The Daughter of Evil: Retrouver of Silver is a short story included in Entr'acte of Evil: The Daughter of Evil Worldguide, released on August 30, 2011. The manga was written by Akuno-P and illustrated by CAFFEIN . It depicts the battle between Chartette Langley and Mariam Phutapie during the Lucifenian Revolution and explains the circumstances surrounding Mariam's death.

Plot SummaryEdit

In the Heavenly Yard during the Lucifenian RevolutionMariam Phutapie prepares to fight with the newly revealed Chartette Langley, exclaiming her shock at the former maid becoming an enemy. As the chaos of battle rages around them, one person watches from the shadows as the two enter into a duel, Mariam recognizing the difficulty in evading her massive blade.

Questioned on why she would join the revolutionary army, Chartette explains that it's for the people's happiness and that she must act according to her own feelings. After responding that the girl's actions would make Riliane and others in the palace equally unhappy, Mariam breaks Chartette's sword and kicks the former maid into the wall. Apologizing, the Head of Maids prepares to finish her off, before she is knocked off her feet.

Chartette regains her footing and thanks her father for her secret weapon, the Rocket Glove, before approaching the winded Mariam. Saying her farewell, Chartette raises her sword, only to recall Mariam's words earlier in the battle; she then experiences a flashback of being comforted by the Head of Maids after breaking a vase. Taking advantage of her hesitation, Mariam uses a smoke bomb to escape the battle, to Chartette's frustration while the onlookers gawk in awe at their unbelievable power.

Mariam, retreating to a dark corner of the palace courtyard, contemplates her loss as one of the Three Heroes. She then notices Ney and her daughter explains that she came out of concern for her mother. Mariam turns her back and advises they flee, only to feel a sharp pain and see Ney stabbing her in the back. Ney exclaims that it's all for that person's sake, as she prepares to deal a second blow. Thinking on how she lay betrayed by everybody, Mariam dies questioning why fate has turned mad and who the last one standing will be in the end.



Conceptualization and OriginEdit


  • Despite the fact she lost to an amateur and ended up killed by her foster daughter, Akuno-P still rooted for Mariam.[2]
  • Looking back on the story, mothy considered Mariam a truly "pitiable" character.[3]



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