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Story of Evil: The Twilight Demon and the False Queen is the second light novel in the Story of Evil series, released on July 11, 2018. The novel was written by Akuno-P and primarily illustrated by Yuzuki Kihiro. It takes place in the Fourth Period, following an incident instigated by the student Hadzuki Mana as she forges a contract with the clockwork demon Deus.

Publisher SummaryEdit

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Plot SummaryEdit

Two months after the previous novel, Endou Itsuki has started school. A socially-isolated girl in his class, Hadzuki Mana, chances upon a clockwork ram at a toy shop and buys it with the help of the lawyer Maguchi. Bringing it home, the ram reveals itself as a wraith; Mana then forges a contract with it and names it Deus. Over the next few days, Mana gets increasing attention from the boys in her class due to Deus' Lust powers.

Meanwhile, Marie dreams of her time contracted to Itsuki two months prior. Soon after, she and the other paper demons awake with their seals broken due to a witching hour approaching once again. Itsuki, Tsugumi and Itsuki's mother Kyouko arrive at the secret archive, seeking the paper demons' help. Hearing the paper demons' advice, the three of them decide to contact the other writer, Masaki's ex-wife Kayoko, in Maruo City.

Accompanied by Marie, the three of them arrive there, where Kayoko explains that a writer such as Itsuki can sever a contract between a wraith and its contractor by writing a story about them, having fought wraiths herself alongside Masaki, Kyouko and others twenty years ago in the Meta Escape Incident.

Returning home, Itsuki writes a story about Mana using special paper given to him by Kayoko. He and Tsugumi then attempted to confront Mana using the story, only for their attempt to end in failure. Itsuki then writes another story, this time about someone socially isolated like Mana; after being confronted about it, she ends up reading the entire story and her contract with Deus is broken. As Deus attempts to still attack the children, Koumori Tarou, the shopkeeper who sold Deus to Mana, takes him back.

Following the incident, things return to normal, with all the students under Deus' magic influence having lost their memories. Mana brings Tsugumi, Haruto and Itsuki to the mysterious shop she brought Deus from, only for it to have disappeared. Mana then speaks to Kyouko, expressing her desire to become Itsuki's friend.


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