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The Daughter of Evil: Wiegenlied of Green is the second The Daughter of Evil light novel, released on February 25, 2011. The novel was written by Akuno-P and illustrated by Suzunosuke and Ichika. It covers the events of Regret Message, The Daughter of White, and Tree Maiden ~Millennium Wiegenlied~, elaborating on the relationship between Clarith and Michaela and Princess Riliane's connection to the Seven Deadly Sins.

Publisher Summary[]

"I'm sorry for being alive."

In order to prevent the collapse of the "Yellow Country", the Kingdom of Lucifenia, the mage Elluka has asked the earth god Held for a favor.

At the same time, Clarith, a racially different girl living through the rampant racism of the "Green Country", Elphegort, prayed to God about her feelings of loneliness. "Anyone is fine, I just want them to be my friend." Michaela, a girl with beautiful green hair, appeared in front of Clarith one day, and the two began living together. But life for the two is about to change, as their world collapses by The Daughter of Evil in the neighboring country. Riliane made the Green Hunting to kill the green-haired women and Elphegort is suddenly wrapped up in a war. Michaela wishes to escape with Clarith, and Clarith wishes for Michaela's safety. Is there a way to save the girl? And now, has Elluka's behavior attempted to prevent the collapse of the country?

In the Green Country, will the day the Diva's lullaby, its "wiegenlied", flows come again?

Plot Summary[]

In the Lucifenian Royal Palace, Elluka attempts to make her farewells to her fellow Three Heroes member, Mariam; the mage wishes to move on with their employers, Queen Anne and King Arth, deceased. Mariam, incensed, begs her to stay to aid the waning Lucifenia with her magic. As a compromise, Elluka agrees to train an apprentice. Their conversation is interrupted by Ney, who asks that Mariam appraise a new palace servant. Elluka meets and converses with Prime Minister Minis before leaving the palace.

Much later, Elluka visits her old friend Held and demands he give her one of his forest spirits to incarnate into her apprentice. She explains the worrying state of affairs in the Lucifenian government due to the Demons of Sin, as well as prophetic dreams she has had concerning the downfall of the country. She states her intention to deal with the demons using Clockwork magic, for which she needs an apprentice. Held and Elluka argue over the matter for some time before Held falls asleep; frustrated, Elluka attacks the tree god before being stopped by the forest spirits Gumillia and Michaela. Elluka leaves after speaking with the two; as she does, she witnesses Clarith wandering in the woods.[1]

Later, in her robin form, Michaela flies over the Lake of Amusement to gather trauben fruit from the nearby human village, despite Held's prohibition against interacting with humans. Although she reaches her destination, Michaela is attacked by a Rollam bird and crashes before she can take the fruit back to the forest. She comes to in a small house in the village of Yatski, her wing injured. An older woman greets her and tends to her injuries, joined by a younger girl by the name of Clarith; the two talk while feeding the apparent robin. Michaela spends two weeks in their care, learning about the discrimination that Clarith faces in the village due to her heritage as well as the illness plaguing the old woman, the girl's stepmother. Eventually, Gumillia comes in her chipmunk form to free Michaela. Before the two leave, Clarith's stepmother bids them farewell, recognizing them as spirits, and thanks Michaela for being a friend to her stepdaughter.

When Michaela returns home, Held scolds her severely for disobeying him. Although comforting her, Gumillia also admonishes her fellow forest spirit; in response, Michaela apologizes to Held before he goes back to sleep. As he sleeps, and before the forest spirit can leave, Clarith comes and prays for a friend before her mother dies, to Michaela's distress. Days later, Michaela speaks to Held about any possible way to help Clarith; the two are interrupted by Elluka's return, the mage back to continue her previous discussion with Held. To her surprise, Held agrees to give Elluka two spirits, Gumillia and Michaela. After he warns Elluka to return them in three years' time, the two fall to chatting while Michaela contemplates this turn of events.

