"Something like that. That way I can invite some more women into my harem."
―Duke Sateriasis Venomania[src]

Sateriasis Venomania, originally named Cherubim, was a Duke of the Beelzenian Empire, governing the territory of Asmodean. Despised for his deformed appearance and rejected by his close friend and crush, Gumina, Cherubim slaughtered his family and forged a contract with the Demon of Lust. After rechristening himself as his brother, "Sateriasis Venomania" abducted and defiled numerous women using his dark and enchanting powers.


Early Life

"The prison is dark as usual."
―Cherubim's diary[src]

Nylpho looking at her deformed baby

Born in Lasaland, Asmodean's Venomania Mansion in EC 113, the son of Ilotte and Nylpho Venomania, the boy's mother committed suicide due to his physical deformity: a small face on his right cheek. Labeled as a "demon child", the Venomania heir was imprisoned in the mansion's basement by his father, forbidden to ever leave.[1] Ignored and considered non-existent, the boy remained in his cell, noticing Duke Ilotte occasionally visit to briefly talk with the guard stationed there.

At some point, the guard began teaching him how to write. During the period, the child learned about the sun and that it was brighter than the lamp light he had. After gaining a basic grasp on writing the language, the boy started writing a diary on October 1, describing the dark prison and his newfound knowledge about the sun; he then wrote that he wanted to see it at least once. The next day, he showed his diary to the guard and the pleased watchman told him he'd teach him more difficult words. Later that day, he wrote about the dark prison again in his diary, describing his experience with the guard.

On October 3, the boy saw his father come by and talk to the guard briefly before leaving, writing about it in his diary later that day. As the months progressed, the deformed child continued to write about the "dark prison" and his experiences in his diary nearly every day, slowly improving his literacy under the guard's tutelage. On December 11, the boy noticed how cold it had gotten. The guard later gave him some food, citing that he needed to eat a lot or he wouldn't get bigger. Later that day, he wrote about it in his diary, noting he still wouldn't be able to go outside even if he did get bigger like the guard said.

On December 25, the child saw two bugs fighting in the corner and then tried getting in a fight with the guard to emulate them. Once he failed to anger the guard, he gave up and later wrote about the event in his diary. On January 16, the freezing boy wrote about the cold in his diary. On February 2, he again noted the prison was dark in his diary, adding that he wanted to leave. Later on, he learned about the Evillious Calendar and began including years in his diary entries' dates.

Cherubim meets his younger half-brother

On July 19, EC 123, the deformed teen sat in the corner of the room when he saw a boy come down to his cell. Listening to Sateriasis claim that they were siblings with different mothers. Afterward, Sateriasis began regularly visiting him. When Sateriasis visited again on July 31, he offered his brother food. Amazed, the imprisoned child ate the new, sweet food and noticed the guard was silent the whole time.

On August 3, Sateriasis came in with a lamp and hung it on the ceiling of the room before the prison, claiming it was state-of-the-art. While listening to Sateriasis' stories about the outside world, the boy noticed the guard smiling a little while he quietly watched them; he later wrote in his diary that prison had gotten a little brighter with the lamp. When Sateriasis visited again on August 29, he asked the deformed teen a lot of questions, including if he was in pain and wanted to leave. Saying he was fine because of the guard, the imprisoned boy admitted he did want to leave.

The deformed boy and his brother sneak out at night

On September 7, Sateriasis came by and said they were leaving to go outside. Overjoyed, the boy saw his brother try giving the guard something before the man refused and assured them he'd keep quiet about their adventure. The two then snuck out of the mansion and the amazed child gazed at the outside world before realizing it wasn't as bright as he was told it would be. After sharing his thoughts with Sateriasis, his brother admitted there was no helping it since it was nighttime.

Afterward, Sateriasis began regularly sneaking the boy out of prison during the night to see the outside world while avoiding the public eye. On October 10, Sateriasis took his brother through the capital of Lasaland's Workshop Street. Peeking inside the different buildings, the teen eventually passed the smithy and stared as the blacksmith struck the bright metal with his hammer.

Cherubim and Sateriasis meeting Gumina

On October 16,[2] during one of their outings, the brothers headed towards a forest and met Gumina Glassred.[3] Falling in love with the girl, the deformed teen noticed Sateriasis make an awkward face, learning they were apparently supposed to avoid being discovered. After Gumina promised not to tattle on their escapades, the three began playing together. Once he returned to prison later that night, the boy wrote about his experience, citing Gumina as a new friend.

Over the years, the two brothers often snuck out of the mansion to play with Gumina at Workshop Street despite the adults chastising them for interfering; during the period, the deformed teen regularly watched the blacksmiths work while Gumina watched an old painter paint and Sateriasis saw the Gine Workshop make dolls. Eventually, his brother convinced their father to free him, allowing the deformed male to become a servant and live in the attic instead; afterward, he received the name Cherubim and began working there.[4]

Cherubim scorned for his deformity

While the other residents reviled and mocked Cherubim for his appearance, he continued to share a close relationship with Sateriasis and Gumina. As time progressed, Cherubim grew envious of his brother's beautiful face and popular demeanor.[5] Around the early EC 130s, the old painter from Workshop Street had the young man pose for a portrait, hiding his deformity behind his long bangs. Once the painting was complete, the painter gave it to Cherubim and the servant kept it in his quarters in the attic.[6]

Angel to Demon

"That's right. This is the right choice. As proof of the contract, you've certainly received blood filled with lust. Now, shall we dance?"
―The Demon of Lust[src]

In December of EC 135, Cherubim learned of his younger brother and Gumina's engagement. Devastated, the servant decided to confess his love for Gumina and approached her during a party at the mansion.[7] Before he could make his confession, Gumina told him that they shouldn't see each other again. Shocked, the servant asked why, refusing to not have an answer. Gumina then scoffed that he was irritatingly obtuse, explaining how she never liked him from the start.

As Gumina's face became increasingly vile, Cherubim was told that she felt like puking whenever he was near. Told he wasn't the man she loved, his friend cruelly related that he knew him as well she did. After reminding him she was going to marry that man, his friend said she wanted him to get his ugly face away from her.[8] Heartbroken and humiliated, Cherubim grew furious that everyone mistreated him while his brother received everything, feeling that Gumina's cruel expression was what was really ugly.

