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The Swap Technique[note 1] was a technique categorized in two types, the Mind Swap Technique[note 2] and the Body Swap Technique; the former involved viewing into another's memories, while the latter involved the transfer of a person's soul to another body or object. Originally both were achieved through usage of a Black Box in the Second Period; in the Third Period, the Body Swap Technique became possible through use of a spell, albeit it remained rare in practice.


Before the completion of the Third Period, the Mind Swap Technique was achieved using the original Black Box Type E,[1] with two participants typically needing to be hooked up inside the box for it to work. With the Mind Swap, an observer could peer into an individual's memories and experience them as though they themselves were the individual.[2] The Type L version of the Black Box took this a step further by allowing one to transfer their soul into a new body or vessel, this being known as the Body Swap Technique. Black Box Type L could only be used with the consensus of the entire crew aboard the Climb One, and could only be used by those with the DNA of a crewmember.[3]

In the Third Period proper, powerful magic individuals could enact the Body Swap Technique without usage of a Black Box. This magical technique allowed them to transfer their own soul or that of a nearby individual to another human body or object. The desired soul resided in the targeted "body", sharing it with the occupying soul;[4] the user could likewise move the occupying soul elsewhere, allowing a user to effectively swap bodies with the other individual. It was also possible for the spellcaster to use the spell to draw a soul into their own body and soul. While sharing souls in the same body, the consciousness of one soul could be suppressed while the other took possession of the body.

A complex spell, only a select few and powerful human mages were capable of performing it. In order to invoke the technique, the user was usually required to recite a short incantation.[5] By using this technique, the user would be able to gain the targeted body's unique characteristics and abilities, save for traits ingrained in the soul such as immortality or HER Syndrome.[6]



Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • The two words in the technique's activation phrase (ノロク  リトス) use the same characters as the song title "Chrono Story" (クロノ・ストーリー) with the characters in each word reversed.[5]





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