The Daughter of Evil Schedule Book 2013 is a compendium of information regarding The Daughter of Evil Series, released on December 16, 2012. It contains detailed information for all the characters in the series as well as calendars, schedules, and illustrations.



A section dedicated to providing profiles for the major recurring characters in The Daughter of Evil Series. Each profile contains biographical information on the character relevant to the light novels, such as their birth year, death year, race, religion, and familial relations. A small excerpt describing the character and their actions in the series is listed below and is accompanied by a colored illustration of them. A quote uttered by the character at some point during the light novels is also included.


A section providing a calendar for the schedule book's owner. The section details several large calendars from January to March 2013, followed by smaller calendars for April 2013 til March 2014. The calendars list major Japanese holidays. It is followed by an illustration by Ichika of most of the characters featured in the light novels and various trivia.


A collection of miscellaneous sections detailing information for The Daughter of Evil series and mothy's Evillious series in general. The first section portrays the full covers from each light novel in The Daughter of Evil series along with a general introduction summary to each light novel. The next section contains a world map for The Daughter of Evil series, naming notable places on the map from the countries traveled to in the series. An Evillious Chronicles section then details a small timeline for events taking place since EC 0. Afterwards, a section dedicated to the songs released by mothy lists all of mothy's major song releases. Each song includes its Nico Nico Douga ID for the original upload and any remixes, its featured Vocaloids, the major artist involved in the creation of its PV, and a small introduction to the song's plot accompanied by an illustration. The last section shows each of the vessels of sin.



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  • While the Schedule Book holds detailed information about the characters like the two databooks preceding it, it is not complemented by any short stories.


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