Cherubim killing his family

The next day, the furious Cherubim took a sword and slaughtered his father, stepmother, brother and the entire staff in a blind rage.[9] After his fury subsided in the dining room, he became overcome with guilt and prepared to kill himself with the blade, his hands trembling. He then heard someone ask why he was searching for death, looking to see a white-haired woman in a dark cloak in the room with him.

Once she asked if he hated everything around him, Cherubim, slightly calmed, answered that he couldn't attain anything either in the past or future. When the woman inquired what he desired, he replied he hoped for someone to love him and was then asked if his massacre fulfilled that wish. Brought to tears, Cherubim explained he only foolishly lost more, determined now to end it all with his death since he wasn't supposed to exist anyway. Asked why he didn't just grab his desire instead of end it with death, Cherubim replied that it wouldn't have ended in such a way if he could.

The mysterious woman then affirmed she could fulfill his dream, taking out a katana from her robe. Surprised, Cherubim questioned the woman's command to impale himself with the katana instead to obtain what he desired. She bluntly replied that she was a sorceress and was suggesting he make a contract with a demon. He voiced his surprise at the word and she asked if he was frightened by such a word. Brushing off the thought, he explained his familiarity with the term. Tossing aside the short sword, Cherubim took the katana from her; he then expressed his doubt that she was a real sorceress but mused how it only changed the weapon he killed himself with if she was lying.

Cherubim impales himself on the katana

Suddenly hearing a voice tell him to "leave" everything to it, he searched frantically for its source, explaining what it said to the sorceress. After she inquired if it caused him discomfort, he noted that it felt soothing, and she explained it meant the demon was giving him the right to make a contract with it. Finally convinced that she was telling the truth, he drew the katana and prepared to stab himself, saying he would do anything at this point if he could attain Gumina. Piercing the blade through his chest, he forged a contract with the Demon of Lust and was filled with its magic, turning his blood purple.[10]

After the sorceress introduced herself as "I.R.", Cherubim agreed to keep the vessel of sin and use the demon's power to seduce women for his personal fancies,[11] learning he could seduce women with his gaze, manipulate memories, and transform himself.[12] Cherubim then changed his face to that of his younger sibling to become the new "Sateriasis Venomania".[13] After realizing witnesses to his crimes had escaped, I.R. taught him how to perform an amplification ritual to invoke the sword's memory manipulation power on either sex within the area. Sateriasis then hastily performed the ritual, holding up the sword while reciting the chant and imagining the area the witness was in; after failing to properly cast the expanded spell, the new Sateriasis Venomania unintentionally wiped both his and the target's memories regarding him.[14]

Duke of Asmodean

"The Duke really became mentally unstable."
"Having gone through that horrible incident, it can't be helped."
―Bystanders at the Lasaland New Year Festival[src]

Chara img1.jpg

Masked as his brother, Sateriasis believed himself to be the only survivor of the massacre. In response, the Beelzenian Empire had Sateriasis succeed his father as Duke of Asmodean to keep up appearances and avoid having only an earl manage the region. Because of his apparent memory loss, Marquis Glassred took over managing Asmodean in Venomania's place. The new duke kept himself in his manor, secluded from the public to avoid giving into his lustful urges.

Later that month, the Marquis visited and the two got into an argument over his solitary lifestyle and stopped visiting him afterward. During the Lasaland New Year Festival, Venomania, starving and hoping to fulfill his desires, instinctively left his mansion and meandered into the capital. Once the Duke collapsed in the street and was taken in by Lukana Octo, he awoke in bed in the nearby clothe shop. Lukana asked how he was feeling and Venomania was confused before recognizing he was Sateriasis. Once he learned he was in her uncle's shop, he apologized and said he was hungry.

As she brought the food, Sateriasis took some bread from the plate and began eating it, insisting it was delicious. He thanked her after he finished and Lukana inquired why he was walking through the streets in tattered clothes and starving. The Duke noted it must have been a strange sight and the tailor clarified that she was just a visitor helping her uncle with the tailor shop. Venomania said she must have been an expert of the craft and Lukana mentioned how rumors of him going mad had been spreading.

Sateriasis brushed it off, saying his current appearance after the massacre naturally drew people to that conclusion. Confirming for her that the murderer had yet to be captured, he expressed guilt over causing the citizens to worry. Thanking Lukana for her kind words, they introduced themselves to each other and Venomania insisted she didn't address him so respectfully, explaining how the title was forced upon him. Lukana's uncle then came in and inquired about his health and the Duke apologized for causing them trouble and promised to bring them a thank you gift sometime in the future.

When asked if he was already leaving, he elaborated that he didn't want to cause them any more trouble. The shop owner then ordered his daughter to escort the Duke through the dark night before requesting he change into the new clothes he brought. Inspecting them, he was impressed by the quality and told Lukana had made them. After noting his intuition of Lukana's excellent skills were correct, he promised to send the clothes' cost with his gift and asked for them to leave while he changed.

Once he finished, he stepped out and he traveled back to his mansion with Lukana. After they entered the mansion, Sateriasis began to leer over Lukana while she was gawking at the luxurious home but quickly restrained himself after she noticed. When asked, Sateriasis affirmed he was living there alone, though able to survive because of his wealth, and sat down in the dining room. Lukana asked why and he explained it was because he lost his memories and couldn't remember the murderer's face, questioning if she found him strange.

Lukana then asked why he went through the city streets and said it was because he had run out of food and wanted to find two women. After the tailor questioned if they were his lovers, he said he could only remember their appearance and, describing them, asked if she had seen them. Lukana said she couldn't, especially as a visitor, and the Duke apologized for the silly question. Lukana noted they were probably an Elphe and Netsuma that he was talking about and recalled that his mother was also an Elphe.

The Duke then said he thought they might have known her and, surprised that Lukana knew so much about him and the current affairs, explained that he was grateful for the Marquis' help with managing the state. Lukana suggested he ask him about the women and Venomania timidly described their argument and how difficult it was for him to currently visit the Marquis.

