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The soul,[note 1] also referred to as one's spirit data,[note 2] was the immaterial essence of many living things. Carrying the individuals' memories, it was the core of their being.


The soul was the source of life for living things in the Third Period, such as humans and animals.[1] Despite its immaterial nature, the soul could theoretically be destroyed,[2] and was subject to decay over time.[3]

Humans developed souls while in the womb.[4] Humans' souls carried their memories, giving them consciousness, memory and emotion.[1] An individual's memories could be sealed, as with the rule for reincarnation,[4] although said memories could be recovered.[5] One's magic power was tied in part to their soul;[1] this power gave the soul a "weight" which could strain the ties between the soul and its body.[6] Death permanently severed the bond between body and soul.[4]

The souls of the dead, while on the ground world, could only be detected by those with incredible perception or connection to gods and demons. While in the Hellish Yard, souls could perform functions such as sense, eat, sleep, and soar through the air.[7] They could also perform magic,[8] and change their appearance. The souls of demon contractors in particular could use the powers they used while alive even without being in a contract.[9]

The earthlings of the Second Period were able to quantify the soul as "spirit data"; because of this, souls could be manipulated and made to reincarnate into different forms and physical bodies, or could be otherwise moved into different vessels using magic. However, this spirit data could become corrupted, causing the individual to develop HER.[4] Certain souls, such as those of gods, could also affect biological bodies' aging, allowing them to remain physically ageless.[10] Gods' souls were also exempt from the rule of decay.[3]


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • The soul is a frequently debated topic in philosophy, religion, psychology, and science, including its relation to the mind and body.




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