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"Oh ho ho ho ho. Come, kneel to me!"
―Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche[src]

The Daughter of Evil is a song released by Akuno-P on April 4, 2008 and later uploaded with a PV two days later. It is the third song of the Seven Deadly Sins Series, depicting Pride, and is the first song in The Daughter of Evil Series.


The song takes place in Lucifenia, a country stated to be of unspeakable inhumanity, and ruled by a fourteen-year-old princess,Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche. The song goes on to list how she has a servant that shares her face, a horse named Josephine, and all the treasures of the world. She acquired these treasures from stealing money from the peasants in her kingdom and she expresses an intent to destroy everyone in her way. 

On top of this, the song reveals she loves Kyle Marlon, the blue-haired king from another land. However, instead of the princess, he chooses the green-haired Michaela. Fueled by rage, she orders the destruction of the girl's country and all the women in it. Many houses are burned down and many people suffer, but Riliane is only concerned with teatime.

Finally, all the citizens of Lucifenia conspire to take down the princess, though it would be hard. They are led by a swordswoman wearing red armor, and are not stopped by the soldiers due to the tolls of the war with Elphegort. At last, they surrounded the court, although all the servants had already fled. The "princess" does not put up a fight and is finally captured. She's scheduled to be executed at three o'clock. At that time, she looks upon the crowd and simply says "It's teatime" before she is killed by the guillotine.


お ほ ほ ほ ほ





悪の華 可憐に咲く
嗚呼 養分となり朽ちていく





悪の華 可憐に咲く
嗚呼 棘が多すぎて触れない




「この 無礼者!」

悪の華 可憐に咲く
嗚呼 もろくもはかなく崩れてく





悪の華 可憐に散る
嗚呼 彼女は正に悪ノ娘

O ho ho ho ho
Saa, hizamazuki nasai

Mukashi mukashi aru tokoro ni
Akugyaku hidou no oukoku no
Chouten ni kunrin suru wa
Yowai juuyon no oujosama

Kenran goukana choudohin
Kao no yoku nita meshitsukai
Aiba no namae wa JOSEFIINU
Subete ga subete kanojo no mono

Okane ga tarinaku natta nara
Gumin domo kara shibori tore
Watashi ni sakarau monotachi wa
Shukusei shite shimae

"Saa, hizamazuki nasai!"

Aku no hana karen ni saku
Azayakana irodori de
Mawari no awarena zassou wa
Aa youbun to nari kuchite iku

Boukun oujo ga koi suru wa
Umi no mukou no aoi hito
Dakedomo kare wa ringoku no
Midori no onna ni hitomebore

Shitto ni kurutta oujosama
Aru hi daijin wo yobi dashite
Shizukana koe de ii mashita
"Midori no kuni wo horoboshi nasai"

Ikuta no ie ga yakiharaware
Ikuta no inochi ga kiete iku
Kurushimu hitobito no nageki wa
Oujo ni wa todokanai

"Ara, oyatsu no jikan dawa"

Aku no hana karen ni saku
Kuruoshii irodori de
Totemo utsukushii hana nano ni
Aa toge ga oosugite sawarenai

Aku no oujo wo taosubeku
Tsui ni hitobito wa tachi agaru
Ugou no karera wo hiki iru wa
Akaki yoroi no onna kenshi

Tsumori ni tsumotta sono ikari
Kunizentai wo tsutsumi konda
Naganen no ikusa de tsukareta
Heishitachi nado teki de wa nai

Tsui ni oukyuu wa kakomarete
Kashintachi mo nige dashita
Kawaiku karenna oujosama
Tsui ni toraerareta

"Kono bureimono!"

