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The Adventure of a Boy and a Girl is a short story found in Entr'acte of Evil: The Daughter of Evil Worldguide, released in August 30, 2011. The story was illustrated by Yoshida Dondorian. It covers the Avadonia children, Germaine and Allen, rescuing their childhood friend Chartette Langley from the Lost Woods.

Plot Summary[]

A girl progresses through the Lost Woods, approaching a bandit's hideout to find her childhood friend; a boy chases after the girl, realizing she is putting her life at risk. After the girl is attacked, the boy saves her and they continue on together. It is revealed that the girl is the daughter of a hero with a strong sense of justice, while the boy is the son of a king and has been adopted by the hero.

The boy has been made reticent from adult conflicts and refuses to talk to the girl on their journey. Sometime before, the friend of the two went missing in the forest and it is suspected she was kidnapped by bandits. The boy and girl open up to each other for the first time before arriving at the bandit's hideout; confronted by a bandit, the two children draw their swords.

Afterwards the girl walks on home, their friend rescued, with the girl eventually receiving credit. The boy follows behind, shocked at the outcome; their childhood friend had already persuaded the bandit to reform their ways. Returning to town, the boy is initially angry and cries, but in the end he laughs with his friends. Many years later the girl becomes a hero and watches the boy, now a sinner, on the scaffold. The narrator laments the loss of those innocent times and questions what "evil" is.



Conceptualization and Origin[]


  • The question posed at the end of the story is the same query pondered by Germaine during Allen's execution in The Daughter of Evil: Clôture of Yellow.
  • In his commentary on the story, mothy stated he hoped to someday make a song about the events in the story.[1]



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