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The Daughter of Evil is a musical adaption of the The Daughter of Evil Series. It was written and directed by Tokunaga Hidekatsu of X-QUEST who worked on a previous adaption called The Daughter of Evil ~Gemini of Charm~. It stars Reina Tanaka as Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche and Kazutomi Yamamoto as Allen Avadonia.


The princess who ruled the kingdom, "Riliane"

The people suffered under her "tyranny" while she lived at the height of luxury, imposing heavy taxes on the nation.

The result of her childish jealousy eventually bringing their neighboring country to ruin was that the people finally took up arms and surrounded the palace!

The servant who was always by the princess' side, "Allen"

At that time, what was the horrible act that he took!?

"How far will I have to serve you, before you turn to face me?"

This is a story of the "bond" between two siblings tossed about by fate and a perishing kingdom.

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