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{{Template:Infobox Character
|name           = 
|image          = 
|image_size     = 
|jp_name        = 
|romanization   =
|other_names    = 
|vocaloid       = 
|born           = 
|died           = 
|classification = 
|race           =
|gender         = 
|hair_color     = 
|eye_color      =
|affiliation    =

  • name: If left blank template automatically will load the name from the article's title.
  • image: An appropriate profile image from the head up will be used; an image with 2x3 proportions is the ideal, as seen in the example.
  • image_size: The current standard is "280px" for the width for 2x3 images; this width varies for other types of images.
  • jp_name: the character's name in Japanese characters.
  • other_names: Other names the character is referred to as by multiple people or refers to someone consistently (common titles or honorifics like "Princess" or "-chan" don't count).
  • romanization: Input the romanization for the previously inputted Japanese name.
  • vocaloid: Input one of the following codes for the Vocaloid/Utau that applies: Miku, Rin, Len, Meiko, Kaito, Luka, Gakupo, Gumi, Yuki, Miriam, Lily, Teto, Neru, Leon, Haku, Prima, Sweet Ann, Lola, Kiyoteru, Shou, Iroha, Ai
  • born/died: Date of the character's birth/death; input the known year along with the date or month if known.
  • classification: Input the type of being the character is such as a human, god, forest spirit, etc. "zombie" or anything similar does not count.
  • race: Should the character be human, the race they identify with with will be included.
  • gender: The character's gender; if none applies, put as genderless.
  • hair_color: The character's hair color.
  • eye_color: The character's eye color.
  • affiliation: A character's affiliation to certain nations, groups, or organizations.