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"In that case, I am the god who creates 'evil'."
―Seth Twiright[src]

Seth Twiright, later known as the Demon of Wrath, was a scientist from the Magic Kingdom Levianta and the father of all HERs in the Third Period. Originally one of the surviving earthlings, he escaped from the Sin and reincarnated as a human. Afterward, Seth experimented with the creation of ghoul children and vessels of sin to increase the number of HERs in the world, eventually taking over Project 'Ma' for his ambition. Following the Levianta Catastrophe, Seth reincarnated again as the Demon of Wrath.


Early Life

"...So you've forgotten it all, just like the other demons and spirits. How sad, guess I'm the only one who remembers the Second Period."
―Seth to Gumillia[src]

Seth Twiright was born in the Second Period as part of an artificial species that took the form of sentient masks,[1] being a mask with a will like his mother. Living in the Second Period, Seth found that others, including his own mother, could never tell what he was really thinking.[2] Nonetheless, in time he became a renowned physicist and one of the inventors of the Black Box device.

While the Second Period began to fall due to the rampant spread of Hereditary Evil Raiser Syndrome, Seth used Black Box to prove the existence of parallel worlds.[3] He later revised his design to create Black Box Type S, which allegedly allowed the movement of spirit data between parallel worlds.[1] But having become an HER himself, Seth began plotting to sneak aboard the spaceship the Climb One, one of several spaceships which were to travel to an inhabitable planet for the purposes of repopulating humanity.[4] At some point, presumably after becoming an HER, he also shot and killed his mother to allegedly help her understand him.[2]

When a colleague, Levia Barisol, consulted Seth regarding her impulsive desire to kill,[4] he suggested she kill her counterpart from an alternate reality to possibly destroy the malice,[5] hoping to have her be consumed by her murderous desire and so he could take her place on Climb One.[6] After the plot failed, Seth faked his own suicide, killed one of the crew-members,[7] and stowed away on the Climb One by clinging to the back of Lich's head.[2] With seventy-one other scientists, he successfully escaped the world's destruction. When the Climb One lost contact with its fellow spaceships and the crew's plan was to create a new species in the image of earthlings, Seth plotted to sabotage the plan.

Once the ship found a new planet to inhabit and the new world, as well as its species, was being designed, Seth created the laboratory Lunaca Labora equipped with the advanced technology of earth. As the humans that the earthlings created were stored there, Seth created his own artificial human body and put it in cold storage among them.

He then contaminated the new species so that it had a chance to develop HER Syndrome and instigated the deaths of sixty-two members of the crew of the Climb One.[7] Some of these deaths he induced Lich to carry out after infecting him with a seed of malice,[2] while Rahab Barisol, driven by murderous jealousy, was responsible for some of the others.[8] Afterwards, he was discovered; with his original body destroyed, Seth beamed his spirit data into his body in cold storage and awoke in Lunaca Labora.[7] As a result of what he had done to Lich, also Seth came to know everything about him.[2]

Meanwhile, Seth having infected Levia and other crewmembers with HER Syndrome, the crew of the Climb One got into a fight and the ship crashed, killing all the earthlings and leaving only their spirit data. With the HER infected Levia, Behemo, Gilles, Vlad, Marie, Rahab and Salem all trapped in the crashed Climb One, Seth came in contact with them and plotted with them to destroy the world that the earthlings had set out to create. In the meantime, the humans of the new world, the Third Period, began creating their own civilizations; discovering Lunaca Labora, some of the humans used its technology to found the powerful Magic Kingdom Levianta. Discovering the Climb One, they determined it a holy relic, the ark "Sin".[7]

The Rising and Setting of Horus

On ground world, Seth assumed the alias "Horus Solntse" and sometime during the BT era, he became the retainer to the senator Miroku Loop Octopus. After Queen Alice Merry-Go-Round birthed twins Adam and Eve, Miroku tasked "Horus" with throwing the children in the river to hide the pregnancy. Before doing so, Seth experimented with the infant Eve and used her powers as an inheritor of Levia to derive a recipe for Venom, a brainwashing drug, which he created under Miroku's orders. Through Miroku, Seth was able to meet the Vaju family that ran the research institute in Levianta, and through them became the institute's director.

As director, Seth began constructing a network of allies using Venom and other means. During this time, instead of drugging the queen with Venom as Miroku desired, Seth used the drug on Miroku himself to convince the man that his own purple dreams were revelations given to him by Alice Merry-Go-Round, making Miroku and by extension the rest of the senate completely oblivious to the true state of the queen.

As a few years passed, the inferior quality of Seth's human body led to his health beginning to fail as it aged at a faster rate than normal humans. Nonetheless desiring to make the queen's abandoned children into two more allies for himself, Seth tasked the leader of Apocalypse, Raiou Zvezda, to abandon his organization and look after Eve, while he departed on his own to find Adam Moonlit.[9] To that end he traveled to the coast where the young Adam was living under the care of the forest spirit Catherine. Convincing Adam that he knew who his real mother was and that Catherine was an evil spirit, Seth successfully took the child away to his research facility and eventually adopted him as "Horus Solntse's" child.[10]

Around this time, Seth researched creating a better body for himself in Lunaca Labora and created one that wouldn't rapidly age. Pleased, he further experimented by cloning himself and creating his first two "ghoul children," copying Behemo's method of creating humans;[11] while one ghoul child came out an empty shell and was put in storage for safekeeping,[12] Seth was able to give the other a personality like his own and named him Pale Noël.[9] In the meantime, Seth kept Adam confined to the research facility as he raised him, not letting him leave save for when he sent Adam shopping. Seth also refused to let him see his mother, insisting the boy needed to work harder and study more before they could meet.[10]

