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The Daughter of Evil: Graduation is the fourth episode in the collection of short stories emailed to select purchasers of Waltz of Evil: The Deadly Sins of Evil Guidebook starting mid-February, 2014. The story was written by Akuno-P. It portrays Elluka Clockworker speaking to her apprentice Gumillia about her apparent "graduation".

Plot Summary[]

In mid-March of EC 499, Michaela and Gumillia hug each other farewell in the Lost Woods and split up for their individual tasks, Elluka reminding them to return there in three years time like she promised Held. While Gumillia watched Michaela wave goodbye, Elluka jokes about the potential strain in their friendship, embarrassing the former forest spirit. As she recalls her own experience with lost friendship which had set her on her own journey, the court mage congratulates her apprentice on her graduation.

Met with Gumillia's blank stare of confusion, Elluka explains how she successfully trained her. When Gumillia chides she should give Michaela the same treatment, the mage admits she was closer to being a "failure" and promises to train her again if they meet again in three years. She then notes she had graduated from "Elluka Magic Elementary" and would soon embark on "Elluka Magic Junior High" in Lucifenia. To test her preparedness, the sorceress asks if she remembers all the names at the palace she taught her.

While recounting them by their position in the Doll Festival, Gumillia remembers there being no mages in it, much to her irritation. Elluka then insists the five court musicians would be the role and the apprentice tallies that there were three of them and asks if it meant they needed to find more mages. As the sorceress thought about how peculiar she was, the two headed south. The narration then insists time moves ever onward, whether they be angel or demon or mage, princess, or servant; for that reason, new stories are born.



Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • School graduations are official events held for students have successfully completed their learning curriculum at the school.

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