"How are you?"
―Kagamine Rin and Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche[src]

South North Story is a song made by Akuno-P in collaboration with uniMemo-P released on November 28, 2008. According to both producers, the song crosses over two Rins from different worlds as they meet per happenstance. 


In an unspecified city in modern Japan, a Rin heads south while wondering where and who she is. Another Rin heads north looking for a girl she doesn't really know. At an intersection, the two meet and are baffled by their resemblance to each other, but decide to have a chat while they have the chance. Over drinks, the two discuss their similarities and one notes that if they switched places no one would notice. They go on to say how, in the south, one Rin was just a student at school, while the other ruined a country in the north. The duo talks about all the good and bad things that happened to each other in their respective lives and note how they look alike, but come from two different worlds.

Len appears, strumming on his guitar. He sings in English about the crossing worlds and how the girls are alike but not the same, and that there's "no reason" for it but they're there anyway, ending by saying it is "time to go". In the end, the two Rins have to part ways, but both of them have high hopes that they will meet again at the crossing some day.


南へ 南へ

北へ 北へ

気づかなければ 通り過ぎていた

よく似てるけど すこし違うそんな二人が
こうして出会ったのも 何かの縁でしょう
少し立ち止まって お話でも
ここでしていきませんか 二人で


同じ姿 同じリボン

うれしい事 悲しい事
ひとつひとつ 聞かせあって

よく似てるけど すこし違うそんな世界が
こうして出会ったなら 何かが変わるかな?
自分らしく 人と違う 道を選ぶ

the worlds just cross
the worlds just gone
it is simply foreordination
no reason for us
but we are here
so "nice to see you"

we're just alike
we're not the same
it is simply you and me
no reason for us
but we are here
"it's time to go"

そろそろ お別れの時間だね
楽しかったよ 「もう一人の私」
バイバイ またいつか機会があれば

Koko wa doko datta ka na?
Watashi wa dare datta ka na?
Iro no nai chizu wo hirogete
Minami e minami e

Ano ko wa doko e itta no ka na?
"Ano ko" tte dare datta ka na?
Yoku shiranai hito wo sagashite
Kita e kita e

Dareka ga kimagure ni tsukuriageta kousaten
Kidzukana kereba toorisugite ita
"Konnichi wa" "Konnichi wa"
"Hajimemashite" "Hajimemashite"
"Gokigen ikaga desu ka"

Yoku niteru kedo sukoshi chigau sonna futari ga
Kou shite deatta no mo nanika no en deshou
Sukoshi tachidomatte ohanashi demo
Koko de shite ikimasen ka futari de

Machi wa mou haruka kanata
Watashi ga deatta no wa
"Kagami no naka no jibun" tomo
Chigau watashi de

Onaji sugata onaji RIBON
Kossori to irekawachatte mo
Wakaranai ka moshirenai ne to
Futari de waratta

Minami de watashi wa gakusei deshita
Kita de wa kuni ga hitotsu horobimashita
Ureshii koto kanashii koto
Hitotsu hitotsu kikase atte
Saigo ni wa waraimashou

Yoku niteru kedo sukoshi chigau sonna sekai ga
Kou shite deatta nara nanika ga kawaru ka na?
Jibun rashiku hito to chigau michi wo erabu
Sore mo machigai ja nai kedo

The worlds just cross
The worlds just gone
It is simply foreordination
No reason for us
But we are here
So "nice to see you"

We're just alike
We're not the same
It is simply you and me
No reason for us
But we are here
"It's time to go"

Sorosoro owakare no jikan da ne
Tanoshikatta yo "Mou hitori no watashi"
BAIBAI mata itsuka kikai ga areba
Kono kousaten de...

Where was here, I wonder?
Who was I, I wonder?
I unroll a colorless map
To the south, to the south

Where did she go off to, I wonder?
Who was “she”, I wonder?
I’m searching for a person I don’t know at all
To the north, to the north

At an intersection built at someone’s whim
If we didn’t notice, we would have passed through
“Good day” “Good day”
“Nice to meet you” “Nice to meet you”
“How are you?”

Highly similar but a little different, such a pair
That they met in this way could also be some kind of fate
Having stopped a bit, is having a chat
Something we can go do here as well? With the two of us

The town is already far over the horizon
The one I met was
While like “a mirrored image”
She’s a different me

Same appearance, same ribbon
Even if we secretly switch places
People probably wouldn’t find out, huh?
Together we laughed

In the south I was a student
In the north I ruined a country
Happy things, sad things
One by one we tell each other them
In the end, let’s laugh

Highly similar but a little different, if such a world
Met in this way, would something change?
With our personalities we choose different paths
But that isn’t a mistake either

The worlds just cross
The world’s just gone
It is simply foreordination
No reason for us
But we are here
So “nice to see you”

We’re just alike
We’re not the same
It is simply you and me
No reason for us
But we are here
“It’s time to go”

Before long it’s time for farewells, huh?
It was fun. “Another me”
Bye bye, if we have the chance again some day
At this crossing…

English translation by Pricechecktranslations

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  • In The Daughter of Evil: Wiegenlied of Green, the song Michaela sings to cheer up a young child is called "South North Story".
  • The first letters of the three words (SNS) is a reference to RinLenSNS, a social website visited by mothy before achieving greater popularity. 
  • The song Screws, Gears, and Pride also features two Rins of both versions and is created by the same two producers. 
  • The north Rin's comment about how easily the two Rins could switch places alludes to The Servant of Evil and Allen's switch with Riliane to escape the Lucifenian Resistance.


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