Later, Michaela sets off with Gumillia and Elluka to be incarnated into a human body. Under the mage's counsel, she chooses the visage of Eve Moonlit for her human form while Gumillia chooses the visage of Gumina Glassred. The next day, Elluka begins to train the two spirits on how to live as humans as well as teaching them the magic necessary to locate the vessels of sin. By the end of their training, it is decided that Gumillia would accompany Elluka to Lucifenia as her apprentice, while Michaela would search Elphegort's capital Aceid for the sin vessels. With this decided, the three eat a last supper together and say their farewells before parting ways.[2]

On her way to Aceid, Michaela succumbs to a fever and collapses. She comes to in Clarith's house, where she is greeted by the girl herself. Clarith inquires about how she came to faint in the forest until her stepmother arrives; while the two treat their patient, the chieftain of Yatski arrives to demand their overdue rent. Seeing her chance to aid Clarith, Michaela pays off her debt for her; after the chieftain leaves, she then asks to stay in Clarith's home for a time.

Michaela takes up work on the village farm, learning more about the humans in the village and their attitude towards Clarith. One day, after she and Clarith have a conversation with the chieftain's good-natured son Ayn, Michaela defends the girl from the harassment of a jealous villager named Chelsea. Much later, during the night, Michaela uses the magic taught to her by Elluka to locate the vessels of sin and determines that one lies in an Aceid mansion. She is interrupted by Clarith, who was alerted by the forest spirit's activities. The two discuss several topics, including Michaela's adjustment to the village, the diminishing health of Clarith's stepmother, and the owner of the mansion in Aceid, the merchant Keel Freezis. As they return home, the two find that Clarith's stepmother had succumbed to her illness.

After attending the funeral for Clarith's stepmother, Michaela suggests they start over in Aceid. Initially Clarith is hesitant, questioning her motives for their friendship, but is grateful for the offer after Michaela reassures her. After making this resolution, Ayn comes upon the two girls to warn them that Clarith has been framed for a murder that the chieftain committed, and is slated for arrest. He aids them to escape the village and leads them on the road to Aceid. He opens up to Michaela about his frustrations with the villagers and his father on the way, before stating his intention to take Clarith's case to the village's Earl Felix.[3]

Parting ways from Ayn to arrive in Aceid, Michaela and Clarith stay in an inn while they look for work. From the innkeepers, Michaela learns about Keel Freezis and his guild the Freezis Firm; she plans to become a servant in the mansion, learning that the merchant regularly comes to the inn to buy Rollam bird feathers. Eventually, Michaela encounters Keel's wife, Mikina Freezis, when the lady visits the inn; the two converse over the possibility of Michaela and Clarith's employment, before Mikina encounters Clarith herself. The merchant's wife agrees to employ Clarith, and while initially reluctant she also agrees to hire Michaela.

A month passes for the girls in the Freezis' employ, Michaela as a lowly servant and Clarith charged with the care of Keel's daughter Yukina. One day, the two are summoned before Earl Felix when the nobleman comes to visit Keel, encountering Ayn in the halls. Ayn explains that his father has been arrested and that he plans to join the army. Earl Felix and Keel arrive, having concluded their meeting, and the merchant is greeted eagerly by Yukina. After bidding Michaela and Clarith farewell, Ayn takes his leave.

Sometime after dinner, Michaela and Clarith go out to the garden and talk about their new circumstances, particularly Clarith's care of Yukina. Afterwards, Michaela sings at her friends' request--in the process, using her magic she learns that the vessel of sin she located is in Keel's treasury. As she finishes, Keel is alerted by the noise and comes to compliment Michaela on her singing, offering to hire a music tutor. After some time, Keel hosts one of his monthly banquets with Michaela singing onstage; at this banquet, she encounters King Kyle Marlon. Over the next year, Michaela sings at all of Keel's banquets and amasses a large number of fans.

