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The Daughter of Evil: The Doll Festival is the third episode in the collection of short stories emailed to select purchasers of Waltz of Evil: The Deadly Sins of Evil Guidebook starting mid-February 2014. The story was written by Akuno-P. It portrays Elluka Clockworker teaching her student Gumillia about the Eastern Doll Festival.

Plot Summary[]

In early March of EC 499, Elluka Clockworker gives a history lesson to Michaela and Gumillia in the Lost Woods, while the former sleeps and the latter listens attentively. Gumillia asks about the history of Jakoku, specifically the festival of Hinamatsuri in the country. Elluka explains how it's a celebration for the growth of girls and tells Gumillia about the dolls used in decoration, likening the types of dolls to figures in Lucifenia as her apprentice takes notes.

As Elluka takes a break, Gumillia then asks about the position of "mages" in Hinamatsuri. Elluka responds that there is no doll to serve as mages; she begins to claim that the East's concept of a mage is different, before Gumillia exclaims and then grumbles about this new information. Elluka is shocked by this episode, but training continues for over a month until Gumillia and Michaela "graduate".



Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • The Doll Festival (Hinamatsuri) is taken from the real life festival celebrated in Japan on March 3.


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