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The Daughter of Evil: Clôture of Yellow is the first The Daughter of Evil light novel, released on August 10, 2010. The novel was written by Akuno-P and primarily illustrated by Ichika. It covers the events of both The Daughter of Evil and The Servant of Evil, elaborating on Allen's service to Princess Riliane and Germaine's motivations for vengeance and revolution.

Publisher Summary[]

"To protect you... for that, I will even become evil!"

The major power of the Evillious region, the Kingdom of Lucifenia. Ruling this vast country was the 14-year-old princess, Riliane. She used her absolute power to squeeze everything from the people, and anyone who defied her was beheaded without mercy.

Beside that princess was a servant with a face similar to hers. His name is Allen. He had been her younger twin brother that pretended to be dead at an early age. Many lives disappeared in the great war that his selfish sister began. When faced with the cruel choice, what did the boy choose?

On the other side, a "swordswoman in red armor" was at the center of an army group of the masses enraged by the tyranny of the princess. They rose up and revolted against the Lucifenian government. She was at the center, the "swordswoman in red armor"—Allen's foster sister, Germaine; with her personal feelings, she aimed her blade toward the royal palace.

And now, the yellow country's finale, its "clôture", begins...

Plot Summary[]

Allen and Chartette clean The Heavenly Yard in preparation of Princess Riliane's fourteenth birthday party. Allen's adopted father, Leonhart, arrives to the palace to take up guard duty during the celebration. When the three of them meet, they discuss about Allen's adopted sister Germaine, as well as the dire affairs of the kingdom and Riliane herself, before they are alerted by Ney calling for the princess. The maid exclaims that Riliane is missing.

Leonhart and Allen lead a search party through the Lost Woods as Allen reminisces on his earlier encounters in the woods; in doing so, he thinks of a possible place the princess could have disappeared to and heads off on his own to find her. On the coastline, he finds Riliane with her horse Josephine and learns that, by attempting to miss her own ball, the princess had planned to have Leonhart executed by blaming him for her disappearance. She berates Allen for ruining her plan, and he heals a wound she sustained during her escape. After conversing with her, Allen leads his twin sister back to the palace.

Later that night, Allen continues to serve during Riliane's party. After talking to Mariam over his separation from his twin sister, he aids in carrying out the food for the guests, including a gigantic cake. Upon seeing the cake, Leonhart leaves the celebration in disgust; he goes back home to Germaine, who had been awaiting his return.[1]

Some time later, Riliane executes a politician for going against her tyrannical rule. As a result, his brother Asan, a palace servant, attempts to attack Riliane; Allen fends him off and he is executed afterwards. Three days later, Riliane storms into the kitchen, angry that someone has been stealing food from the palace. She learns from Ney that the culprit is in fact Captain Leonhart.

Riliane calls Allen to her room some time afterward. After complimenting his fencing skills, Riliane orders Allen to assassinate Leonhart. When pressed for her reasoning, Riliane relates several disturbing rumors about the man that she had heard from Ney. Meanwhile, Leonhart speaks with Germaine at his home before retrieving an item he plans to bring to the palace tomorrow.

Allen contemplates his orders for some time, eventually deciding to follow them through when told by Ney that Leonhart has been using him in a plan to assassinate the princess. That night, Riliane invites Leonhart over for a drink and to discuss his smuggling of the palace food. After this, as he passes through the Heavenly Yard, Leonhart is attacked by Allen; although initially gaining the upper hand, Leonhart is debilitated by a drug that had been put into his wine previously and Allen kills him.

The next morning, Germaine sets out to look for Leonhart and encounters Chartette in the process. She finds her father's corpse deposited in the river, and passes out. After regaining consciousness in Chartette's home, Germaine realizes that Riliane must be responsible for her father's death and swears revenge.[2]

The Kingdom of Lucifenia finally receives financial aid from the kingdoms of Marlon and Elphegort; the former nation due to the engagement between its king, Kyle Marlon, and Princess Riliane, and the latter as an act of charity from the leader of a merchant guild in Elphegort, Keel Freezis. To give thanks for these contributions, Prime Minister Minis is sent to Marlon and Allen is sent to Elphegort. In the carriage ride to Aceid, Allen remembers a conversation he had with Gumillia, in which she gave him a green onion to give to her friend Michaela in the capital city.