Meanwhile, having become the new head of Apocalypse, Pale Noël accumulated infamy as a terrorist; to prevent getting any unwanted attention due to their identical appearances, Seth instructed Pale to hide himself from the public eye and erased all knowledge of Pale from his network, while using Venom to erase Raiou's memory of his own appearance.[9] Seth, as Horus, also headed the research institute's "Next Queen Project", with the goal of artificially developing the next queen of Project 'Ma' to secure Vaju a position as head of the Senate.[12] As the years passed, Seth began relying more and more on his apprentices in the institute as a result of his failing health. Finally, he decided to retire his "Horus" identity for good and live as just Seth Twiright in his superior body.

Before doing so, Seth met with Adam and explained how Maria Moonlit, otherwise known as Alice Merry-Go-Round, was his true mother, though instead claiming that Miroku had made her into his puppet with the help of Horus' "greatest apprentice," Seth Twiright, omitting that he and Seth were one and the same. At the same time, Seth had Adam take over as head of the institute in his stead and gave him a notebook listing all of his allies that Adam could use to overthrow Miroku.[10] With that, Seth retired to Lunaca Labora and moved into his new body, with Horus Solntse disappearing without a trace.[9]

Human Experimentation

"You aren't a proper 'human' either. You're a 'ghoul child' Seth made by copying off of me."
―Behemo to Irina Clockworker[src]

Seth stayed in Lunaca Labora for a time to continue his experiments with ghoul children, using the research he conducted as Horus Solntse.[12] He created next a child that was a unique individual in contrast to Pale, Meta Salmhofer,[9] whom he implanted with seeds of malice,[13] as well as inheritor powers, to make her a HER and an inheritor of Gilles. Shortly after he gave Meta a personality, she escaped the laboratory.[9] Seth continued the creation of ghoul children through seeds of malice implantation,[13] allowing them to wreak havoc upon Levianta in the succeeding years.[14] Eventually, he received word that Pale had found Meta and left her in his care.[9]

Eventually, Seth tired of creating ghoul children and returned to the public eye as Seth Twiright.[9] He decided to once more get involved in the research institute's "Next Queen Project". To that end, he approached Adam once more and professed himself to be one of Horus' former apprentices, with Adam allowing him to join the project in the institute as another researcher. As he still looked identical to Pale in his younger body, Seth created the cover story that they were twins.[9]

The First Project 'Ma'

As a researcher in the institute, Seth was involved when Alice's prophecy caused the "Queen Project" to be secretly repurposed into Project 'Ma', with the goal to have a mother give birth to the vessel bodies of Levia and Behemo for their reincarnation into the world as humans. For this project he introduced to Adam the "God Seed", a liquid which he claimed was a part of Levia-Behemo that he'd extracted from the Sin using his connections. While Seth worked with Adam, the latter questioned him on his creation of Venom and Seth lied that he had found the grave of a Levia inheritor, from whose remains he'd devised the drug.[10]

With the project in full swing, the institute conducted a series of "Witch Hunts" to acquire candidates for the mother. To that end, Seth accompanied an expedition to Merrigod Plateau to capture Meta Salmhofer as a potential candidate; he was the only researcher to survive the failed expedition,[15] aware that Adam had used it to try and kill him,[10] as well as suspecting that Pale had ordered Meta's attack on him.[12] Some time later, he accompanied Adam again as they ventured south to the Held's Forest, seeking the rumored Witch of the Forest who would also make for another powerful candidate.

As they traveled, the researchers' entourage was attacked by Raisa Netsuma's army, with Seth sustaining a head injury during the fighting. While Gammon Loop Octopus and his soldiers continued the fight, Seth and Adam were rescued by Eve Zvezda and brought back to her village, Nemu, where Seth received medical treatment from an unwitting Raiou. There, Seth explained to the Zvezdas their reason for coming and their desire to meet with Eve specifically, suspecting her of being the Witch of the Forest. When Seth eventually tested Eve, they found her magic level to be too low, in truth due to interference from Eve's spoon. Seth then departed to receive medical treatment from a proper hospital; while he was gone, Adam determined Eve's true magical ability and she was selected as a project candidate.[15]

Due to his head injury, Seth took little participation in the first Project 'Ma' while he recovered, and vanished entirely during Eve's pregnancy. Close to the due date for Eve's babies, her primary doctor, Dr. Moreno, was drowned suddenly in a river and Seth oversaw Eve's pregnancy in his stead. He thus witnessed Eve's traumatizing stillbirths, caused by Adam putting his own genetic material into the God Seed. When an enraged Adam later accused him of being the culprit of the tragedy, Seth instead pointed out Adam's own role in it, leaving soon afterwards.[10]

Later on, Seth met with Gammon at the Levia-Behemo temple while the latter's forces enacted a revolution on the Leviantan government, unfazed as Gammon confronted him with his crimes of brainwashing Miroku. When Gammon, believing Seth had killed the queen, entered the temple looking for her corpse, Seth departed, wondering what would become of Gammon once he met the "queen". He proceeded to reflect on events as he planned his next move.[9]

For the Sake of His Ambition

"I must search for the next 'Mem Aleph' for the sake of having my ambitions granted."
―Seth Twiright[src]

Once Gammon established the new Leviantan government and appointed a new senate, he made knowledge of Project 'Ma' and Alice's prophecy available to the public; to quell the public's resultant unease, Seth was appointed head of the second project attempt less than a year after the first one's failure. Due to Meta Salmhofer's magical abilities, Seth decided to make her into the second project candidate.

