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The Daughter of Evil: Act 2 is the second volume in The Daughter of Evil manga series, released on December 26, 2014. The manga will be an adaptation of the light novel series written by Akuno-P, and was chiefly illustrated by Ichika.

Publisher Summary[]

What's The Daughter of Evil?

"Now, kneel to me!"

The Daughter of Evil was a song produced by mothy using the Character Vocal Series 02 Kagamine Rin and Len released by Crypton Future Media for mothy's ease. First published on the posting site Piapro, it was then posted on Nico Nico Douga. The Daughter of Evil was then illustrated from a different perspective with the publication of The Servant of Evil. By depicting the one story in two works, when VOCALOID music at the time had fewer appreciated series of stories, it became popular in the blink of an eye. Together with The Servant of Evil, The Daughter of Evil produced a variety of derivative works, along with videos, and expanded into stage plays and cosplay. And then, in 2010, novels were realized by mothy himself. Beginning its first part with The Daughter of Evil: Clôture of Yellow and publishing its final chapter in 2012 with The Daughter of Evil: Praefacio of Blue, it became a blockbuster hit with a total of 800,000 copies in circulation.

Plot Summary[]

The bored forest spirit Michaela is attacked by a bird near Yatski village and rescued by Clarith. Awakening in her home, the tangled bird is greeted by Clarith's mother before Clarith herself returns. The two feed the bird and debate it potentially being a spirit before Clarith commiserates on her hardships and leaves for the village chief's home. The next day, after Clarith returned home, she bonds with Michaela and later names the robin Grüne, making the bird a cage and often speaking to it as the days pass.

On one occasion, after Clarith leaves, Gumillia arrives to rescue Michaela. Clarith's mother, revealing she could always understand the spirit, thanks Michaela for making her daughter happy. After revealing the harsh discrimination the white-haired Netsuma endure from the green-haired Elphes, the robin sees her off.  Clarith returns and is distraught to see Grüne gone while her mother notes it may grant her prayer if its truly a spirit. The next day, Michaela vents for being lectured by Held for leaving the forest and is lectured by Gumillia for the spirit's reckless behavior.

The two then spot Clarith and hear her pray to Held about her lack of friends, revealing Grüne gave her the confidence to attempt to befriend humans but that it failed miserably. Expressing her fear of what she'll do when her sick mother finally dies, the sobbing Netsuma asks the god she doesn't believe in for a friend. Michaela later consults Held about the matter once he awakens when they are interrupted by Elluka Clockworker. After the mage reminds him of their previous conversation about giving her disciples to find the vessel of sin she senses in Elphegort, Held agrees to give the mage Gumillia and Michaela to serve her for three years.

Elluka takes the two spirits away and performs the reincarnation ritual on them to make them human Elphe women, Michaela taking the form of the Original Sinner. Elluka then promises to train them vigorously on acting like proper humans. Later, Elluka is awoken by Michaela to get their day started, recalling her conversation with Mariam about Princess Riliane executing a minister as a result of her borrowing books from the royal palace for training her apprentices. Finishing their month-long training, Elluka recommends Michaela head for Aceid to check the rich aristocrats for the vessel of sin while she trains Gumillia at the royal palace. Seeing Michaela look ill, the mage gives the girl some medicine to take before bed.

The next morning, Elluka and Gumillia take off for Lucifenia while the sick Michaela struggles to reach Held before falling unconscious. She awakens to Clarith caring for her in her home again; after being questioned about what she was doing in the forest by the Netsuma and fed by her mother, the village chief arrives demanding Clarith pays her land fees; after paying the fee for Clarith, Michaela requests she stay with her in the village. After confirming Earl Felix was the lord of the region, Michaela later asks to learn how to work the fields from Clarith. Learning to work the land, Michaela befriends the other villagers while Clarith becomes further ostracized over time.

As Clarith attempts to approach Michaela, the girl takes a break with Chelsea, who discusses her and the other villagers deep hatred for Clarith as a Netsuma. After overhearing this and seeing Michaela approached by other Elphes later on, Clarith begings walking home alone when Ayn approaches her. As he attempts to converse with her, Michaela arrives and Ayn speaks with her instead about having a harvest festival; once he leaves, the two discuss Ayn and their respective relations to men in general. The two are intercepted by Chelsea, who attempts to bully Clarith into leaving Ayn alone until Michaela intervenes.

Once Chelsea leaves with her friends, Michaela shares a hug with Clarith, insisting she refer to her as a friend; as a result, the friendship between the two girls grows as they work and talk together over time. One night, Michaela comes to the cliff overlooking Aceid and uses her singing to identify the location of a vessel of sin to one of its buildings, before Clarith comes upon her. The two sit down to talk and Michaela learns that the building belongs to Keel Freezis. After Clarith fails to tell Michaela something due to the intense winds, the two return home, only to find that Clarith's mother has collapsed.



Conceptualization and Origin[]


  • The manga was originally scheduled to be released on December 20, 2014 along with Quartets of Evil; due to a printing error, the release date was pushed back to December 26 instead.[1]
  • A limited edition purchase of both the manga and Quartets of Evil from Animate Online Shop was to include a "Trump of Evil" deck of playing cards; due to the release date change, the special benefit was instead given out at the register of select shops with proof of purchase of both manga.[2]



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