When Allen arrives in Aceid, he meets Michaela and gives her the green onion. Learning that the girl is, in fact, a servant of Keel’s, the two share a carriage ride together to his mansion; during the trip, Allen begins to become infatuated with Michaela and makes note of a shell necklace given to her as a gift. Once they arrive, Allen encounters and converses with the mercenary Gast Venom before being invited in to talk with Keel. When alone with the merchant, Allen discusses the affairs of his kingdom with him and the two are served brioche by Michaela; after finishing his assignment, the servant returns to Lucifenia.

Back in Lucifenia, a meeting is called in the Hall of Sounds for Allen and Minis to report the outcomes of their visits; during the course of this, the court mage Elluka is presented with an octopus sent from the Queen Dowager Prim Marlon. When the reports are concluded, Riliane is mad to learn that King Kyle has cancelled their engagement in preference of someone else. Meanwhile, in the Lost Woods, Germaine begins to configure the Lucifenian Resistance in anticipation of overthrowing Riliane.[3]

Mariam is ordered to track down King Kyle's lover, although she discovers only that she is a green-haired woman. As a result, Riliane orders the death of all the women in Elphegort; furthermore, she commands that the Lost Woods be burned to give a path to the country for her soldiers. Disgusted by this, Elluka quits Riliane's service despite protests from the princess herself and Mariam, taking Gumillia with her from the palace. In the empty Hall of Sounds, Allen discovers that one of Kyle's presents to Riliane matches the necklace given to Michaela.

That night, the Lucifenian soldiers attempt to burn down the forest while the Lucifenian Resistance opposes their efforts. Elluka and Gumillia conjure a rainstorm to put out the blaze before moving on, many trees burn down regardless. In time, the soldiers invade Elphegort. Some time later, Allen arrives in the half-burned forest and scales down a well to meet Michaela. Earlier, he had been told of her hiding place by Keel Freezis; the merchant and his family had been jailed in the palace some time previous for allowing their green-haired servants to escape. In the well, Allen meets with and reassures Michaela before returning to the palace.

In the Lost Woods, Germaine meets with a cloaked figure that provides information on the war with Elphegort. In the royal palace, Allen is called to Riliane's room, the princess having learned from Ney that Michaela is Kyle's object of affection, and she orders him to assassinate the girl. Allen contemplates his orders and speaks with Ney on the subject.

At this time, Michaela encounters a visitor and Allen approaches the well with sorrow in his heart over his decision. After the event, he loudly cries over what transpired, finding Michaela dead. Allen then returns to servicing Riliane, where he observes the princess chatting with Chartette and Ney. Elsewhere, the Lucifenian Resistance is offered aid by a masked man with a shell necklace.[4]

Later, as the war with Elphegort continues, a thwarted assassination attempt is made on Minis. Chartette, Ney, and Allen observe the resultant panic in Riliane's court; they overhear the ministers' decision to strengthen security by hiring Gast Venom's mercenary group, the Venom Mercenaries. After he arrives to the palace, Gast Venom is greeted by Riliane and then shown to his rooms by Allen.

In the process, the mercenary encounters Mariam, an old acquaintance of his, and they share a brief conversation. During this time, Germaine meets with Keel's maid, Clarith, in a Lucifenian bar to discuss the merchant's backing for the Lucifenian Resistance, as well as the possibility of her own membership. They witness Yarera and Zusco, two members of the Venom Mercenaries, causing trouble for the bar owner, but leave without interfering.

Back in the palace, Allen observes several soldiers confronting Gast Venom over the abuses of the Venom Mercenaries. Gast briefly argues with and attacks the men before leaving. In the base of the Lucifenian Resistance, Germaine and the rest of her fellows receive troops and weapons from both the masked man, Karchess, and Chartette's father. As part of this aid, Germaine is outfitted with armor and a sword salvaged from Leonhart's old equipment.

Meanwhile, as the sun sets on the palace, Allen serves Riliane her snack, contemplating their grim circumstances. Later, in the Lucifenian bar, Germaine and her fellows again witness the abuses of the people by the Venom Mercenaries. Getting into a fight with its members, the Resistance incites a riot, to develop into the Lucifenian Revolution.[5]

As the revolution sweeps through the country and the war with Elphegort continues, Allen eavesdrops on Lucifenia's court; he is censured by Minis, who then reassures the rest of the crowd on the country's security. A week later, as the initial riot is suppressed, news arrives of the soldiers in Elphegort being attacked and rebellions starting in other cities. A message is sent to Marlon for aid and the next week Marlon sends back a refusal to aid the country, and Lucifenia continues to lose territory to the revolution. By another week, the revolutionaries close in on the palace and several ministers begin to escape; Minis breaks down under the strain of this news.

