’s someone who needs me
With only that, I was happy

The two of us rushed from the village, and started living in town
It’s an unfamiliar life, but if we’re together it’s alright
The servants of a rich merchant’s wife
That was the work we chose for a living

One day on the grounds we happened upon a handsome, blue haired man
The meeting between he and her derailed everything
He was the ruler of a country across the ocean, and, loving her deeply,
He refused the marriage proposal of a princess in the neighboring country

The country was engulfed in the horrors of war
The decree the princess made:
“All of the green haired women,
Kill them”

Everyone, everyone was lost forever
Except the white haired me
I should have died in her place
Why, why?

“I’m sorry for being alive”, before I knew it that was my catchphrase
Mine was a dull life of saying nothing but complaints
I began my new livelihood in a port city’s church
I heard from a rumor on the wind that in the revolution, the princess died

I met her, near the church
She had collapsed and I saved her; that was the beginning
Before I knew it the two of us were getting along well
But just about everything between me and her was different

In the night confessional when no one was around
By chance I heard her confession
Ah, what does this mean?
She is certainly
-The Daughter of Evil-

At a small harbor on the outskirts of town
She is standing alone
From behind I draw near
From my breast pocket I took out
A knife, pointed it at the princess’ back
And raised it high

I have an apology I must make to you
In the end I didn’t remove your enemy
That girl is the old me, a very very solitary person
To carry on living by yourself, that’s very lonely

She who could do nothing
Became a little more skillful in her cooking
Today’s treat, brioche
Is very deliciously baked

That moment at that beach
For an instant I saw an illusion
Who in the world
Was that boy, I wonder?

English translation by Pricechecktranslations

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The Daughter of EvilEdit

The Daughter of Evil recounts the actions of the tyrannical princess Riliane, in events occurring alongside The Daughter of White, before her repentance.

Tree Maiden ~Millennium Wiegenlied~Edit

Tree Maiden ~Millennium Wiegenlied~ details the life and death of Clarith's friend Michaela, in events that occur alongside The Daughter of White; as well as containing a reference to The Daughter of White in its lyrics.

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Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • The song's title is a reference to The Daughter of Evil and Riliane, connecting the similarity between "Rin" and Clarith: their loneliness.
  • The song's English title, "Bystander", refers to Clarith's outside perspective of the main events in The Daughter of Evil Series, not directly involved or apart of them and only watching.
  • Originally, Clarith's line said at the beginning of the song was planned to be "I'm sorry for being born" but was later changed to "I'm sorry for being alive" to better suit the song lyrics.[1]


  • At the song's climax, when Clarith is about to stab Rin, a bell rings three times, signaling three o'clock; Allen's execution occurred at the same time, alluding to his intervention at that time during the song.
  • Similarly, both situations involve Allen's actions to prevent Riliane's death.
  • Clarith's discovery of Michaela is echoed later in the song with her discovery of Rin, although she was different from either girl for very different reasons. 
  • Ironically, the white hair that Clarith hated saved her from Elphegort's genocide, as the Lucifenian soldiers killed everyone around her, leaving her alone again and wishing she had died. 
  • Her words after meeting Michaela are paralleled in Tree Maiden ~Millennium Wiegenlied~ by Michaela and can be heard during the final chorus of the song; similarly, both songs begin with the same line: "I am sorry for being alive".



  1. @mothy_akuno – 12/25/14 – これはまあ「白ノ娘」の冒頭の歌詞でもあるんですが、曲制作当初は「生まれてごめんなさい」にする予定でした。歌詞として納まりが悪かったんで最終的には「生きていて~」になりました。
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