Once he thanked the tailor for her kindness, he noted how cold it was and lit the fireplace, stating he no longer had to worry about a new set of clothes since he bought hers. Lukana objected to him wearing only those clothes regularly, insisting he hire a tailor, and Sateriasis grabbed her hands and offered her to be said tailor. Saying he enjoyed her designs and would pay for both the clothes and her lodging, he encouraged her to stay in a guest room at the mansion while she worked and she eventually accepted.[15]

Rekindling the Past

"We... It's best if Lord Venomania and I don't meet again."
―Lukana rejecting the Duke[src]

With Lukana working at the mansion, the Duke purchased the highest quality fabric and tools she needed. During the period, he noticed that the tailor was working late into the night and producing amazing clothes for himself. Two weeks since she first accepted his request, Venomania took a stack of books from the library and sat down in his favorite chair to start reading. Reading the diaries of everyone, save for himself, Venomania grew irritated that "Sateriasis" didn't keep such things.

Concerned Lukana was overworking herself again, the Duke headed towards her workshop and found Lukana sleeping on the work table. Taking a blanket from the bedroom, he placed it over her then sat in a chair nearby, staring at her sleeping form. Feeling gratitude and lust, the Duke wished he could have made her his before she left and stopped himself as his thoughts became increasingly dark in their desire. Recalling his lies to her about looking for specific women, the Duke was convinced it was best they didn't meet again when he noticed she was seemingly dreaming.

As he was about to wake her, Lukana awoke herself and screamed, demanding he didn't go near her. Once she calmed down, the Duke asked if he did something wrong and she said it was just a nightmare. Apologizing, she began packing to return to her uncle's home, having finishing the sewing for the day, and the Duke wished her well on her journey home. Bidding her farewell, he became conflicted as he watched her leave the estate. She then called out that she'd finish the clothes in five days, hoping he'd look forward to it, and the Duke was happy to hear her refer to him more affectionately than before.

Over the course of five days, the Duke noticed Lukana was working even harder to finish his clothes more quickly. Lukana finished her work by dawn and had the Duke try on his new apparel. When Lukana described her liking for the western style, Venomania noted that the Beelzenian nobility as a whole preferred the style, although most of Asmodean preferred eastern fashion. Lukana then remarked that she heard a rumor that the tuxedo came from the East and, surprised, Sateriasis changed the subject, expressing his love for the design and asked if she'd join him for a meal to celebrate finishing the job.

The tailor declined, having already packed her luggage to return to Mystica. Surprised with her hasty departure, the Duke reminded her that he hadn't fully paid her for the clothes yet. Once Lukana explained her friends and family were likely worried and he could just pass the money onto her uncle, the Duke said it would be lonely without her. As she insisted he hire more servants, Venomania pointed out that whether they could make such delicious ketchup bread like her was another problem entirely and she suggested he try the ketchup she left in the kitchen cabinets later. Laughing, the Duke insisted on seeing her off to the city gates.

As they passed through town, Sateriasis noticed the attention his new appearance attracted but ignored them; recognizing Lukana was uncomfortable being beside him, he increased his speed towards the city gates. Once they reached the border, Lukana said a quick farewell and left and the Duke grabbed her arm, asking why she was so eager to leave. After Lukana rejected him, saying they shouldn't see each other again, and left, Venomania collapsed to his knees in shock, the sentence resounding with him.

Thinking of the two women's faces again, the words rekindled his memory of Gumina, I.R., and his actions. Hearing a familiar voice behind him, Sateriasis greeted I.R. without looking back at her. Asked if his memory returned, he admitted he regained a portion of it and joked that he remembered she was a cute sorceress. She demanded he answer her seriously and the Duke laughed and apologized, saying he remembered what he did and needed to do. When the sorceress ordered him to go after her, the Duke pointed out she was already too far ahead and would need a horse carriage.

I.R. then said he should fly to catch up and the Duke called it absurd. The mage questioned if he forgot how to use his power and the Duke realized her intentions, saying he never tried it before. As I.R. tried to encourage him, he noted how weakly she phrased it and asked if she could just teleport him instead. Twirling in front of him as a red cat, the mage explained that she couldn't use spells in her current form and he was surprised to see she was a cat. Once the sorceress threatened to burn him if he kept lazing about, the Duke countered that she couldn't currently use spells before conceding to her wish.

Confirming no one other than I.R. was around, the Duke removed Lukana's clothes from his upper body to keep them from being ruined and telepathically called out to the Demon of Lust. Once the demon answered, Venomania asked what it was doing since he last heard from him and the Demon said he was asleep, possibly due to his memory loss, and had been bored. Disregarding his boredom, the Duke asked for his assistance and the demon complied. While hearing a buzzing sound in his head, Sateriasis sprouted wings and took flight after Lukana.[16]

Trouble in the Forest

"Come, Lukana, look into my eyes."
―Sateriasis invokes his brainwashing power[src]

Once he spotted Lukana in the forest between Lasaland and the next town, the Duke descended in front of her. He then apologized for scaring her, grabbing her hand, and explained that he refused to let her go. Asking her to marry him, Lukana refused and flung his hands away, expressing her shock at both his words and appearance. Sateriasis noted she was right, having appeared shirtless in front of a lady, and Lukana chided that she meant his wings, saying he had sold his soul to something awful as she thought.

Curious that she seemingly knew about his demon contract already, Sateriasis rebuked Lukana's insistence he leave and they'd forget about each other, saying he would do anything attain her. When Lukana again refused to be his, Duke Venomania reiterated his position, stating he'd even use violence as he completed his demon transformation. After seeing Lukana collapse in terror, the Duke asked if she was afraid of his appearance and laughed maniacally. As Lukana tried to explain, Sateriasis ignored her and, lifting her chin, asked that she look into his eyes.

He then invoked his powers and brainwashed her, letting Lukana fall limp into his arms. Saying they should return to his mansion, Sateriasis hugged the tailor then softly kissed her. She complied, and the two exchanged many kisses when he heard the sound of glass break and a scream. Seeing a beautiful Elphe girl freak out incoherently, Sateriasis questioned why she was afraid. Once he looked at himself, he confidently deduced it was because of his half-naked body. Hearing I.R. yell that wasn't it, the Duke turned to see the sorceress with her human medium, noting how she brought her body along that time around.

