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The Daughter of Evil / The Servant of Evil Arrange Album -Scarlet Serenade- is an album released by Jounetsu-P on April 28, 2012. It primarily contains remakes of songs from The Daughter of Evil Series but also includes song remakes from both the Seven Deadly Sins and Clockwork Lullaby Series.


  1. The Daughter of Evil -JazzWaltz version-
  2. The Servant of Evil -Classical version-
  3. Regret Message -Ballad version-
  4. Re birthday -Acoustic version-
  5. The Daughter of Evil -Tango version-
  6. The Servant of Evil -Classical version II-
  7. Princess of Loneliness(Performance Brioche Troupe『 The Daughter of Evil -one for two-』Song Insert)
  8. The Red Flower in The Yellow Castle -The Fall of the Princess-
  9. Regret Message -Primitive version-
  10. Re_birthday -Unplugged Dance MIX-
  11. The Daughter of White -Arrange version-
  12. The Servant of Evil -Piano Solo version-
  13. Maria -Blessing-(Performance Brioche Trope『悪ノ×××』Insert Song) (Bonus Track)
  14. Maria -Prayer-(Performance Brioche Trope『悪ノ×××』Insert Song)(Bonus Track)
  15. Evil Food Eater Conchita -Classical Techno version- (Bonus Track)


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • As explained by mothy, TetoTeto and him had been occasional drinking buddies when the songs and album were released, expressing his wish to collaborate with Jounetsu-P in the future; they would later collaborate in the creation of Red Shoe Parade.


  • Mothy advertised the songs later included in the album on his blog, enthusiastic about the song arrangements and supportive of TetoTeto's efforts.
  • The album cover depicts a masked version of The Daughter of Evil and The Servant of Evil.
  • In the play adaptation of The Daughter of Evil by brioche troupe, "Maria" was the name of the character portraying Michaela.


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