Sekka Le Corbusier was one of the leaders of the Lucifenian Resistance and the wife of Minage. She joined in opposition of Princess Riliane's tyrannical regime over the kingdom along with her father York. Following the revolution, the woman abandoned the new government and reunited with her comrades again to oppose Marlon's occupation by King Kyle.

History[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Sekka was born in the Kingdom of Lucifenia sometime during the fifth century EC and raised by her father, York Le Corbusier. Following the death of Queen Anne in January of EC 499, Sekka and her fellow Lucifenians suffered under the tyrannical rule of Princess Riliane, becoming disillusioned with the royal government. When Germaine Avadonia decided to rebel against Riliane's tyranny after the mysterious assassination of her father the following year, Sekka joined her along with York, Minage, and Marc in establishing the Lucifenian Resistance.

After the rebels set up their base of operations at the abandoned home in the Lost Woods, Sekka was assigned to scout the local merchants. Although she failed to secure support from any of them, she learned the traders were heavily influenced by the aristocracy and the Evillious Commerce Alliance's president, Keel Freezis.[1] Sekka later met with York, Minage, Marc, and Germaine at the hideout, where they all discussed their lack of trained recruits, Sekka's findings with the merchants, and other issues with the resistance.[1]

Preparation for Insurrection[edit | edit source]

After they discovered the Lost Woods was on fire later that year, Sekka and the others joined in trying to put out the flames, helping carry water to the forest. They were interrupted by a group of Lucifenian soldiers on horseback, who revealed that the fire was intentionally caused under Riliane's order to prepare for their invasion of the neighboring Elphegort. When it then suddenly rained and doused the flames, all the common folk rejoiced and went home after the Lucifenian soldiers left.[2]

After the Lucifenian army invaded the next day and began slaughtering any Elphe woman or other person who resisted them, Chartette Langley joined Sekka and the others at the resistance meetings to share information from the royal palace. During one meeting at their hideout, Sekka watched as a mysterious masked man entered and announced he wished to join the resistance.[2] Once they gained the support of Keel Freezis and began preparing for their revolution, Sekka confirmed the merchants and the blacksmith Langley properly supplied the revolutionary army.

Later on, she attended the resistance's final meeting before their planned revolution. Once Germaine arrived and Minage confirmed their numbers were more than enough between Lucifenia, Elphegort, and the masked man's soldiers, Sekka heard York start questioning their strange ally's trustworthiness and silenced them both as they began to argue. After learning their ally was allegedly named "Karchess," she reported to Germaine how she supplied the troops before Langley arrived with more weapons and armor.[3]

Revolution and Occupation[edit | edit source]

"The moment she went to aid your resistance, I knew there was a possibility of this happening. It's my responsibility for not stopping her."
―York regarding Sekka[src]

After Germaine and the others started up the revolution, Sekka and York joined Germaine in fighting with their forces in Rollam against the Lucifenian army. During the following week, the soldiers pushed the resistance army to its breaking point until they were resupplied by the Rollam merchants; they then pushed their assault over the next week and the city was captured. During this period, Sekka was seriously injured. Once Rolled was captured by Karchess and Marc's forces a week later, the two resistance forces linked up and heading toward the capital of Lucifenian.

After reaching the city, York confirmed Sekka's injuries weren't life-threatening and decided to send her back home while the resistance marched on toward the royal palace. After the resistance captured the palace, imprisoned The Daughter of Evil, and forced the Lucifenian army to surrender,[4] Sekka and the others were shocked to discover Karchess was actually Marlon's King Kyle. She later missed the peace talks at the royal palace five days later, on December 24, as she continued to heal.[5]

Three months after The Daughter of Evil's execution on December 26, the Marlon government announced its Witch Hunting Ordinance proclaiming Germaine a fugitive wanted for treason; realizing Kyle's intention was to eradicate the resistance leaders, Sekka joined York and Minage in setting up a base of operations at Breck Mountain a few days after the proclamation, amassing troops for the reconstituted resistance army with her father as the leader and Minage his second-in-command. During this period, Sekka married Minage and had children with him.

Although managing to push back the Lucifenian forces from Retasan Fortress, the resistance was defeated by General Riliane Mouchet's troops in EC 503. Sekka and her comrades retreated into the Beelzenian Empire, seeking safe haven. There they made an arrangement with the Beelzenian Emperor to serve Beelzenia as part of its army in exchange for protection.[6] Once Germaine and Chartette reunited with the resistance in Beelzenia in EC 504, Chartette replaced Sekka's disabled father as captain of the new "Langley Unit", the former resistance setting up camp at an abandoned town near the Lucifenian border.[6]

Personality and Traits[edit | edit source]

Sekka was a brave and somewhat stubborn woman, much like her father, and was irritable and quick to speak up, especially against her father's temper.[3] Despite being a patriot to her country, she was disillusioned with the royal government headed by Princess Riliane and became devoted to creating a more prosperous and less oppressive government. Because of this, she was strongly opposed to any form of aristocratic rule,[1] though otherwise respectful of foreign nobles and royals and even considerate of looking prettier in front of nobility or royalty.[5]

The young woman also demonstrated other more feminine qualities, including loving and caring for her children with Minage after their marriage. While devoted to the resistance's cause, Sekka had concerns about her husband's workaholic nature and felt lonely caring for the children alone.[6]

Skills and Abilities[edit | edit source]

In spite of her petite body, Sekka was moderately athletic and a capable fighter, though apparently not as skilled as her comrades.[4] She also had some prowess with diplomacy and negotiation, able to discreetly speak with the local merchants, though unable to actually win their support.[1]

Character Connections[edit | edit source]

York Le Corbusier: Sekka's father. Sekka cared deeply about her father and, as well, worked closely with him as a fellow member of the resistance. Because of their close and casual relationship, Sekka easily spoke out against him when he was being difficult as well as often confiding her frustrations in him.

Minage: Sekka's comrade and later husband. Working with him as a fellow member of the resistance, Sekka at some point became close with Minage and started a family with him. After their marriage, she often missed Minage while he continued to work as a soldier.

Germaine Avadonia: Sekka's friend and leader. Sekka trusted Germaine and worked closely with her in the resistance, believing strongly in her cause to overthrow the monarchy.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Conceptualization and Origin[edit | edit source]

  • Her surname is the pseudonym of the famous Swiss-French artist and architect, Le Corbusier; Lucifenia, her native country, is inspired by France.

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References[edit | edit source]

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