The mage then scolded him for letting his demonic appearance be seen. Paying it no mind, the Duke lackadaisically acknowledged his predicament then told the mage not to worry. As he released Lukana, Sateriasis approached the girl and examined her. Stating she was quite cute, the Duke asked if she'd like to return with him to his mansion and invoked his powers. The girl suddenly refused, shoving the Duke, and ran off. Surprised, he sighed and asked I.R. why his Lust spell failed. When the sorceress mentioned there were a few possibilities, Venomania inquired if he needed to chase after her.

Told it was too risky during that time of day, I.R. said they should talk more after they returned to the mansion, needing discuss their plans for the future. Wondering if it was alright to leave the girl alone, I.R. explained to the Duke that she was among the topics to discuss and they could always fix the problem later. Satisfied with her answers, Sateriasis told Lukana to return and she complied and the three returned to the mansion.[17]

Peasant Girl of Abito

"What an adorable face... While it was the course of events, perhaps our encounter was fate."
―Sateriasis to Mikulia[src]

The Duke pleasures himself with Lukana

After returning to the mansion with his first harem member,[18] the Duke learned from I.R. that he wouldn't require a demonic transformation to brainwash women as he grew used to his power; he also learned that he would need to continually have intercourse with women or else feel a wild lust for women like before.

Over the next week, Sateriasis spent his time making love to Lukana each night while sleeping in during the day, reluctantly moving the tailor into the dark, insipid basement to stay out of the public eye.[19] At some point during their antics, the tailor gave Venomania her personal bracelet as a gift.[20] Remembering only a few vague memories, Sateriasis asked I.R. why he had killed his family with such hatred at one point. I.R. gave no answer, saying he had simply told her he had wanted to be loved.

In February of EC 136, I.R. told him that the girl who had witnessed him had been located and they took a carriage heading to the village of Abito that morning. During the ride, Sateriasis fell asleep and had a nightmare of when Gumina had scorned him. When he awoke, I.R. remarked about his awful dream while the cat stared outside the window. Venomania then asked how much time had passed and she answered that it had been an hour, noting that they didn't need to take the whole trip to the village by carriage.

The Duke then explained that, as lord of the land, traveling to a village on foot would look bad for his image. When I.R. remarked on how it was weird enough for him to travel without a servant, Sateriasis asked if that was so and noticed their coachman glancing at him. Lowering his voice, the Duke asked I.R. if it was really alright to converse normally, since talking cats weren't the norm in Asmodean. The sorceress brushed off his concern, stating that he was the only one able to understand her while the coachman only perceived him as a weird cat lover.

Flatly stating that was also a problem, he asked why she didn't come in her girl form and I.R. explained that rumor would spread of her traveling with the Duke, adding that this form was more convenient. Reluctantly accepting the answer, Sateriasis remained silent until I.R. asked him if he'd ever visited Abito before. The Duke replied that he hadn't before adding that he couldn't actually remember doing so. Lost in thought over his memories, the Duke then saw their carriage approaching the gates of Abito and asked I.R. if the girl who had spotted him was indeed in the village.

After she affirmed that the girl, Mikulia Greeonio, was a peasant living there, he expressed his surprise at how quickly she'd been able to locate the girl. The cat then proudly replied that she had connections all over the region and that she had also arranged to make him Duke. Sateriasis teased that while he should give her his thanks, he already would've gained the title by birthright so her help wasn't needed; the cat chided him for his naivety.

Sateriasis then stretched and yawned, noting that he was still tired and I.R. teased it was because he had stayed up all night with Lukana. The Duke added that the tailor should be sleeping soundly in the mansion after their particularly intense session last night. I.R. dryly expressed her surprise that they went at it for a week and hadn't gotten tired. The Duke then replied that she had been the one to make him this way. He asked if she was getting red from embarrassment, only for the cat to quip that her body was already red.

The Duke then recalled the day he regained his powers to brainwash Lukana, becoming lost in thought over his abilities as a contractor. When he considered officially making Lukana his wife to the public, the duke remembered the Beelzenian Empire's laws against polygamy due to the Levin religion's precepts. Frustrated he couldn't have both Gumina and Lukana, the duke thought about having only one wife being ridiculous, mentally questioning what was wrong with him loving everyone woman he liked.

After he then thought how Lukana's covert stay at his mansion gave him a separate reason to not hire servants and realized that Lukana's family would begin getting worried soon. Asking I.R. what to do about Lukana's parents and uncle, the mage simply told him she had a solution. When he questioned what exactly it was, the cat stated she would elaborate on it once they dealt with Mikulia. Satisfied for the moment, Sateriasis waited as their carriage passed through the village gates and entered the town, determining he'd use any means to keep her silent.

Venomania met with the village chief shortly after. When the man called for them to make preparations for their hospitality, Sateriasis insisted they didn't since he came without forewarning, apologizing for the burden. Afterward, the chief asked why he visited them and the Duke explained that it was his duty to understand what was happening in his territory, which he had neglected to do since succeeding his father, hence the visit.

Satisfying the chief, the Duke listened to the man recount his father's yearly visits and how he brought him along once. When asked if he remembered, Sateriasis lied that he did and listened to the chief drone on about Duke Ilotte's visits for over an hour, never given the chance to get away. I.R. then told him she'd go on ahead and left. Later on, Venomania managed to escape the village chief's rambling and started looking for I.R. around the village.

Seeing the red cat in the outskirts, he walked in front of her and pointed out the trouble he had finding her. Noticing Mikulia there with her, the Duke remarked how she had already found the girl. When the child excitedly exclaimed about her "demon prince" being there, Sateriasis remarked that she was indeed the girl who saw his prior form and the child happily pointed out how the "prince" was dressed like a normal human at the moment. Questioning why she called him a prince, Mikulia answered it was because he looked very cool.

Confused that she wasn't afraid of him, Sateriasis listened to the bubbly girl explain that she noticed how handsome she was, despite being scared at the time, and had concluded he must've been a prince. Once Mikulia described that her prince was supposed to make her happy, Sateriasis looked to I.R. with begging eyes and asked the cat if he should try using his Lust spell again. I.R. suggested he try it while no one was looking before remarking that it probably still wouldn't work.