As Michaela is pursued by all number of suitors, she begins to contemplate the alien concept of love. After being interrupted in her rumination by Mikina telling her to take a break, she relaxes in the living room. As Michaela examines a painting in the room, she is joined by Kyle Marlon, who reveals himself as the original artist. He speaks to her on his short-lived background as a painter and desire to leave his position as king, before revealing that he is in love with Michaela. In response to her confusion, he attempts to explain his feelings before eventually, and after giving her a shell necklace, he agrees to be just friends.[4]

Over the next few weeks, Keel is visited by a messenger several times before being visited by the Elphegort King himself, accompanied by Kyle. As this occurs, Michaela becomes privy to the difficulties of the Kingdom of Lucifenia via servant gossip and Keel himself, including the fact that Kyle is engaged to the princess Riliane. Angered by this news, Michaela acts coldly towards him, causing Kyle to elaborate on his relationship with Riliane. Afterwards, he prepares to leave; before he does so, he asks Michaela to run away with him, much to her shock. After Kyle leaves, Michaela becomes aware of the vessel of sin's movement. She tracks it to Keel's room, where she learns that the vessel is the Venom Sword. That night, Michaela uses her magic to inform Elluka of her discovery.

Weeks later, while shopping for soap, Michaela visits with the innkeepers that housed her and Clarith. During their conversation, she encounters a boy that recently lost his parents. To cheer him up, she sings for the boy, in the process attracting a large crowd of onlookers. After she finishes, she is stopped by a palace attendant from Lucifenia, Allen Avadonia. He gives Michaela a gift from Gumillia, in fact a magic Green Onion that could be used for communication. Allen reveals that he was sent to meet with Keel Freezis; the two share a carriage ride to his mansion, after which Allen is directed to wait while the merchant finishes another meeting.

After parting ways with Allen, Michaela is directed by Clarith to finish washing the laundry. Before she can do so, she observes a figure leaving the mansion, Gast Venom, and learns that he too wants the Venom Sword. Much later, using the Green Onion, Michaela reports her findings to Elluka. The mage informs her of what she herself knows about the Venom Sword, as well as her own past with Gast Venom, before reassuring Michaela that their goal was in reach.

Some time later, Keel gathers together the whole household, announcing that Kyle had withdrawn his proposal to Riliane, due to loving an Elphe woman, speculated to be Michaela. As a result, Michaela's life was now in danger from the wrath of Princess Riliane. Clarith, followed by the rest of the household, promises to protect her in the coming danger.

A week later, the Millennium Forest is set on fire, prompting Clarith and Michaela to pray for the safety of the Millennium Tree. Later, Michaela is contacted by Elluka by use of the Green Onion, who informs her that Riliane burned the forest in preparation of an invasion into Elphegort; the girl plans to kill all the women in the country looking for Kyle's love. Although Elluka encourages her to escape, Michaela decides to stay and weather the war, a decision shared by Gumillia. The next day, Lucifenia invades the country; Michaela and Clarith are made to leave the Freezis' employ to seek refuge in a hideout created by Keel, bidding farewell to the family before they go.

Michaela and Clarith arrive in Yatski village, looking over the massacre in horror. They are set upon by Lucifenian soldiers and as the men prepare to attack, Ayn rescues them; he helps the two to reach the forest, where he then leaves to lead away the soldiers on his own. Although Ayn quickly catches up, successful, the soldiers return with reinforcements. Clarith takes Michaela's coat, intending to distract the soldiers, and confesses her love to her before leaving. Michaela falls unconscious shortly afterward, having been slipped a sleeping pill earlier.

Michaela comes to in Keel's hideout in a well. Just outside, she finds Ayn's corpse and grieves for him before burying him and returning to the shelter. Some time later she is visited by Allen, who reports the state of the war and promises to bring her further aid. Michaela stays in the forest for some time, contemplating all that has occurred; eventually she is visited again by Allen, concealed in a cloak, who urges her to escape. Before Michaela can exit the well, Allen attacks her; he removes his disguise and reveals "his" true identity as the Lucifenian maid, Ney Phutapie. Ney stabs Michaela and leaves. Before Michaela passes away, she is discovered by Allen, who confesses his love to her and screams as she dies.[5]

