The Sisters of Clarith[note 1] was a Levin female monastic order of the Held Sect, founded by Sister Clarith. Dedicated to performing good deeds throughout Evillious, the religious order campaigned heavily against discrimination, provided care for the poor and orphaned, and acted as the protectors for the sacred Millennium Tree within the Millennium Tree Forest.



During the early EC 530s, the nun Clarith, after raising an orphan abandoned at the Held Monastery in Lucifenia, became concerned with the continued discrimination of the Netsuma Clan throughout Evillious. Shortly afterward, Clarith left the monastery and founded her own religious order dedicated to the Held sect, establishing the Sisters of Clarith.[1]

Along with her fellow sisters, Sister Clarith began campaigning against the discrimination existing within the region, especially towards the Netsumas, while performing various good deeds for the general public. As their message spread outside of Lucifenia to the general region,[2] the order expanded its reach to the neighboring nations and began building orphanages within almost every town.[3]

Growth and ProtectionEdit

After the death and seeming rebirth of the Millennium Tree during the EC 530s, Sister Clarith published a discourse on the uproar regarding the tree's loss, regarding it as humanity's protector and a god worthy of their respect and love. Afterwards, the order promoted respect for the tree and forbade anyone from damaging the tree in any way. Around the same time, the Sisters of Clarith established a church at the entrance of the Millennium Tree Forest.

The members at the church then thoroughly examined anyone planning to pass through the forest via the safer, clear paths they guarded. Despite the examinations ensuring that any travelers or pilgrims wouldn't damage the sacred tree, complaints mounted against the order for their strict and cumbersome policy. The Sisters of Clarith later issued temporary traffic permits for travelers to help streamline the reviewing process, requiring only a single examination before providing the permit.[4]

Continued WorkEdit

Later on, Sister Clarith published an autobiography of her life, detailing her discovery of faith following the hardships she faced before and during the Lucifenia-Elphegort War.[1] After her death, the Sisters of Clarith continued to carry out her ideals and help the needy in Evillious. At some point, the Sisters of Clarith helped establish an orphanage in Toragay with funding from several benefactors, particularly Dr. Marx Felix.[3]

The order continued to guard the Millennium Tree Forest in the 10th century EC. At some point, a martyr sect of the Sisters attempted to sacrifice a Netsuma resembling Sister Clarith, believing her to be their founder's reincarnation.[5] In EC 982, the Sisters sold a permit to Judge Gallerian Marlon, allowing him to build a property inside the forest.[6]

Organization and StructureEdit

The Sisters of Clarith were made up of Levin nuns and maintained an abbess as their leader. Following the discovery of the new Millennium Tree, some of the order's sisters enforced the protection of said tree,[3] as well as sold permits to pass by or build properties within the forest.[6] The order also maintained an orphanage in Toragay, as well as a church at the entrance of the Millennium Tree Forest.[3] During the 10th century, a martyr sect existed within the order.[5]

Known MembersEdit


Conceptualization and OriginsEdit

  • The Sisters of Clarith may be based on Christian monastic orders that sprung up within post-revolutionary France to combat the rampant spiritual and economic poverty during the period.




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