Meanwhile, Pale Noël, who had become increasingly rebellious towards Seth, went north hoping to find him and was captured in Welvya, putting him back in Seth's power. As Pale's body had developed a problem with deteriorating if he didn't take magic from others, Seth devised to move his "brother's" soul into the body of the ghoul child he'd put in frozen storage to prevent him from deteriorating further. As this put Pale into the body of a child, Seth also decided to have him live with him under the guise of being his "nephew" when the process was complete.

Around this time, when Meta was captured thanks to Yegor Asayev betraying Apocalypse, Seth traveled to where she was being held in the Lighwatch Temple. Disguising himself as the executioner, he spoke with Meta in secret as she was about to be executed and offered to save her in exchange for her becoming his next Project 'Ma' candidate. When she agreed, he used the electric chair to facilitate her escape from Yegor by bringing her close to death; as Meta was taken from the temple in a casket, Seth placed a map in her coffin with a note that he would kill Pale if she didn't keep her promise, assuring her cooperation.[12]

Afterwards, Seth presided over Meta's inoculation with the God Seed, sabotaging them to ensure the babies would develop HER Syndrome.[16] Meta was then kept hidden in the research institute, with Seth taking on several more informants as researchers to ensure she didn't run away and refusing to let her see Pale. In order for the senate to allow him to select Meta as the next candidate, Seth promised the infamous criminal wouldn't be made queen, but only given a new status and other rewards.

Some time after Meta's pregnancy began, Seth discussed the political state of things with her as she awaited her due date. As well, as he'd finally finished transferring Pale into his new body, Seth at last brought him to meet with Meta, explaining the situation with his new body. He then let the two have a moment of privacy before taking Pale away.[12] On December 27, EC 0, Meta successfully birthed Hänsel and Gretel and Seth observed the twins with Gammon, discussing the coming process to make them into receptacles for Levia and Behemo.

Four days later, Pale used the remaining forces of Apocalypse to launch an assault on the research institute, leading to Meta's escape with the twins. Hoping to stop their escape, Seth released a sleeping gas that was developed as a side effect of creating Venom, catching up to them through the cloud. Though Pale was quickly subdued by the gas, Seth found that Meta and the twins were unaffected. While Meta escaped, Seth recaptured Pale and decided to "reset" his mind in light of all the problems he'd caused him.[12]

As the search for the missing Twins of God began, the Leviantan senate placed the blame on Seth for the children going missing; with this in addition to his artificial human experimentation, Seth was run out of the institute and dismissed from Project 'Ma'. Afterward, Seth hid in Lunaca Labora, where he reflected again on recent events and planned to keep creating more ghoul children. Seth also finished "resetting" Pale's personality and decided to rename him "Kiril", greeting the ghoul child as he woke back up.[17] Kiril was at some later point given a little sister, Seth's twelfth ghoul child Irina Clockworker.[13]

On to the Catastrophe

During his time in the Magic Kingdom Levianta Seth began creating devices that would affect humans to behave similarly to Hereditary Evil Raisers, including a Jakoku styled sword and a golden key he dubbed "Grim the End".[14] He also developed a new device capable of drawing the affected into one's inner psychological world, installing a smaller Black Box Type S into the heart of a stuffed red cat.[11] Among his creations was also a "boy" of destruction, a soulless irregular named Amostia that could create untold devastation on the Third Period, Seth creating him to erase all the spirits in the world when the world's end came.[2] Not wishing to destroy the world yet, however, Seth sealed Amostia away in Lunaca Labora.[18] In time, Seth was readmitted to Project 'Ma' after successive projects failed to produce twins.

While heading the seventh project in EC 013, Seth met Kiril Clockworker once more and learned he had been cured of being a HER. When his creation noticed their resemblance, Seth claimed to be a ghoul child like him, convincing Kiril he was also cured and trying to save the country with the project. After Irina Clockworker, Elluka Chirclatia, Ly Li, and Milky Eights were selected as potential candidates for the seventh project,[19] Seth influenced Irina to kill the other three women;[20] once her rivals were dead, Seth had Irina selected to be the new Ma by default,[21] implanting her with the seeds of god at the royal institute.[19]

When the Magic Kingdom was destroyed around six months later, Seth was caught in the destruction;[22] although severely burned and wounded, he managed to survive and took the stuffed red cat to the limbless and dying Irina.[19] Bringing her into Lunaca Labora, he transferred Irina's spirit data into the stuffed cat.[23] During this time he allegedly attempted to turn Irina into a "girl of creation" to serve as a counterpart to the boy of destruction Amostia, but was unsuccessful.[2] Later, he departed from the laboratory after commanding Irina to continue the experiment,[24] his human body presumably dying of its injuries.[13]

Mantle of Wrath

"...It was Seth. Surprisingly enough he had become the 'Demon of Wrath'. He must have skillfully slipped in with the others when the Twins of God created the 'Vessels of Deadly Sin', after he had died as a human—Or maybe the other demons were made at his suggestion..."
―Irina Clockworker[src]

