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Spell Songs[note 1] were a type of magic activated and maintained through song. They could produce a variety of effects.


Boost Magic[]

A type of spell song particular to Elluka Clockworker. Her most powerful technique, it was used to increase the potency of her magic spells, at the cost of increasing their drain on her body. It worked specifically by Elluka putting her magical energy into a song; said energy would then well up inside her body.[1]

Clockwork Lullaby[]

Main Article: Clockwork Lullaby

The Clockwork Lullaby[note 2] was a type of spell song. It had a distinctive "lu li la" pattern,[2] and had twelve variants. Among its uses were "sealing" a target's actions,[3] and detecting the Vessels of Sin. The latter involved projecting the song's sound over an area and listening to its echoes.[2]

Negate Spell Song[]

A type of spell song associated with Gumillia. When sung by the user in combat, it negated the effects of the target's own spell songs.[4]

Recollective Musicbox[]

A type of spell song associated with Michaela. When sung, it allowed the user to communicate their location to magic users from far away. It supposedly had a meaning behind it.[5]

Summon Animals[]

A type of spell song associated with Irina Clockworker. It allowed the user to summon animals to where they were and make them follow the user's commands.[4]


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • Spell songs may be inspired by Vocaloid, the singing voice synthesizers many characters in the Evillious Chronicles and therefore the spell song casters are based on.





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