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The Daughter of Evil Series, also called simply the Evil series, is a multimedia series conceptualized and developed by Akuno-P. It belongs to mothy's larger Evillious Chronicles. First developing as a series of songs in 2008, the story has since received numerous spin-offs and adaptations, including as books, plays, and manga. Although a separate series entirely, its story is part of the Seven Deadly Sins Series, detailing the events surrounding Princess Riliane.


The Daughter of Evil series is set on Bolganio, a fictional continent in the series' world, with all of its major actions taking place in its western region, Evillious. The main storyline occurs throughout EC 499-505, although numerous events before and after are depicted or referenced in subsequent material. Many of the characters travel to and from numerous countries throughout the plot and their politics plays a large role in the events taking place.


Kingdom of Lucifenia[]

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Lucifenia map.jpg

A large and powerful nation within the Evillious region. It was also known as the "Yellow Country". After rapidly expanding through conquest during the reign of King Arth I, Lucifenia became the largest and most prosperous nation of its time and was unrivaled in military strength. Although maintaining peace and prosperity for nearly a decade during Queen Anne's reign, the nation has begun to decline due to the tyranny of Princess Riliane.[1]

Kingdom of Elphegort[]

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A peaceful nation bordering Lucifenia. It was also known as the "Green Country". Due to the Millennium Tree Forest lying between both nations, Elphegort was protected from Lucifenia's conquests. Its people were characterized by their green hair; implementing strong nationalist policies, the natives heavily discriminated against foreigners, although its ruler, King Thorny Elphen, is a pacifist. Their sacred god Held is said to reside in its forest as the "Millennium Tree".[2]

Kingdom of Marlon[]

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Marlon kingdom.jpg

A powerful island nation on the Hark Sea west of the Evillious mainland. It was also known as the "Blue Country". Armed with the strongest navy of the region, Marlon is allies with Lucifenia. Its king, Kyle Marlon, was betrothed to Princess Riliane by the will of their mothers and set to be married when Riliane turned fifteen.[3] Although Kyle is the country's king, he is regarded as a puppet controlled by Queen Dowager Prim.[4] The nation once competed with the Lioness country over the island, but has since gained hegemony over it.[5] Many men from Marlon are said to be avid collectors.[3]

Beelzenian Empire[]

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An empire south of Lucifenia. It was also known as the "Red Country" or the "country born under the new moon". Once controlling two-thirds of Evillious, it encompassed both Lucifenia and Asmodean before both states declared independence and Beelzenia swiftly declined. It was later attacked by the Kingdom of Lucifenia during King Arth's rule and lost much of its territory. As a result, friction continues to develop between the Empire and Lucifenia.[6] It is the nation of origin for the Gula plague across the region.[7]

Holy Levianta[]

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A large nation north of Elphegort and the religious capital of the Levin Church. Rebuilt from the centuries-old ruins of the Magic Kingdom Levianta, the new nation is a shadow of its former glory. It held an alliance with the Kingdom of Elphegort.[8]


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A nation east of Lucifenia and Elphegort. It was once part of the Beelzenian Empire before declaring its independence.[9] It was attacked by the Kingdom of Lucifenia during King Arth's rule and suffered greatly due to the war. It has poor relations with Elphegort and Lucifenia.[2] Numerous mercenaries are exported from the state.[10]


Since its first Vocaloid song was posted on Nico Nico Douga, the series exploded in popularity among fans. With both of its original two songs reaching a million views on NND by the next year,[11] the "Evil" series was later looped into the Seven Deadly Sins Series and connected to the Clockwork Lullaby Series via Re_birthday. Many of its early songs have received several renditions by the author and both mothy and other producers have made songs referencing the series. In celebration of its final light novel, an album was released with several songs and instrumental pieces dedicated to the series.[12]

Song Listing[]

  1. The Daughter of Evil
  2. The Servant of Evil
  3. Regret Message
  4. The Daughter of White
  5. Twiright Prank
  6. Tree Maiden ~Millennium Wiegenlied~
  7. Handbeat Clocktower
  8. Blink
  9. A Hero's Armor is Always Crimson
  10. Neomaria of the Inverted Gravestone
  11. Swear an Oath on that Bridge
  12. That King was Born from Mud
  13. Reach for the Stars ~The Letter She Kept Waiting For~


In the wake of the original song series' success, mothy announced on his blog that The Daughter of Evil would receive a light novel adaptation, published by the PHP Institute.[13] The book series has since spawned three successive light novels and two databooks along with numerous short stories. Although following the events present in the original songs, the light novels expanded upon the existing characters that had appeared or were mentioned in the song PVs, as well as adding new characters and plot details. The first two light novels were later rereleased under PHP's "VG" label on August 7, 2015. As of 2014, The Daughter of Evil series has sold over a million copies.[14] In promotion for the last light novel, an album was released with songs and instrumental pieces dedicated to the series.[12]

Book Listing[]

  1. The Daughter of Evil: Clôture of Yellow
  2. The Daughter of Evil: Wiegenlied of Green
  3. Entr'acte of Evil: The Daughter of Evil Worldguide
  4. The Daughter of Evil: Praeludium of Red
  5. The Daughter of Evil: Praefacio of Blue
  6. Epic of Evil: The Daughter of Evil Fanbook
  7. The Daughter of Evil Schedule Book 2013


Although not consistent with the established continuity, mothy advertised a spin-off manga for the series a month after the first light novel was released.[15] After The Daughter of Evil novel series finished, mothy announced on twitter that two new serial manga based on the series would appear in the March 27, 2013 issue of Blitz G's Comics.[16]

A month since mothy's announcement, PHP made another announcement that they would publish a manga adaptation of The Daughter of Evil series, illustrated by Ichika.[17] The manga adaptation was later confirmed to release its first volume on February 17, 2014.[18]

Manga Listing[]

  1. Comedy of Evil Project
  2. The Daughter of Evil


Note: this list only contains the list of all major recurring characters in the series. For a list of all minor characters that appear or are mentioned in passing, see the List of Minor Characters in The Daughter of Evil.