Following his death, Seth was reincarnated as a demon as part of Hänsel and Gretel's Re_birthday in EC 014,[25] becoming the "Demon of Wrath" inhabiting Grim the End and still retaining his former memories.[13] Afterwards, the demons and their vessels of sin were scattered across the world,[26] armed with the knowledge of the sun god's rules for demons.[27]

Later on, the soul of Adam Moonlit joined Seth in the golden key and leeched off his vessel and power. As time progressed, Seth allowed Adam to act in his place as the "Demon of Wrath", watching while Adam contracted with humans consumed by hatred and rage.[13] His viewings included Count Karchess Crim using the key in EC 136,[28] Prince Carlos Marlon ingesting shavings from the key in the fourth century EC,[29] Yvette Jacobi using the key in EC 477,[30] and Clarith almost contracting with wrath in EC 505.[31] Sometime after, Grim the End fell into the possession of the Blankenheim Family.[32]

After Grim the End was acquired by Irina in the latter half of EC 608, Seth heard out her suspicions about whether Elluka Clockworker was really the resurrected Elluka Chirclatia. In response, he readily explained everything to her about the gods, the rules and mechanics of the world, and how reincarnation typically suppresses a soul's memories, leading Irina to realize that Elluka Clockworker was a reincarnated Levia, accompanied by Behemo, in Elluka's body.[11] Seth's vessel later was stored in Irina's treasury and he watched it come under use by Gatt Coulomb and, later,[33] the reincarnation of Hänsel Lemy Abelard.[16]

On January 29, EC 611, Gatt took the vessel and used it to ambush Elluka Clockworker's carriage en route to Merrigod Plateau. Once he was defeated, the vessel fell into the hands of her apprentice, Gumillia;[34] Seth quickly recognized Gumillia as one of the earthlings whose death he instigated, who had been reincarnated as a forest spirit and then into a human.[13]

Duel of Merrigod Plateau

"I tried to do things as the "Demon of Wrath" for the first time, but it's fairly hard, isn't it?"
―Seth to Adam[src]

The next day, Seth watched while Elluka and Gumillia confronted Irina at Pale Noël's tomb in Merrigod Plateau, battling her before Lemy arrived. As the fight began again, the four were locked in a stalemate of Elluka against Irina and Gumillia against Lemy, Lemy unable to be defeated due to his contract with the Glass of Conchita. After two hours of fighting, Seth became exasperated with the duel; learning that Adam couldn't act as the Demon of Wrath because Gumillia lacked hate, Seth decided to act on his own for once and called out telepathically to the exhausted Gumillia.

As Gumillia continued to fight Lemy, Seth bantered back and forth with her as he tried to persuade her to trust him, additionally pointing out that only a contractor could kill another contractor. When Gumillia refused to contract with him, Seth offered to allow her a temporary contract to resolve the fight. He continually badgered her, pointing out her lack of other options and how simple it would be to turn Grim the End into a bullet for her purposes. Eventually, he convinced her to accept his temporary contract; lending his power to Gumillia, he watched her turn the golden key into a bullet and shoot Lemy in the head with it.

While he relinquished his contract, Seth noted how the Demon of Gluttony had absorbed Lemy's soul into the glass. He chatted with Adam about the seeming outcome of the duel before Gumillia tried to speak with him again; hearing her ask for his name, he revealed his identity to her as "Seth Twiright."[13] Once Irina activated her heart's Black Box Type S, Gumillia was caught in the blast and transported into Levia's inner psychological world, leaving Grim the End and Seth behind. After the Demon of Gluttony opened a portal into the mental world and clashed her Worldeater with Levia and Irina's magic,[11] the blast blew Seth and Adam out of the golden key.[35]

Meeting in Hell

"Goodness, what a blunder..."

After the blast, Seth ended up in the Hellish Yard in his mask form. He was shortly after found before the bridge leading into the Heavenly Yard by Behemo, who started stomping on him. The two were joined by Gumillia; after Behemo gave the mask to Gumillia, Seth revealed to her how the mask was his true form. The three of them discussed how the duel had brought them into this situation, with Seth speculating on what had happened to Adam since the blast. When Behemo suggested they visit Held Yggdra in the Heavenly Yard, Seth elected to be left behind in hell; Behemo tossed him back to Gumillia, who was unable to enter Heaven due to still being alive.

Amused, Seth watched Gumillia's conversation with Behemo, in the process learning that there was a miasma permeating the Hellish Yard which would slowly drive them insane. Although still amused, when Gumillia noted he'd also be affected by the miasma Seth determined that he would research a means to stop it. He then requested that Gumillia be his limbs for him by putting him on. Convincing her to trust him and assuring that he couldn't take over her body, Seth described his abilities as the mask to see in the dark and read minds while Gumillia put him on. The two of them then went off to begin looking for research materials.[35]

In the intervening centuries, Gumillia became the Master of the Hellish Yard and Seth aided her in setting up the systems in the Hellish Yard that would allow her to sort the good and bad souls. After the soul of Giyara ended up in the Hellish Yard in EC 842, Seth noted how it had been caused by a malfunction from one of their systems; he watched as she granted the monk a wish in compensation and set him on his way. Shortly after, Seth became amused when Gumillia discussed with him how she'd seen that Allen Avadonia, who was meant to be confined in Black Box, was nonetheless reincarnated onto the ground world due to Behemo's interference.[36] At some point, Seth, having continued his research into parallel worlds since arriving in hell, created Neo Black Box. Asking Gumillia to test it as his guinea pig, he was met with her refusal.[37]