Afterwards, Clarith is interrogated by one of the Lucifenian soldiers, Daniel Ausdin, over Michaela's whereabouts, having been arrested two months previous. The questioning is interrupted by a businessman named Corpa; he informs Daniel that the war has concluded with Michaela's death, to Clarith's dismay. After Lucifenia releases Clarith, she joins the Freezis family in Corpa's mansion. Yukina and Mikina greet her and console her over Michaela's death. She goes to see Keel and finds the merchant speaking to a swordswoman in red armor, Germaine Avadonia. Before leaving, Germaine asks both Clarith and Keel for their aid for the Lucifenian Resistance looking to overthrow Riliane. Keel then sends Clarith off to rest. Several days later, he visits with the girl again; he discusses his decision to aid the Resistance, as well as asks after Clarith's future plans when she refuses to join herself. Eventually, he suggests that she stay in a monastery that he had helped to establish.

After joining the monastery, Clarith takes up work feeding the children of the orphanage. One day, she is visited by the court mage Elluka and Gumillia, the two delivering to her a potted plant; they reveal Michaela's past as a forest spirit, and go on to explain that she was chosen to be Held's successor as the new Millennium Tree. In order to decide whether Clarith or Gumillia should care for the resultant sapling, a spell is cast over it to summon Michaela's spirit. Michaela and Clarith confess their love for each other before she fades away, and as a result the dismayed Gumillia allows Clarith to keep the sapling.[6]

Much later, Clarith attempts to deal with Rin, a new child brought to the orphanage after being rescued some time before. Rin initially refuses to do any work until Clarith enlists the aid of one of the other children to trick her into it. Later she converses with Rin while the girl eats, discussing such topics as Clarith's peculiar plant, the equality of others, and religion. Time passes, in which Clarith observes Rin's change in behavior for the better and the two become closer.

One night, Clarith discovers that she had misplaced a hair clip in the confessional and leaves to retrieve it. When she arrives, she finds the room unlocked and occupied. She overhears Rin confessing, and in the process learns that the girl is actually Riliane; enraged, she retrieves a knife from the cupboard in her room and follows Rin out to the coast when the girl leaves. She observes Rin throw a bottle out to sea and prepares to kill her as she hears Michaela's voice urges her on. Before Clarith can kill Rin, she becomes conflicted by an unexpected image of a boy, as well as her realization that Michaela is not really the one urging her on.[7]

Later, in the Lucifenian Hall of Sounds, Kyle Marlon contemplates all that has occurred and his role in the earlier chaos. He receives a report that Germaine and the rest of the Resistance have escaped from the palace; recalling that he had been informed Germaine had a role in Michaela's death, he demands her arrest. Meanwhile, in an Asmodean inn, Gumillia records her and Elluka's actions over the last few days, revealing how they secured the Venom Sword from Keel and salvaged Michaela's body, only for it to become a sapling, and gave it to Clarith. She relates their future intentions to head East to look for the sin vessels. As Gumillia finishes, Elluka discovers that the Venom Sword is empty and the Demon of Pride has vanished from their mirror.

Meanwhile, Held observes as two visitors enter his clearing, a white-haired woman named Clarith and a blonde woman named Rin. He watches as the two plant Michaela's sapling into the earth, talking among themselves as they do. After they finish, the two pray and cry until nightfall.[8]





Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • The word wiegenlied is German, meaning "lullaby"; the Kingdom of Elphegort and its culture are based on medieval Germany.


  • While writing the light novel, mothy struggled due to the high volume of female characters playing a major role, finding it difficult to write them well as a man.[9]
  • When asked for his favorite scene in the light novel, mothy answered that it was Yukina and Clarith's farewell because it reflected Clarith's growth as a character.[10]
  • The light novel was complemented with a benefits booklet titled "The Diary of Evil", containing a short manga told from Clarith's perspective on certain events in the novel.
  • In contrast to The Daughter of White's song PV, Rin is portrayed with long blond hair before it is cut by Clarith.[7]
  • The light novel was later rereleased along with The Daughter of Evil: Clôture of Yellow under PHP's new "VG" label on August 7, 2015 with a unique clear cover.



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