The Duke then grabbed Mikulia's shoulders and drew closer to her face, remarking how cute it was. Suggesting their meeting may have been fate, Sateriasis stated he wouldn't transform this time for her sake. After commanding her to look into his eyes, the two stared at each other as the Duke invoked his spell again, resisting his demon transformation so that only his horns would slightly sprout through his hair. Following a period of silence, he broke the stare and whispered into her ear, querying if she wished to return with him to his mansion.

When Mikulia excitedly agreed, the confused noble turned to I.R. and pointed out it seemed to work. The puzzled cat then questioned if it really did and Sateriasis weakly responded that it may have worked. The girl then tackled him, embracing his chest while excitedly giggling about her "prince". Patting her on the head, the Duke suggested they leave and the embraced couple prepared to go before I.R. stopped him. Reminding him of the trouble with taking her in broad daylight, Sateriasis agreed and questioned what he should do.

Once I.R. agreed to lead Mikulia to the mansion at midnight and the girl reluctantly left for the village, the mystified Duke teased how considerate that was for the cat. The sorceress then stated she simply wished to question the girl about some things. Satisfied with the vague answer, Sateriasis declared he'd return to the mansion, noting Lukana was probably waiting for him as well. He then returned to the village and reverted his slight transformation before taking the carriage back home.[21]

Second Try

"Then it went well?"
"Yeah. Most likely. From today onward, the fact that you've come in contact with me and these women has been erased from the people's memory."
―Duke Venomania and I.R.[src]

At night early the next morning, I.R. delivered the green-haired peasant to him at the mansion and she joined his harem. Venomania then gifted the beautiful Elphe an emerald necklace as a reward for coming back, indicating that she was one of his "favorites".[22] Later that night, the duke decided to try performing the amplification ritual again and took the sword before leading the three women to the room in the basement.

Afterward, he removed the katana from its sheath and held it up high above his head like before. I.R. then warned him in her white-haired form to be careful, advising that he pay close attention to the power. When she added that he could end up wiping both his and the targets' memories if anything went wrong, the duke affirmed he was aware before beginning the chant.

Once the sword began to light up, the mage advised against expanding the range past Lasaland and its immediate surroundings or risk increasing the chance of failure. Keeping her words in mind, Sateriasis imagined the capital's cityscape and Abito's countryside. He then announced they'd proceed and the light dispersed to the areas and purged everyone's memories of him ever encountering the three women.

Once the ritual was complete, Sateriasis collapsed in a nearby chair and Lukana asked if he was alright before giving him a cup of water. Duke Venomania then related he was a little tired but otherwise fine and drank the beverage. He then asked if everything went well and I.R. confirmed that no one should remember him coming in contact with the three of them. Recalling the first time he used it, Sateriasis admitted it wasn't a technique to be misused on short notice.

I.R. replied that he was right and should therefore avoid the public eye whenever possible. Saying he understood, Sateriasis stood from his chair and wrapped his arm around Mikulia's waist, asking if they should go. As he began to leave for the bedroom, the mage stopped him and asked where he was planning to go. The delighted duke then smiled and asked if it wasn't already obvious before answering her.

When I.R. then questioned how he could do such with his staggering legs, Duke Venomania insisted he had "room for dessert" and that the two were entirely unrelated. After he asked if she wanted to join them, the unamused mage noted he seemed to want to be burned to ashes. Venomania replied that he'd rather avoid that. He and Mikulia then walked off into the bedroom and had intercourse with one another all night.[23]

Exotic Prey of Lisa-A

"My name’s Lolan Eve."
"The dancer of Lisa-A, huh? Well, best regards... this the third one?"
―Lolan and I.R.[src]

The Duke making love with Mikulia

During the following three days and nights, Sateriasis made love with Mikulia continuously, moving her into the basement with Lukana and relaying the same orders to remain hidden there.[24] Whenever the duke ventured down into the basement, Mikulia welcomed him "back" from the "outside world". At some point, Sateriasis began ordering his women to remain in the basement and never leave for the first floor under any circumstances.

Later on, Venomania heard about the alleged beauty of the star performer at the grand theater in Lisa-A, Lolan Eve, and began constantly thinking about what she would be like to see in person. Eventually deciding to see the woman for himself, Sateriasis traveled to Lisa-A and visited the theater. He was then directed to his grand seat situated in the back, slightly frustrated by how far it was from the stage. Once the show began, Sateriasis saw the dark-skinned Lolan take the stage and was captivated by her exotic appearance, immediately deciding to make her his third mistress. As the beautiful woman danced on the stage, the duke thought that she must have charmed many men.

After the show had finished, Venomania asked the theater manager to have him meet with Lolan. The manager complied and directed the duke to the dancer for a private meeting. Invoking his power, the duke brainwashed the lesbian to fall for him and she agreed to join his harem. After he ordered her to wait a few days before secretly leaving the theater and joining him at his mansion in Lasaland, Lolan complied and Sateriasis returned home soon after.

Two days later, Lolan came to the mansion and Venomania greeted the dancer, commanding her to come to him. The woman immediately dove into his chest and exchanged a passionate kiss with the man. When Lolan insisted they go to bed early, the amused duke refused, stating they should keep the fun at night. He then offered to give her a tour of the mansion she'd be living in from then on and the pouting woman followed him down the stairs into the basement.

Greeted by Mikulia while she wore a revealing pink dress, the bubbly girl told him to look at the clothes Lukana made her. When she then asked about who was with him, Sateriasis introduced her to Lolan. He then watched as Mikulia greeted the "old lady" and Lolan in turn noted she never expected he would have such bad taste to welcome a country girl to his home. Realizing the tense atmosphere growing between the smiling women, Venomania quickly took Lolan from Mikulia and headed toward the kitchen.

Once they entered the kitchen, Lukana greeted Sateriasis while she also wore a similar revealing pink dress and apron, asking if there was someone new with him. The duke then introduced her to Lolan. After they exchanged greetings, Lukana stated she was still busy before suddenly remembering something. She then handed Venomania several books from the table, saying she found the seemingly old books in one of the underground rooms. Curious, the duke questioned which room exactly and she clarified it was the innermost one with the iron bars.