A Very Amazing Octopus

"But, frankly, he wasn’t much help. On the contrary, actually, he made things more complicated."
"But I did intend to follow your command? At the very least I upheld my promise to keep Nemesis from dying."
―Gumillia and Seth regarding his time with Nemesis[src]

Seth as a Ziz Tiama

After the birth of Nemesis Sudou, who was a reincarnation of Levia, Gumillia sent Seth Twiright to the ground world inside Grim the End. Instructed to keep Nemesis alive,[7] Seth approached the young child while she lived in an old house in the Millennium Tree Forest, abandoned by her mother Ma. Making Grim the End shapeshift into a Ziz Tiama Octopus, Seth handed himself over to Nemesis and the girl adopted him under the mistaken assumption he was a present from her mother,[38] Seth deciding to let her believe the notion although her mother had in truth abandoned her.[18]

That night, he approached Nemesis in a dream and tricked her into making a contract with him, using it to lend his power to Nemesis and making her unable to die. From that day forward, Seth lived with Nemesis as her pet, "Ziz-san".[38] Over time, Nemesis learned how to give "Ziz-san" orders telepathically. In EC 978, after she had joined the gang Zeus, Seth accompanied Nemesis and Narcissus to a bar for the rival gang Hades. Once instructed, Seth used his tentacles to restrain all of the Hades members while Nemesis questioned their leader over the death of Zeus member Dio Ames.

Seth greets Nemesis after sinking the Titanis

After Nemesis instructed him to release his opponents, she carried Seth home and brought him to the Lake of Amusement to stay for a while. Several days later, Seth accompanied Nemesis and the rest of Zeus to a port city while a separate group tried to assassinate Midas Touch on the S.S. Titanis. After Zeus botched the assassination attempt, Seth sank the entire ship on Nemesis' orders, killing everyone onboard. He then retrieved the Clockworker's Doll from the wreckage and gave it to his young master.

Much later, when Nemesis was being pursued for the sinking of the Titanis, the pool that Seth normally stayed in was frozen over by Nikolay Tolle and he was incapacitated while the girl was taken into custody.[39] By the winter of EC 982 he had found Nemesis again in Rolled, his power keeping her alive as she tried to commit suicide after shooting her lover. Using the key to shapeshift into his human form, Seth disposed of the body of her lover and then met with Nemesis after she came to, having her come inside from the snow to talk.

While he talked with Nemesis, Seth told her the truth of what he was, how he could transform using Grim the End, and how she'd contracted with him; during this, to protect Nemesis' emotional state, he maintained the lie that her mother had unwittingly picked him out as a Christmas gift. After asking Nemesis what she next intended, and hearing that she had planned to die, Seth urged her to live instead; he transformed Grim the End into his mask form and several golden bullets. Seth then offered Nemesis a choice: either use the bullets to kill the people she considered truly evil, or shoot herself with them.[38]

The Mask of Nemesis

"Are you really fine with that? Living while set adrift by the people around you only to helplessly give up and run away from this world—If you died now, that would be the sum total of your life. Isn’t that wretched? Don’t you have any regrets!"
―Seth urging Nemesis to live[src]

Nemesis chose to live, and Seth from then on accompanied her as she quickly became entangled with the Tasan Party and USE politics. When the Leviantan Civil War erupted in August of EC 983, Nemesis wore Seth while he was in his mask form and he lent his powers to her, aiding her as she hunted down and then killed General Tony Ausdin outside his own mansion. When Nemesis spared Tony's pregnant wife and son afterwards, Seth criticized the decision, citing that the son may come back for revenge one day.[40] Soon after, Nemesis wore Seth to Gallerian Marlon's mansion, Seth speculating to her the possible reasons the mansion was mysteriously found on fire.

Protecting Nemesis as she entered the burning mansion, he stood by as she found Gallerian talking to a doll and explained how it, the Clockworker's Doll, was another demonic vessel like Grim the End. Seth then watched approvingly as Nemesis, loading her gun with golden bullets, confronted Gallerian at gunpoint. As Nemesis began to have doubts over killing Gallerian, Seth pointed out how with his power she could get him out of the mansion unscathed and hand him over to the militia's custody. Not long after, however, Nemesis found Gallerian unable to repent for his crimes and shot him with Grim the End, killing him.[41]

Years later, Nemesis would use another golden bullet to shoot Nikolay Tolle while he lay on his deathbed.[39] After Nemesis became the dictator of Elphegort, Seth still accompanied her as "Ziz-san", staying in a tank at the Tasan Party's headquarters.[42] At some point during the Great War that broke out over the world, Seth reluctantly helped Nemesis to revive the "boy" of destruction that he had sealed away, Nemesis using it as a basis for a new weapon called "Punishment". After Nemesis used two more golden bullets to kill Bruno Zero and then Ma, she fired Punishment over the entire world in EC 999, destroying all life in the Third Period.[18]

World's End

By the time that the destroyed Third Period had subsequently merged with the Hellish Yard, Seth had left his vessel and returned to being worn by the Master of the Hellish Yard. Nonetheless he maintained his contract with Nemesis even as her soul was split off from her body. Her physical body, kept alive by the demonic magic, began instinctively trying to reenact the destruction of the Third Period.[7]

Meanwhile, each demon was approached by the sun god and tasked with helping Michaela have Allen Avadonia meet one of their previous contractors, the Demon of Wrath's being Nemesis Sudou. After the demons agreed to cooperate,[43] Seth was worn on the Master of the Hellish Yard's face while she began collecting other former contractors who escaped the underworld.[44]

When Nemesis' soul was later reunited with her body, Seth joined Gumillia, Allen, Michaela, and Nemesis on the destroyed ground world. While Nemesis was talking to Gumillia, Seth took part in the conversation, asserting how he'd fulfilled his promise as Gumillia remarked more bitterly on the way he'd achieved it. Afterwards, Seth accompanied the group as they set out to save the world.[7] Later on, Gumillia and Seth separated from the group, rounding up the other contractors and dragging them to hell.

