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The Schuburg Newspaper Company,[note 1] or more simply the Schuburg Newspaper,[note 2] was a media company based in the Kingdom of Elphegort. It ran a bimonthly and later biweekly newspaper under its namesake throughout the Green Country.


Early Life[]

Founded in Aceid in the early EC 600s under the Freezis Foundation umbrella, the Schuburg Newspaper Company began publishing newspapers following major current events both domestically and abroad throughout the Kingdom of Elphegort every other month.[1] Over the years, the newspaper covered numerous crimes committed by Père Noël.[2]

Breaking News[]

The Schuburg Newspaper later covered Marquis Kaspar Blankenheim's marriage to Margarita Felix on June 3, EC 608. Sometime after, the newspaper converted from a bimonthly release period to biweekly.[1] The newspaper later followed the investigation into the attack on Deputy Mayor Banner in August of EC 609.[3] Afterward, the paper began following the mysterious death of Marquis Blankenheim. In mid-September, Freezis Foundation President Shaw Freezis summoned Schuburg reporter Hanne Lorre to his office in Marlon.[1]

Later that month, the Schuburg Newspaper investigated the scandal into the popular diva Rin Chan.[4] For its 61st issue on October 14, the newspaper covered Rin Chan's abduction and then followed the ensuing murders allegedly perpetrated by Fifth Pierrot in the months after; it also began running a tribute for Marquis Blankenheim.[5]

On October 17, Hanne Lorre went missing from the company. Around that time, the World Police's International Works Department confiscated an early copy of the papers' 62nd issue. Following the mysterious epidemic afflicting Toragay, the paper followed the story and cancelled its tribute to the deceased marquis.[6]

Organization and Structure[]

Existing within the Freezis Foundation's umbrella of companies, the Schuburg Newspaper was headed by an editor-in-chief. Under said editor were multiple journalists tasked with collecting information and writing articles.[2]

Known Members[]




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