Suffering through the loss of comrades and several injuries, Germaine and Karchess lead their fellows to the palace gate and prepare to overthrow Riliane. Meanwhile, Mariam bids Allen farewell to make a last stand against the revolutionaries, and Allen persuades Gast to continue in his defensive efforts as well. Germaine encounters Mariam, along with several other soldiers, in the Heavenly Yard. Although the Head of Maids' skill threatens to overwhelm her, Chartette comes to Germaine's aid so that the revolutionaries can forward their assault.

In the palace corridors, Allen seeks out Riliane. Around the same time, in the Hall of Sounds, Germaine splits up with Karchess; during the course of her fight she encounters Gast Venom. As she battles with the mercenary, Allen comforts Riliane in her room as the princess breaks down and opens up to him, faced with her impending death. After a brief battle in which she sustained an injury to her eyelids, Germaine defeats Gast once and for all. She is then greeted by Chartette, the girl having defeated Mariam, and although nearly blinded, she witnesses the capture of Riliane.[6]

Five days later, the captured Daughter of Evil wakes in prison and awaits a trial. In the Hall of Sounds, the instigators of the revolution sit down to discuss the fate of Lucifenia, including Keel, King Thorny Elphen of Elphegort, Germaine, and Karchess; the latter's identity is revealed as Kyle Marlon. They discuss any loose ends left in the wake of the revolution, including Mariam's mysterious death and Elluka's disappearance, and Kyle announces the temporary annexation of Lucifenia by the Kingdom of Marlon. The meeting concludes with a time decided for the execution of Riliane.

Germaine goes to visit The Daughter of Evil in prison; with her eyesight restored, she recognizes the prisoner as her adopted brother Allen. Allen explains how he switched clothes with Riliane right before her capture, revealing in the process that they were twins. Germaine, although shocked by the news, nonetheless urges Allen to escape with her. Allen attempts to persuade her otherwise; he eventually reveals that he was the one to kill Leonhart, to his adopted sister's horror.

Later, Germaine stands in Milanais Square, contemplating the execution about to occur and wondering about the future. On the scaffold, Allen begins to panic over his intending death before being soothed by hallucinations of himself and Riliane, as well as a faint, distinctive melody. Allen then faces his execution and bids farewell to Riliane.[7]

Much later, settled in his Marlon home, Keel Freezis relaxes as his daughter Yukina works on her next story. He reads over four letters he had received, each concerning the events and aftermath of the past year; one is from Kyle, one from Elluka, one from Clarith, and one from Germaine. Fearing the consequences of the information each letter provides, Keel throws them all into the fire. He then returns his attention to Yukina as she finishes her story.

Meanwhile, someone in an unknown place reports to an older woman about the fate of the Three Heroes. As she finishes, the lady congratulates her spy on their work, furthering her plans, revealing herself as Prim Marlon. Her servant is identified as Ney Phutapie, in fact Prim's daughter, Ney Marlon. Elsewhere, in a Lucifenian port city, Clarith begins to return to her monastery with a potted sapling in her hands. Before she can do so, she stops to aid a small girl collapsed on the ground, starving and delirious. She notices that the girl holds a bottle in her hand.[8]





Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • The word clôture is French, meaning a "closing" to an event or argument; the Kingdom of Lucifenia and its culture are based on the Kingdom of France.
  • Ironically, the word can also mean "closure", an emotional completeness to a difficult or emotional event.
  • Additionally, a clôture is informally called a "guillotine".
  • Originally, the battle between Mariam and Chartette as well as Mariam's death was to be detailed in the novel but was later scrapped by mothy due to not following the perspective of Germaine or Allen; the story was later included in Entr'acte of Evil: The Daughter of Evil Worldguide.[9]
  • Shortly after the novel's release, mothy found out Yunomi had traced her illustration from a manga called -di[e]ce-, facing legal trouble for the book and deciding to remove Yunomi's illustration in the VG release.[10]


  • Reflecting on the novel, mothy stated there are a few parts he would like to rewrite but feels they would then lose the emotional passion unique to the novel.
  • When asked for his favorite scene in the light novel, mothy said it was the scene where Riliane and Allen exchanged clothes.[11]
  • The novel was complimented with a benefits booklet titled "The Manual of Evil", containing concept art for character designs.
  • The light novel was later rereleased along with The Daughter of Evil: Wiegenlied of Green under PHP's new "VG" label on August 7, 2015 with a unique clear cover and minor changes and additions by mothy.



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