When a fight broke out between the contractors that led all of them being blown out of the Hellish Yard, Seth laughed as Gumillia had to start over.[45] During Allen and Nemesis' confrontation with Ma, Seth was asked by Nemesis to break his demon contract with her. As Ma fell to the ground, having swapped into Nemesis' body, Seth broke the contract, thus resulting in her death.[25]


Following Ma's death, Seth dissolved his partnership with Gumillia; with not even she being able to tell what he was thinking, Seth decided to find someone who might understand him. At the same time, having nothing to interest him in the Third Period, Seth entertained the idea of truly traveling to a parallel world with the technology in the Grave Yard. Although initially discarding the idea, believing a parallel world would be too similar to their own, Seth discovered evidence that made him suspect Sickle of meddling with parallel worlds in order to save the Third Period, and in doing so caused several distortions that changed not only their world, but the parallel worlds too.

His interests reinvigorated, Seth later encountered Banica Conchita and shared his research with her, asking her to be his guinea pig for his Neo Black Box created to physically move someone into a parallel world. After finding out that Lich Arklow was in Conchita's employ, Seth also recalled their past and how he'd learned everything about Lich; speculating that the reverse must also be true, Seth became determined to meet with him.[2] At the same time, Seth became curious to learn about a group of undead soldiers unrelated to Banica Conchita, called "Outlaw", who had gathered at the former Retasan Fortress.

To get close to Lich and learn more about Outlaw, he disguised himself as Keel Freezis and entered the illusory Lucifenian Royal Palace, meeting with King Arth Lucifen d'Autriche. When Arth had Lich summoned to help deal with Outlaw, he had Bruno bring Seth to the discussion as well. As the only one who knew that Banica and the rest of her staff had journeyed to the Grave Yard, Seth told Lich this information in exchange for being able to see the undead soldiers at Retasan.

He and Lich took a carriage to the former fortress; on the way, Seth learned that Lich had discovered his true identity. As Lich confronted him, Seth alluded vaguely to their unique history and then, when asked,[46] explained how he'd come to decide Lich was the one person who might understand him. Soon they arrived to find the Outlaws organized into a funeral procession, likely being controlled by someone. Leaving the carriage behind, the two followed along the procession of undead soldiers as they carried a coffin into the remains of Retasan, which for some reason appeared to look like Conchita's mansion instead.

After splitting up and searching the mansion, Seth and Lich found the undead Ron Grapple in the head chamberlain's room. Having imagined the mansion into existence, Ron explains that he intended to mourn Banica in a proper funeral in the hopes that it would put her soul to rest and allegedly cure him of his curse to never die, which Arte and Pollo once put upon him. Being descended from an inheritor of the Demon of Gluttony, Ron was able to control the undead soldiers after recovering his mind.

Knowing that Banica didn't leave a corpse behind, Seth and Lich questioned who led him to believe this. In answer they met the boy of destruction that Seth created, Amostia having gained a will of his own since his creation. Seth explained that Amostia's drastic change was due to the distortions Sickle caused with his meddling, still incensed that Sickle made contact with an alternate world without him.[2]

A New World

Moving to the dining room where the "funeral" was taking place, Seth and Lich discovered another gate leading to another world. Amostia revealed that the coffin did not have Banica's remains after all, and that while he would release the Outlaws from their state he couldn't help Ron due to not having a girl of creation counterpart. Seth and Amostia quarreled about his failure to give him one, before Amostia prepared to go through the gate with the corpse in the coffin.

When Lich made to follow the boy Seth mocked him, claiming that the seed of malice was what gave him courage and that now it was missing. After Amostia departed with the coffin, Seth returned alone to the carriage while Lich and the freed Outlaw spirits walked on foot. As he traveled back, Seth decided for certain to travel to another world like how Amostia did, while also ruminating on Lich losing his seed of malice.[2]

Once he'd returned to the ruins of Lucifenia, Seth told Arth everything that had transpired with Lich and the Outlaw souls.[47] Later on, Seth tasked Arte and Pollo with cleaning out the second floor of Evil's Theater II, which had his belongings.[48] Afterwards, having provided the equipment for Banica's voyage, Seth's Neo Black Box was successful in letting her travel to a parallel world.[37]


Seth's tampering with the creation of the Third Period led indirectly to the creation of forest spirits. It also led to the infection of several individuals with HER Syndrome, and made it possible for the Third Period's humans to develop the condition in the new world.[7] Similarly, following his death as a human, the seeds of malice Seth implanted in his ghoul children were released into the atmosphere in the wake of their deaths during the Levianta Catastrophe, making it further possible for a HER to be naturally born in the Third Period.

