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Telekinesis was a type of magic involving the movement of physical objects or people without any physical interaction with said subjects. Able to magically influence objects of varying sizes and weights as well oneself, the simple technique was extremely versatile.


Telekinesis was a type of magic involving the influencing of physical matter without the caster having any direct physical interaction with the item. As a result, the user could mentally lift and carry an object that they could not with their physical strength. The caster could pick up items as heavy as a tombstone and swing them with great force, capable of sending opponents flying,[1] or even lift an opponent directly and throw them across the area. Telekinesis could similarly be used to curb fast-moving objects such as some projectiles to direct them towards or away from the intended target.[2]

The spellcaster could also manipulate their own body with magic, thus achieving levitation.[3] By using this technique, the caster could lift themselves high into the air or slow their descent from great heights.[4] Likewise, the technique allowed the user to achieve a limited form of flight and can manipulate themselves to move with increased speed and agility.[3] A user contracted with a Demon of Sin, even without magic potential, could exert telekinesis through the power of the demon over themselves or others. While an adept level spell required greater amounts of magic, lifting objects or people can be achieved by simple hand gestures and levitation by little to no movement at all.[2]