Once the tailor explained she found a spare key and came across the books while cleaning the room, she told Sateriasis that she read the first few pages of the first volume and noted it seemed to be someone's diary. Realizing she remembered his inability to find his, Sateriasis thanked her and declared he'd read them later, thinking that it was doubtful to be his given where she found it. After exchanged a few words with Lukana, Sateriasis led Lolan out of the kitchen and prepared to continued their tour when the dancer questioned if that was everyone to meet.

Recalling I.R., the duke admitted there was another before deciding they could ignore her. When Lolan insisted they meet her too after all the trouble they had gone through and Venomania abided. Leading her to another room, the duke knocked. After a short silence, the duke told the mage he was coming in and entered to find I.R. working with some gunk. When the mage questioned what it was, Sateriasis told her that he came to introduce his new wife to her. Once the two women exchanged pleasantries, I.R. asked to confirm Lolan was his third mistress and Venomania replied she was his fourth including her.

I.R. demanded he didn't include her without permission and Venomania noted he wouldn't permit him that body even after all the time that had passed. After the mage glared and told him to try defiling her body if he wanted to be turned to ashes, Sateriasis changed the subject to inquire if she was preparing some kind of magic. The sorceress answered he could say it was that but also the opposite. When he insisted on being told the details, the mage stated it wasn't related to him before admitting that wasn't the exact truth. As the curious duke continued to pry, I.R. eventually told him he was distracting her and demanded they get out.

The duke complied and silently left with Lolan, taking her to one of the empty rooms instead. Saying it would be her room, the dancer admitted it was spacious but slightly dreary. Sateriasis replied that he would get her anything she wanted for it immediately. He then questioned if they should get started while pushing her down onto the bed. The surprised woman noted it was still too early for night and the duke retorted that the lack of windows in the basement meant it was always the world of night down there. Afterward, the two made love to each other.[25]

Love and Hate

"I remembered her face. But, nothing more... I had forgotten she was even your daughter until actually meeting her just now."
"Really now... But if so, then bringing her was the correct answer after all."
―Sateriasis and Marquis Glassred regarding Gumina[src]

Later on, Sateriasis brought the books to his room. While seated in his personal chambers another day, he began reading the first volume. As he read through his old diary, the amnesic duke became interested in the mysterious boy seemingly trapped in the basement since he was born, skipping through the entries. Once he finished reading the February 2nd entry, Venomania decided to read the rest later and closed the book. Questioning who was imprisoned in the house and why, Sateriasis wondered if he killed the boy in the massacre before realizing the basement didn't seem to be used since long before the incident.

He then pondered whether that meant the boy was released beforehand or died there. The duke finally stood from his chair, realizing he could always continue reading the diary in his spare time as he approached the exit. Once he put his hand on the door handle, he wondered whether to use Lukana or Mikulia for the day, recognizing Lolan was his partner just a little bit ago. While pondering sharing a foursome with all of them, he left the room; at some point, the duke thought of meeting with his uncle again in the near future, suspecting Gumina might've been related to the Elphe marquis.

Later, Duke Venomania heard of a beautiful fortune teller living in Evunemi and travelled to meet Mirigan Adi. Confirming her beauty, the duke discreetly brainwashed her into becoming his next concubine. A few days after Mirigan "disappeared" and later joined him at his mansion, Sateriasis shared relations with the fake fortune teller. Afterwards, he pondered whether it was the church, government, or the gods who decided loving more than one woman at once was immoral before the demon contractor disregarded it.

Once he left Mirigan's room, Venomania noticed I.R.'s red cat form before him. When she noted he seemed to have a visitor, pointing her nose to the ceiling, Sateriasis listened to her relate it was his uncle and several others at the entrance. Noting his own intentions to see him again soon, the happy duke fixed up his appearance as he headed upstairs. After greeting his uncle in the entrance hall, the marquis apologized for barging in, pointing out the mansion lacked any servants.

Uncertain whether the man was being humble or sarcastic, Duke Venomania thought how he still disliked him and kindly greeting his uncle while hiding his frustration, asking why he visited so late at night. The marquis answered he wanted to see him after such a long time before adding there were things he wanted to discuss with him. Thinking to himself he therefore didn't need to come that very night, Sateriasis patiently agreed to speak with him, suggesting they talk in the drawing room.

When the Glassred marquis then invited Gumina inside, Sateriasis was surprised to hear the words, watching the woman in his memories come in and meekly greet him. Once they seated themselves in the drawing room, Sateriasis listened to the marquis report about the mysterious woman disappearances across Asmodean while staring at his silently listless daughter. Relieved to hear his crimes weren't uncovered, the duke thought about how long it took him to find her when his uncle questioned if his memories had returned.

Sateriasis admitted they hadn't fully returned yet, confirming for the marquis that he only just recalled Gumina being his daughter. After hearing the marquis tell Gumina she'd be living with him from then on, the duke and his friend raised their shocked voices in unison. When his uncle stated it was normal since they were engaged, the confused duke pondered why the cold Gumina of his memories was his fiancée. Realizing her detached behavior implied she didn't love him, Sateriasis felt a surge of increased love and hate for her, wondering what happened between them.

Once Marquis Glassred questioned if he was feeling unwell, the conflicted duke returned to the conversation and apologized. As his uncle stated he'd have Gumina's belongings moved there, the duke quickly stopped him. Worried his harem would be discovered, Venomania reiterated his desire to remain alone for the time and his uncle angrily chided his continued obstinance despite hearing he'd started going outside. Saying those were two different things, the duke requested he give him more time and the marquis yelled that he was to govern Asmodean and should know how poorly his current state looked.