Seth's surviving ghoul children continued to exist,[13] the remaining five eventually being cryogenically frozen and kept in stasis at an underground facility deep below Castle Hedgehog and guarded for centuries. One ghoul child eventually reawakened and escaped, mixing with the ground world's humans to become the Freezis Family; the remaining ghoul children were later terminated a century later by their keepers on Behemo's orders.[49]

Seth's creation of the "boy" of destruction during the Magic Kingdom Levianta contributed directly to the end of the Third Period, as did his time spent with Nemesis as the Demon of Wrath;[18] as the Demon of Wrath he had indirectly influenced multiple souls throughout the centuries.[13] Conversely, while accompanying the Master of the Hellish Yard Seth contributed to more direct management over the Third Period's afterlife, as Gumillia judged the dead for their sins and sorted them into Heaven and Hell.[36]

Personality and Traits

"But if you don't, you won't be able to return to the ground world."
"I don’t care. I've gotten tired of that place. And it looks like there are a lot of new sights here in the Hellish Yard. I would like to start some new research here, now."
―Behemo and Seth[src]

Seth was an enigmatic individual characterized by his curiosity, affability, and disregard for consequences. Seth's primary drive as a HER was to spread Hereditary Evil Raiser Syndrome and enact chaos and destruction. This manifested in a desire to have more "allies" and those like himself, whether through creating them, like his ghoul children, or in shaping others to be more compatible with himself.[9] As his former colleagues had become the self-styled "gods" of the Third Period, Seth styled himself as the god of "evil" and hoped to bring a unique evil being into the world.[17] Though his ambitions as a HER waned over the centuries, Seth's desire to find those like himself nonetheless grew stronger by the end of the Third Period; expressing a belief that no one could ever tell what he was thinking, Seth sought to find someone who might understand him.[2]

Seth manipulated many to his advantage

As a HER Seth expressed no qualms with whatever actions he undertook for his goals, whether it be deceit, human experimentation, or even mass murder.[13] He similarly expressed amusement in others' setbacks, whether or not he contributed to them, and was rarely rattled by normally upsetting developments.[10] He took advantage of others' inexperience or ignorance to manipulate their deals unfavorably,[38] or would fulfill the letter of a deal made rather than the spirit of it.[7] Though, Seth typically caused malice by manipulating people and events under the radar, influencing others to do evil rather than enacting widespread killing himself; this was reflected in his behavior as the Demon of Wrath, allowing Adam to enact contracts while he took a passive role.[13]

Seth's malice was both characterized and tempered by his thirst for knowledge and discoveries. His curiosity as a scientist drove him to seek out many new phenomenon to observe for himself, having a particular interest in exploring parallel worlds.[2] This interest was great enough to stay his hand in enacting destruction, such as not wanting to destroy the Third Period because of all the new discoveries it still had to offer.[18] Similarly, he formed relationships with individuals that piqued his curiosity or impressed him.[9] He was proud of his achievements as a scientist,[35] while also incredibly ruthless in his research.[50] By the same token, however, Seth was instantly dismissive of phenomenon that he had already explored, finding it boring.[35]

Seth nonetheless had a friendly nature that was in contrast to the chaos he created and cruelty he inflicted. In his interactions with others, Seth was described as persuasive and affable,[10] and despite his broader ambitions as a HER Seth was nonetheless capable of forming partnerships with others for a common goal. Seth typically took his setbacks in stride and was often seen smiling or laughing at new developments, rarely treating events with the same gravity as others. In contrast to the more driven HER Irina, Seth's ambitions towards the Third Period waned over the centuries until he was completely apathetic towards the fate of the world,[35] and even cooperated with others to save it.[18] Humorously, Seth valued his appearance as a human to a point that he refused to change his looks even when it would be more convenient for him.[9] He also engaged in a smoking habit as a human.[10]

Skills and Abilities

"A mental world with actual substance–Seth's quite ingenious, to be able to create such a structure inside of a person. If he hadn't been an 'HER' it wouldn’t have been out of line for him to become a fifth god."

As a scientist, Seth was very intelligent and extremely knowledgeable in the technology of his fellow earthlings, making a name for himself as an inventor and physicist. Due to his years of research and study, he became an expert in the transference of spirit data and could move souls into inanimate objects and grant them an ageless immortality.[23] His studies of Levia and Behemo's creation of the human mind and body likewise led to his development of both Black Box Type S and ghoul children,[11] inventing multiple methods of creating the latter.[13] Seth's specialty was not in machinery, but in biology; to that end, however, he was nonetheless skilled as well in the creation and usage of of drugs, like Venom.[10]

Despite this, Seth was limited by his true form as a mask with a will, helpless without any limbs. He was nonetheless significantly sturdy and, while being worn by someone, the mask was able to grant his wearer the ability to see in the dark and read minds.[35] While incarnated as a human, Seth suffered blindness in his left eye and needed to wear glasses to supplement his poor eyesight.[13] As a human he was nonetheless very persuasive and charismatic to sway those around him to his own ends, and with this and his own intellect he was able to amass a network of resources in the Magic Kingdom Levianta, wielding significant pull as Horus Solntse and later as "Horus' apprentice".[50] In Grim the End, Seth could also overcome his helplessness by utilizing the vessel's shape-shifting ability to become animals or a human.[51]

As a Demon of Sin, the Demon of Wrath was able to possess those who wielded his vessel. While possessing a host, Seth was able to influence their personality and actions, fueling their anger and rage.[31] If a contract was forged between an individual and the demon, Seth's host would have access to powers provided by him and be automatically healed when seriously injured, making the host essentially immortal unless counteracted with the power of another vessel of sin.[52] He could also communicate with his host through telepathy,[31] as well as read their thoughts.[41]