Aku no hana karen ni saku
Kanashigena irodori de
Kanojo no tame no rakuen wa
Aa moroku mo hakanaku kuzureteku

Mukashi mukashi aru tokoro ni
Akugyaku hidou no oukoku no
Chouten ni kunrin shiteta
Yowai juuyon no oujosama

Shokei no jikan wa gogo sanji
Kyoukai no kane ga naru jikan
Oujo to yobareta sono hito wa
Hitori rouya de nani wo omou

Tsui ni sono toki wa yatte kite
Owari wo tsugeru kane ga naru
Minshuu nado ni wa memo kurezu
Kanojo wa kouitta

"Ara, oyatsu no jikan dawa"

Aku no hana karen ni chiru
Azayakana irodori de
Nochi no hitobito wa kou kataru
Aa kanojo wa masani Aku NO Musume

Oh ho ho ho ho
Come, kneel to me

Once upon a time
Reigning at the top
Of a fiendish kingdom was
A noble girl of age 14

Luxurious and splendid furnishings
A servant whose face greatly resembled hers
A favorite horse named Josephine
Everything, everything was hers

If there wasn’t enough money
Choke it from the ignorant masses
Those that would oppose me
Completely purge them

“Come, kneel to me!”

The flower of evil sweetly blooms
With brilliant color
The pitiful weeds around her
Indeed, they’ll turn to nourishment and rot away

The tyrant princess was in love with
A blue man of across the sea
Though he fell in love at first sight
With a green woman in the neighboring country

The princess, mad with jealousy
One day summoned her cabinet minister
And said in a quiet voice
“Send to ruin the kingdom of green”

Many houses reduced to ashes
Many lives disappearing
The suffering people’s lamentations
Don’t reach the princess

“Oh, it’s tea time”

The flower of evil sweetly blooms
With maddening color
Although it’s a very lovely flower
Indeed, there are too many thorns to touch it

To overthrow the evil princess
At last the people rose up
Leading the disorderly mob was
A female swordsman in red armor

Their rage accumulated in conviction
Wrapped up the whole country
Soldiers tired from the long war
Weren’t a threat

Finally they surrounded the palace
The retainers escaped
The adorable and lovely princess
At last was captured

“You insolent thug!”

The flower of evil sweetly blooms
With colors that seem sad
The paradise for her
Indeed will collapse, brittle and transient

Once upon a time
There was a noble girl of age 14
Who reigned at the top
Of a fiendish kingdom

The time of her execution was 3 PM
A time when church bells would ring
That person who was called princess
What did they think, alone in jail?

Finally that time arrived
The bells signaling the end ring
Without taking notice of the crowd
She said

“Oh, it’s tea time”

The flower of evil pitifully scatters
With brilliant color
Afterwards, people will say
Indeed, she was certainly the Daughter of Evil

English translation by Pricechecktranslation

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Conceptualization and Origin[]


  • Like the other songs in the Seven Deadly Sins Series, the song begins with the phrase "さあ" (Saa) immediately after the singer's opening laughter.
  • Several of the lyrics during the song mirror that of The Servant of Evil.
  • The Lunacy of Duke Venomania makes a reference to Josephine, Riliane's horse; in the song, one of Sateriasis Venomania's victims is "Josephine Francois", a woman whose age and occupation are censored.
  • Allen's pose in the original song PV is similar to the Evils Court depiction of the Master of the Heavenly Yard
  • The song was rearranged by mothy shortly after the release of Kagamine Rin Act 2, titled "The Daughter of Evil (Modified Version)", a revised track to improve the smoothness of sound quality while keeping it close to the sound of the original Act 1 song.
  • Another rearranged version of the song with an updated PV was released by mothy, titled "The Daughter of Evil ~velvet mix~", in celebration of Rin's second anniversary. This version was included in the album Prelude to Forest.
  • Both the song and its sequel were also rearranged into a single song titled "The Daughter and Servant of Evil", an instrumental track included in Four Melodies of Evil ~The Daughter of Evil Novel Music Collection~.
  • The Daughter and Servant of Evil, along with another arrangement by Travolta-P, titled "The Daughter of Evil Arranged Version", was included in The Daughter of Evil: BGM Reading Collection in promotion of The Daughter of Evil: Act 1.
  • While commenting about the song, mothy expressed that, like The Servant of Evil, he was tired of listening to the song after reworking it so many times;[1] afterward, he admitted that there wouldn't be Akuno-P if it weren't for the song.[2]
  • The Daughter of Evil is featured in the 3DS game, Hatsune Miku and Future Stars: Project Mirai.



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