Following an awkward silence, Duke Venomania watched as Gumina attempted to reason that they shouldn't push the issue before her father yelled for her to be quiet. Once the marquis finally calmed down and agreed, he told the duke to still meet with his childhood friend sometime to potentially regain some of his memories. Sateriasis and Gumina agreed to the arrangement and the marquis said they'd leave since he had political matters the next morning. After sarcastically reminding him to enjoy his free time while it lasted since he'd be eventually taking up his duties, his uncle left with Gumina and their servants.[26]

A Date through Town

"While I'll try not to interfere with the two of you, please treat me well."
―Carol Shields regarding Sateriasis and Gumina's date[src]

Three days later, in March, Duke Venomania visited the Glassred manor to meet up with Gumina. As Sateriasis considered where to have their proposed date, hoping to avoid both the Venomania and Glassred homes, Gumina suggested they stroll through Lasaland, describing how they used to slip out and play in town and that he might remember something about his past reexperiencing it. When the Marquis refused to have them go there alone, Sateriasis barely argued with his uncle and soon agreed to have one of their servants accompany them as a bodyguard.

After Carol Shields introduced herself and asked if he remembered her, Sateriasis searched his memories and recalled she was the redhead always accompanying Gumina. Happily confirming he was correct, Sateriasis involuntarily flirted that he was in her hands before quickly correcting his behavior. When Gumina then hurried "Sati", Venomania remembered the familiar name and deduced she used to call him that. Noticing the girl's suddenly cordial behavior when away from her household's watchful eyes, the duke looked at the white dress she wore and recalled that she always dresses in them. 

Afterward, the three travelled to Lasaland and Gumina made small talk with him. Knowing Carol was there always taking note, Venomania refrained from asking the many questions he had. Once they arrived in town, Gumina led them to Workshop Street. Seeing the bustling avenue at work, Sateriasis meekly noted that it didn't seem suitable for a date while noticing the nostalgic feeling it gave him. Gumina questioned if he remembered how they'd always play there despite the artisans' complaining.

Gumina then ran over toward an old painter and Sateriasis and Carol followed after her while she conversed with the man. As Gumina told him how she'd look at the man's pictures while he looked at the Gine Workshop and hated her teasing him about it, the Duke admitted that may've been so while questioning if he really did like dolls. Seeing Gumina look solemnly toward the west where his mansion was, Sateriasis heard her and the painter lament about the loss of a third person.

Confused, the duke grabbed Gumina's right wrist and asked who she was talking about. Met with Gumina's shock that he even forgot "Cheri", Sateriasis began to reiterate his question when the noble suddenly pushed him into the back alley. As the confused duke tried to respond, his fiancée dove into his chest and related that "Cherubim" was his older brother. Told the disowned boy was imprisoned beneath the mansion before being freed and made a servant for his family as an adult, Sateriasis realized Cherubim might've been the mysterious diary's writer; he also learned the painter gave Cherubim a portrait of himself.[27]

Vengeful Demon

"Well, entertain me to the fullest then."
―The Demon of Lust to Sateriasis[src]

After returning Gumina home to her mansion, Sateriasis returned to his mansion and began searching the attic for Cherubim's portrait throughout the night. Once he found the picture and confirmed the painter's signature, the Duke brought it down to his room and propped it up against his desk. He then took the diary and began skimming through the pages. Finding the page of the mysterious boy meeting Sateriasis, he read through the accounts of the two meeting and playing outside with Gumina until the journal was finished. Convinced it was Cherubim's diary, Sateriasis closed the book and picked up the portrait.

Looking upon Cherubim, Sateriasis recalled what Gumina told him while curiously gazing at the long bangs covering the servant's face. As he wondered how he could've forgotten something as important as his own brother, Venomania felt an intense disgust growing inside him as he continued gazing at Cherubim's visage. Confused, he realized he hated his brother before suffering a headache. Dropping the portrait, Sateriasis crouched as the pain worsened, seeing Gumina's disgusted face while hearing her admonish him, saying she didn't love him but the other person they knew and that they would be married.

Soon after, the headache subsided and Sateriasis stood again. Deducing Gumina had chosen Cherubim over him as her beloved, Venomania surmised he then killed his brother and everyone else in the mansion as a result of her rejection. While feeling mixed about the scenario, Venomania decided he wouldn't care anymore and closed his eyes. Calling out the Demon of Lust, the Duke stated he would finally rage again and the demon answered that it hoped to be completely entertained. Transforming into his demonic form, Sateriasis flew off to the Glassred Mansion to brainwash Gumina into joining his harem like the rest.

Once he arrived, Sateriasis raided the estate in search of Gumina's room, slaughtering every guard and servant he came across. While admiring another group of guards collapse in a bloody mess, Venomania thought that his bloodlust might've been his true nature. Hearing someone heading towards him from behind, the Duke questioned whether it was another guard or servant before settling to kill them regardless, certain he could just use the ritual later if needed. After extending his claws, the Duke killed the person. As he continued his searching while killing anyone he came across, Sateriasis heard someone else approach from behind; annoyed, he turned to kill them when he saw it was Carol Shields.

When the shocked woman questioned if he had gone mad, Duke Venomania retorted that he wasn't insane and simply wanted to collect Gumina. Once she argued that he didn't need to since she was already his fiancée, Sateriasis insisted that was pointless, stating he would never have Gumina's heart in such a superficial marriage. Carol then asked if he thought Gumina didn't love him while drawing her blade and pointing it at him. After Venomania pointed out she should know if they're really always together, Carol charged and the Duke easily repelled the blade before swiftly closing the distance between them.

Venomania then asked to confirm if Carol had any feelings for him. When the servant said the notion was ridiculous and tried punching him, the Duke parried the attack and encouraged her not to hide it, noting the happy expression she had when he remembered her. After stating he too came to understand women's hearts recently, Carol stated it was just his ego and Venomania countered that it was his creed for those who came to obey; stating he would be taking her along with Gumina, Sateriasis invoked his Lust spell and brainwashed the maid to love him and agree to help him capture Gumina.

Following Carol back to the room his fiancée was hiding in, Sateriasis waited outside while the bodyguard lured Gumina into a false sense of security. Once she told her lady they had to go to the Venomania Mansion and restrained her, the Duke poked his head inside. Asking Gumina if they were ready to go his mansion and harem, he listened to his beloved struggle and scream for him to stay away. He then slowly approached her while musing how every part of her was finally all his, listing off her face, legs, chest, and heart before laughing.

