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Story of Evil[note 1] is a light novel series that released its first volume on February 11, 2018, published by PHP Comix. The novels are written by Akuno-P and take place in the Fourth Period. The light novels' illustrations are primarily drawn by △○□×.



The series takes place in Japan in the Fourth Period. It is mostly set in Tsuruki City and the locations within. The main storyline takes place during the modern times, although there are references to the unlocking incident taking place twenty years ago. The presence of magic, paper demons and wraiths are an influence on the story.



A contract[note 2] was a magical covenant forged between a demon and a human host. Differing from the method of demon contracts in the Third Period, demon contracts in the Fourth Period could be forged by accident. While contracted, the host had access to the demon's powers. Contracts with paper demons turned people into scribes and could be broken by writing a story and having it approved by five demons.[1] Meanwhile, contracts with clockwork demons could be broken by a scribe having the contractor read a story.[2] Like those in the Third Period, contractors in the Fourth Period were immortal and could only be killed by other contractors.[1]


A medium[note 3] is an individual with the power to summon shikigami. Also known as exorcists, mediums could use shikigami to fight wraiths. Hibino Tsugumi was descended from a line of mediums.[2]

Meta Escape Incident[]

The Meta Escape Incident[note 4] was a mysterious incident taking place during a witching hour on Tanabata in Tsuruki City. As part of a game by, all locks within the city stopped working, and an invisible barrier barring all communication went up around the city. During this time, the black bear Meta gained unlocking and barrier powers, rampaging across Tsuruki High School. Eventually, Meta was put down and the mysterious phenomena stopped.[3]

Paper Demon[]

A paper demon[note 5] was a kind of demon existing in the Fourth Period and a copy of the Demons of Sin from the Third Period.[2] With their stories being written down in the archive, paper demons could forge contracts with humans.[1] They were, however, much weaker compared to their Third Period counterparts due to being bound to their paper forms, and could be sealed.[2]


A scribe[note 6] is an individual with powers resulting from a contract with a paper demon. Scribes could borrow the power of a paper demon and use it to fight wraiths. Those part of the Tokitou clan could become scribes.[2]


A shikigami[note 7] is a spirit that can be summoned by a medium.

Witching Hour[]

The witching hour[note 8], also known as twilight,[note 9] is a time when magic would come out. It appeared to happen every twenty years; among the incidents that occurred during one witching hour was the Meta Escape Incident and the coming out of wraiths.[2]


A wraith[note 10] is a type of demon existing in the Fourth Period. Also known as clockwork demons[note 11], wraiths could be fought using either shikigami or the powers of a scribe. Wraiths had the ability to shapeshift and often turn into animals to get close to humans.[4] During the Meta Escape Incident, wraiths came out were fought by several individuals, including Kayoko, Masaki and Kyouko.[2]


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • The series' name comes from the term "Story of Evil" mothy uses several times to describe the Evillious Chronicles in general.



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