Aside from this, Seth was capable of impersonating an individual, appearing before his host in the being's guise, and allow the host to release blasts of energy from the vessel.[31] Although inhabiting the body of his host while possessing them, the Demon of Wrath's true body remained in Grim the End. Because of this, the Demon's powers could be inhibited by a sealing spell;[53] similarly, the demon was forced to abide by the "rules" put in place by the sun god until the end of the Third Period.[27] However, after being thrown out of his vessel and into the Hellish Yard, Seth was able to act more freely. He was able to share his power with another soul to act as his familiar.[35]

Character Connections

Gumillia: A fellow former earthling. Seth admired Gumillia's capabilities in the Second Period and was impressed by her continued excellence after incarnating as a human; due to this, he was willing to bargain with her in order to make use of her capabilities when necessary. Despite his respect of her skills, Seth and Gumillia maintained a vitriolic partnership; after learning that she, too, didn't understand him, Seth regarded their relationship as nothing more than a temporary mutual cooperation.

Lich Arklow: A fellow former earthling. Seth saw Lich as a meek and cowardly man, and so justified infecting him with malice and inducing his murder of the other crew-members as helping Lich express himself. While initially using Lich as a means to get onto the Climb One, Seth became interested in their relationship later under the belief that Lich may be able to understand him due to their past. Despite this, Seth quickly parted ways from Lich after realizing that the latter's malice was gone.

Behemo Barisol: A colleague of Seth's in the Second Period. Seth copied his method of creating humans when creating the first Ghoul Child; because of this, the two had a vitriolic relationship.

Levia Barisol: A colleague of Seth's in the Second Period. Although in the Second Period they had a reasonable working relationship, Seth used Levia as a means to his ends in the Second and Third Periods, although later was charged with her safety as Nemesis.

Adam Moonlit: Seth's adoptive son. Curious about Maria Moonlit's son, Seth adopted Adam under his identity as "Horus" in hopes of turning him into an ally like himself. He emotionally neglected and isolated the boy to make him empty inside as was Seth's own preference, and further observed Adam's actions into adulthood as he hoped to turn him "evil". Despite his role in raising him, Seth showed no concern for Adam's emotional well-being and thought him foolish, but was nonetheless interested in his behavior.

Pale Noël: One of Seth's creations. Seth created Pale as a means of spreading HER Syndrome and thought the latter valuable for the evil that he was able to enact through Apocalypse. Although providing a cover story that they were twins to hide his human experimentation, Seth nonetheless regretted Pale's havoc becoming so easily associated with him due to their similar appearance; similarly, Pale's value as a HER did not stop Seth from resetting him when he became too troublesome.

Kiril Clockworker: One of Seth's creations. Seth "created" Kiril in the wake of resetting Pale, assigning Pale a new identity to match his loss of memories. Due in part to wishing to keep his own human experimentation a secret, Seth hid their connection and deceived Kiril later on, pretending to be a ghoul child himself.

Meta Salmhofer: One of Seth's creations. Seth created Meta as part of his experiments in spreading HER Syndrome and in creating artificial inheritors, though considered her a failed experiment. He found himself further perplexed by her behavior, particularly her submissiveness to Pale in seeming contrast to her rebellion against him in particular. He later recruited her as the next 'Ma' after her arrest.

Irina Clockworker: One of Seth's creations. Creating her for the purpose of spreading HER Syndrome, Seth later had no scruple against using her for Project 'Ma' and saw use in prolonging her survival to continue spreading HER Syndrome in Evillious. He also saw fit to confide in her about the mechanics of the Third Period.

Nemesis Sudou: Seth's charge. Watching over her as part of a promise to Gumillia, Seth took every measure to keep Nemesis alive, even if it meant deceiving her, and watched over her in her formative years. As their relationship developed, Seth also encouraged Nemesis to take action and use Grim the End to lash out at others, pleased to help make her enemies suffer. He regarded Nemesis, while still alive, as Nemesis, in contrast to Michaela and Gumillia who identified her by Levia's previous incarnations.


Conceptualization and Origin

  • Seth's name is likely a biblical reference to the third son of Adam and Eve, sired after the demise of Abel at the hands of his brother Cain.
  • His last name, Twiright, likely shares the same wordplay with Twiright Prank, acting as a pun on the word "twilight" and creating a portmanteau of the words "twist" and "right".[54]
  • Seth's description as a "serpent" acting behind the scenes in the Original Sin Story: Complete Edition album likely references the biblical serpent of the Garden of Eden.
  • The demon's representative sin is derived from Wrath of the Seven Deadly Sins; Satan, the patron demon of Wrath, is commonly interpreted as being the serpent of the Garden of Eden in Christianity.
  • Seth manifests himself in the form of a mask; in literature, masks often symbolize concealing one's identity.
  • Horus Solntse shares his name with the Egyptian sky god Horus.


  • In the Escape of Salmhofer the Witch song PV, the R in Seth's surname is capitalized in a similar fashion to the L in Eve Moonlit's surname.
  • Humorously, the Original Sin Story: Complete Edition booklet states the serpent always wears a mask when describing Seth's numerous identities.
  • According to mothy in a Q&A, he at one point envisioned Seth as being the final villain, although discarded the idea while writing him; he additionally explained that Seth might be a more standard villain in a hypothetical novel for the Original Sin Story, reflecting his role in the later release Original Sin Story: Crime.
  • During the same Q&A, mothy stated that destroying Seth's mask form could kill him, although it couldn't be destroyed through normal means similar to the vessels of sin.




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