Other Media[]

Theater Plays[]

The Daughter of Evil ~Gemini of Charm~[]

Promotional image for the show

The Daughter of Evil ~Gemini of Charm~[note 1] was a theatrical adaptation of the songs that showed from January 27 to 31, 2010.[19] The script was written by Hidekatsu Tokunaga, a member of X-QUEST, who adapted the story based on his own interpretation of the songs. Mothy was not involved in the script's writing and his light novels would later contradict the events and settings in the play. The script also contained Tokunaga's original parodies and episodes. Although mothy provided the names for the characters, the character of Michaela from the light novels had been named "Maria" in the play adaptation.

The play featured numerous instrumental tracks as well as covers for the velvet mix variants of The Daughter of Evil, The Servant of Evil, Regret Message, and the first rendition of Twiright Prank. The covers were sung by Shimoda Asami, the voice provider for Kagamine Rin and Len. The original soundtrack was released on February 3, 2010 as an album.[20]

God of Evil[]

God of Evil,[note 2], also known as xxx of Evil[note 3], was another event held on April 11, 2010 by Drama Group Brioche. Said group was established by fans who wanted to make a theatrical adaption The Daughter of Evil, The Servant of Evil, and Regret Message.[21]

The Daughter of Evil ~One for two~[]

A third play called The Daughter of Evil ~One for two~ debuted on September 17, 2011 and was produced by Drama Group Brioche. Despite coming out after the novels, it diverged from the canon and gave the characters different names. While most of the music in the play featured were rearraged versions of the mothy's songs, it featured several original songs as well, such as "He is the Blue Prince" and "The Princess of Loneliness". The music was arranged by Jounetsu-P and k-shi. Its production title was "The Daughter of Evil [Another Evil]".

The Daughter of Evil Musical[]

Promotional poster for the show

Main Article: The Daughter of Evil (musical)

The first professional adaptation, The Daughter of Evil Musical, opened on June 4, 2017 and was produced by amiPro, featuring a big name star cast such as the singer Reina Tanaka in the role of Riliane and voice actor Kazutomi Yamamoto playing the role of Allen. Like the first play, the script was written by Hidekatsu Tokunaga, this time remaining more faithful to the original novels. While most of mothy's original songs were used, some of the lyrics were changed to fit the characters singing.

Video Games[]

Hatsune Miku and Future Stars Project Mirai[]

The Daughter of Evil as she appears in the game

Both The Daughter of Evil and The Servant of Evil were included in the game Hatsune Miku and Future Stars Project Mirai for the Nintendo 3DS released on March 8, 2012.[22] Two Modules designed by Ichika were created exclusively for the songs; the designs were similar to the original designs used in the light novel series but were melded with influences from the Evils Kingdom incarnations Ichika also designed.

The song PVs in the game loosely follow the plot of the light novels, including cameos by various characters seen in the light novels. However, due to the nature of the medium and its liberties, several inconsistencies exist between the official continuity and the game's story, including the portrayal of the setting, characters, and events in their minute details.


Promo ad for the new Mikucolle cards

A unique The Daughter of Evil event was announced for the mobile game Mikucolle, occurring from December 26, 2014 to January 23, 2015. During this unique event, a new level taking place in Riliane's royal palace was added and special attack and speed bonuses were given for playing as Kagamine Rin during this level.

Coinciding with this, a number of new in-game cards were added to the game's combat mechanics. The cards utilized artwork from The Daughter of Evil novel and manga series and their names and effects correlated to characters, themes, or aspects of the series. New skins for Kagamine Rin and Len, KAITO, MEIKO, and Hatsune Miku were also made available, giving them avatars for Riliane, Allen, Kyle, Germaine, and Michaela.


Depiction of the pitiable twins in concert

Daughter of Evil and Servant of Evil were featured at Hatsune Miku Live Party 2011 in Tokyo on March 9th, 2011. Projected on a screen, Rin debuted on stage with Riliane's classic laugh and performed a sole ensemble to an abbreviated version of The Daughter of Evil. Directly afterward, Len debuted and performed a similarly shortened version of The Servant of Evil. They repeated the performance in Sapporo and Singapore that same year and returned the following year in Tokyo at Hatsune Miku Live Party 2012.


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • Much of the story is derived from Marie Antoinette and the events of the French Revolution.
  • The novel series' name as "The Daughter of Evil" series is a reference to the moniker given to Riliane due to her tyranny.
  • The names of most of the characters represented by a Vocaloid (or a related synthesizer such as UTAU) were chosen to partially match the name of their respective Vocaloid counterpart when adapted to the Japanese text.[23]


  • Its first song, The Daughter of Evil, is the only song in the Seven Deadly Sins Series to develop into a standalone series.
  • Several phrases are repeated and given emphasis throughout the series, such as characters saying they will "become evil", wishing to be reborn, and protecting another character for them to keep smiling.
  • The song The Letter She Kept Waiting For was originally intended to be a continuation of the series but was later scrapped by mothy as a dead plot point; he later confirmed that it wasn't part of the series' continuity.[24]
  • In Handbeat Clocktower, Kyle describes all the events resulting from Prim and Abyss I.R.'s machinations as the "Story of Evil"; the phrase also shows up several times in other parts of the Evillious Chronicles.


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