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The Daughter of Evil: Novelette of White is a short story included with the limited edition purchase of The Daughter of Evil: Wiegenlied of Green, released on February 25, 2011. The manga was written by Akuno-P and illustrated by CAFFEIN. It elaborates upon Clarith's perception of Michaela's apparent suitor, Kyle.

Plot Summary[]

Cleaning the Freezis mansionMichaela examines Keel's collection as she sighs, conflicted about her new gift from Kyle. Approached by Keel, the maid discusses her problem with the merchant and learns from him that Kyle is already engaged to the princess of Lucifenia; Keel then leaves after warning Michaela that the affair could bring repercussions. Meanwhile, out in the hall, Clarith overhears their conversation and panics to learn of Kyle having a fiancée. She begins to fear that Michaela would fall for the king only to be thrown away like trash after he marries; she then vows to protect Michaela from Kyle.

Kyle then walks in on Clarith's thoughts and explains to the startled maid that he wished to visit Michaela. To get rid of the king, Clarith tells him that Michaela is at the market to buy green onions and the king decides to go meet her there. To Clarith's horror, a maid then asks Michaela to go buy green onions for the banquet that evening. Over the next few weeks, she repeatedly tries to sabotage Kyle and Michaela's time spent together, with each plan backfiring on her instead. 

For a final plan, as Kyle and Michaela goes shopping Clarith attempts to push the king into the water. Jumping out at him, she misses and falls in herself, flailing and calling for help. Acting quickly, Kyle jumps in and saves her, pulling her out as multiple bystanders begin praising his heroism. That night, Kyle, King Thorny Elphen, and Keel conclude their meeting to discuss aiding Lucifenia, and Keel suggests they end it by enjoying a little liquor. In the kitchen Clarith bemoans her failures, though slightly relieved to know Kyle is leaving the next day. Michaela then approaches and tells her that they were ordered to bring the liquor. 

Clarith inspects the bottle and notes that it looks damaged; tasting the liquor to make sure it was still good, she began taking more and more drinks from the bottle. Meanwhile, still waiting for the liquor, Keel begins to grow impatient before Clarith bursts into the room, now drunk and holding the liquor bottle. After slamming the bottle on the table she grabs Kyle and begins ranting at him, telling him that he should mention that he has a fiancée when pursuing women and that he would cause political problems. Clarith then rambles on, confusing the king, until Keel cuts in and she begins verbally abusing her employer instead. 

Later that night, Clarith sits down in the garden and laments her actions before Michaela comes to check up on her. Going over all the things she'd done and how she'd gotten Michaela into trouble, Clarith apologizes for everything repeatedly before Michaela pats her head. Telling her not to be so closed about her feelings and that she was a wonderful person, Clarith becomes touched by Michaela's words and drunkenly asks her to marry her. After the end to the story, Riliane is served a snack by Allen, complaining how they didn't appear.



Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • A novelette is a long short story or a short novel.
  • The phrase used in the promotional illustration, weiße novellette, is German for "Novelette of White".


  • The manga's illustrator, CAFFEIN, is the creator of Yowane Haku, Clarith's representative Vocaloid derivative.
  • Humorously, the alcohol bottle Clarith drinks from is labeled "UTAU" and "Namine Ritsu".
  • A portion of Clarith's drunken rant towards Kyle inadvertently breaks the fourth wall, including references to the Vocaloid engine which many of mothy's characters are based on.


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