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"Come, let’s go meet our real mother and father."
―Hänsel and Gretel[src]

Tale of Abandonment on a Moonlit Night is a song released by Akuno-P released on October 6, 2008. It is the tenth song in the Original Sin Story and a sequel to Moonlit Bear.


A young boy and girl follow their parents through the woods, making several inquiries on their ultimate destination. After walking some ways, they notice that they will become lost if they continue. Left by their family, "Hänsel" and "Gretel" soon realize they've been abandoned. Choosing to wander through the forest for some time, the twins fill their glass bottle with moonlight to illuminate the path, though they are not certain that it is the right one. Finally, they reach a house that they've seen before, a "witch's house". They shove the "evil witch" into an oven, and the two ask for praise from their parents for killing the evil witch and her "evil henchman". At the song's end, they decide this is a good place to settle, as it reminds them of their home; they later they resolve to go find their "real mother and father".






僕らは歩く さ迷い歩く
ガラスの小瓶 月に照らされ
ぴかぴかひかり 道を照らす
されどもそれが 正しい道か
僕らは知らず ただただ歩く
やっと見つけた 僕らにはわかる

さあ 悪い魔女をやっつけろ

ねえ母さん 私をほめて

ねえ父さん 僕をほめて



Kono michi wa donna shiawase ni tsuzuite iru no?
Soko de wa
Daisuki na oyatsu o takusan taberareru no ka na?

Kono saki ni kamisama wa matte iru no desu ka?
Sonna kanashii kao de bokura o miru no desu ka?

Kurai mori no naka
Hontou wa subete wakatte ita
Kono mama susumeba
Mou kaeru koto wa dekinai to

Futaribotchi nokosareta bokura
Sono na wa Henzeru to Gureeteru
Otsukisama no wazuka na hikari de wa
Kaeru michi mo wakaranai

Bokura wa aruku samayoi aruku
Tegakari ga nai wake ja nai
Garasu no kobin tsuki ni terasare
Pikapika hikari michi o terasu
Saredomo sore ga tadashii michi ka
Bokura wa shirazu tadatada aruku
Yatto mitsuketa bokura ni wa wakaru
Koko wa majo no ie

Saa warui majo o yattsukero
Moeru kamado ni hourinagero
Kanojo ga inakerya bokura wa kitto
Shiawase ni nareru hazu

Nee Kaasan watashi o homete
Warui majo wa taoshita no yo

Nee Tousan boku o homete
Majo no kobun mo taoshita n da

Sore ni shite mo
Koko wa totemo ochitsuku tokoro da ne
Marude mukashi kara
Sunde ita you na ki ga suru ne

Saa "hontou no" kaasan to tousan ni ai ni yukou

What kind of fortune does this path lead to?
Over there,
Will we be able to eat lots of our favorite snacks?

Beyond this point is God waiting for us?
Do you look at us with such sad faces?

Inside the dark forest
We understood the whole truth
That if we continue in this way
We’ll soon be unable to return

The two of us left all alone
Our names are Hänsel and Gretel
By the small light of the great moon, we don’t know the way home

We walk, a wandering walk
It doesn’t mean we don’t have a clue
A small glass bottle is lit up by the moon
The sparkling light illuminates the way
Nevertheless, we’ll walk
Without knowing whether this is the correct path
Finally we found it, and we understand
This is the witch’s house

Come, let’s attack the evil witch, cast her in the burning stove
When she’s gone, surely we can become happy

Hey mother, praise me
I defeated the evil witch

Hey father, praise me
I defeated the witch’s henchman too

At any rate
This is a really calming place, huh?
It feels as if though long ago,
We used to live here, doesn’t it?

Come, let’s go meet our real mother and father.

English translation by Pricechecktranslations

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Chrono Story chronicles the events that occurred a year after Hänsel and Gretel killed Adam and Eve Moonlit, finding the Original Sin among their foster mother's ashes.

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And Then the Girl Went Mad -Ending Tale on a Moonlit Night- shares the same themes of moonlight, insanity, and parental abandonment in Tale of Abandonment on a Moonlit Night, as well as featuring the twins, Hänsel and Gretel, whom Nemesis hears reminding her of being abandoned.

Ending Boy Hänsel[]

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Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • The song is based on the Brothers Grimm tale "Hänsel & Gretel".
  • Initially, mothy planned for an entirely different song while producing it, wanting to name it "Zoo Detention".[1]
  • Like Moonlit Bear, Full Moon Laboratory, and Escape of Salmhofer the Witch, the story takes place on a moonlit night; the moon is often associated with madness and is the origin of the word "lunacy".
  • The song's English title, "Insane moonlight", also alludes to the moon and its association with insanity.


  • A short story elaborating on the events in the song is included in Waltz of Evil: The Deadly Sins of Evil Guidebook.
  • The glass bottle present in the song seems to be the same one seen in Moonlit Bear; a similar glass bottle appears in Regret Message.
  • Their uncertainty on whether or not they travel along the "right path" parallels Moonlit Bear, where Eve describes that the "right path" had already been lost; both songs also share the same melody during that part, although at a different pace.
  • The song's opening melody is heard at the end of Moonlit Bear.
  • The song's original lyrics were slightly changed by mothy for its release in the Original Sin Story: Complete Edition album.



  1. The Heavenly Yard – December 31, 2008 – この曲、制作初期は「居残り動物園」というまったく別の曲でした。

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