Listening to the horrified girl scream and struggle with all her might, yelling for him to get his ugly face away from her, Sateriasis questioned her claim he was "ugly" and teased that she was awful. Leaning his face close to hers while his fanged mouth dripped saliva in front of her, he pointed out that she was the ugly one for falling for another man before invoking his Lust spell. Wiping all of her memories involving Cherubim and brainwashing her to fall in love with him, the Duke returned home with the new members of his harem.

Limits of Power

"You are the Duke, the lord of the Asmodean region. But in the end, that’s all you are."

Afterward, Sateriasis performed the ritual to wipe out all memories of what happened at the Glassred estate from the local populace.[28] Sateriasis then began keeping company with solely Gumina, often spending days alone together in a room. During the same period, the Duke began leaving more and more to handle state affairs in the wake of Marquis Glassred's breakdown from the tragedy that befell his manor. Still feeling disgust whenever he looked at Cherubim's portrait, the Duke returned it to the attic. While returning from one of his political outings, Duke Venomania encountered the homeless Hakua Netsuma in town and, reminded of I.R., brainwashed her to be the seventh member of his harem.

The two then returned to the mansion and shared a loving embrace in the entrance hall when they noticed I.R. had entered his home. Surprised to see Hakua passionately embrace the mage, he heard I.R. yell at him and incredulously questioned if the two were acquainted. At I.R.'s shock he brought her without knowing that, Sateriasis admitted his superficial reasoning for adding her to the harem, wondering if it was the matching hair and eye color specifically. When I.R. demanded he get rid of her, Sateriasis immediately refused; as I.R. insisted, he suggested she explain why since they both knew the risks of releasing a woman brought into the harem.

After I.R. explained Hakua was her body's older sister, the surprised Sateriasis entrusted Lukana with giving Hakua a tour before joining I.R. in her room to discuss the specifics. Once the mage explained she burned down Hakua and Haru Netsuma's village and possessed the sibling, the man expressed his surprise at the "evil mage's" cruelty. Once I.R. explained she attacked the village to acquire the sword vessel of sin, the mage changed the subject and stated she wanted him to seduce a certain woman. Put off by the sudden request, Venomania abided and listened to the mage explain he was to seduce Marlon's Queen, Yufina Marlon.

Shocked, Sateriasis panicked and I.R. questioned if he was against seducing married women. The Duke retorted that she spoke of a foreign Queen, exclaiming there could be a war. I.R. then revealed she likely possessed a vessel of sin and the surprised Duke listened to her explanation that there were seven vessels total, daring him to imagine the amount of power all seven provided based on the power of the one he already had. While thinking about such a power fantasy, Sateriasis briefly smiled before wondering whether she planned world domination as her end goal?

When I.R. suggested it wasn't but that such plans benefitted him, Sateriasis insisted he lacked such ambition and was content with the status quo. When the mage questioned if eventually being exposed didn't frighten him, Sateriasis frowned while the mage noted the Duke of Asmodean couldn't change the nation's laws with his power and could easily be crushed. As Sateriasis tried to assert he had the demon's power, I.R. countered that it wasn't enough power to defeat the entire Beelzenian army or brainwash the male Emperor, mocking his Lust spell's limited capacity. She then noted owning three vessels of sin would give him the power to become the ruler of Beelzenia and make every woman his wife.

Begrudgingly convinced, Sateriasis stopped her monologue and agreed to think about seducing Queen Yufina. When a knock came to the door, I.R. told him to decide quickly since Yufina's time in Asmodean was only temporary. Lukana then entered and reported that Hakua was given a room right next door to I.R. Hearing I.R. bemoan the decision, the Duke questioned her awful behavior with Hakua when she'd normally just warn any other woman that they'd be burned to ashes. Once I.R. explained the issue was Haru Netsuma's body lacking much of her will, Sateriasis inferred some was still left and the mage confirmed that fragment interfered to prevent her from killing Hakua.

Afterward, I.R. left and Lukana hestitantly reported that Gumina had apparently hung a portrait in her room that she acquired from outside the basement. Shocked, Sateriasis immediately interrogated Gumina and learned she had Carol acquire Cherubim's portrait from the attic. Furious she still pined for Cherubim, Venomania then lit the basement's fireplace and tossed the portrait into the flames while the three harem women watched. Amazed by Carol's loyalty to Gumina despite his Lust spell, he considered reapply the spell or keeping the basement locked.

Realizing he should've burned the portrait from the start, Sateriasis thought such a painting needed to be "burned to ashes" before realizing he muttered I.R.'s favorite phrase. Makin a bitter smile, Sateriasis saw Gumina passively watch the portrait burn before affirming she was his and should never defy him. Calling her over to him, Sateriasis pulled the obedient girl into a passionate kiss. Staring into her eyes, Sateriasis noted how cute she was and that she should look only at him. Duke Venomania then used his Lust spell, brainwashing her to forget everything related to Cherubim.[29]

A Daring Venture

Afterwards, the Duke agreed to seduce Queen Yufina. He then transformed into his demonic form and slaughtered the detachment of Marlon soldiers guarding her. Faced with Marquis Donald, the Duke was injured by the peculiar noble but swiftly recovered. Unable to wipe his memories while he continuously attempt to harm him, Sateriasis tore off the Marquis' arms to keep him wielding a weapon then erased his memories of his attack.

After seducing Yufina and bringing her back to his mansion,[30] Venomania seduced Sonika Sonic, Lazuli Blue, and Priema Soap by early April.[31] At some point, I.R. revealed her relation to the famed craftsman, Clockworker.[32]

Visit to Mystica

"You don't have to be so respectful. I can't even get a clue on the disappearance cases. I'm incompetent."
―Duke Sateriasis[src]

Duke Sateriasis Venomania kissing Gumina goodbye

While attending to his harem, Sateriasis noticed a visitor enter the basement and apologized to Mikulia while removing her from his lap. Noting it appeared to be a lady, he initially welcomed the woman before realizing it was I.R. Not amused, he asked why she came and she questioned why he was so rude before inquiring if he was ready. Querying what she meant, I.R. questioned if he was playing dumb and warned him that he would then need to return the sword.

After considering the situation, the duke gave in, asking if they would leave now when Lukana asked where he was going. Explaining he would just be gone for a while, Venomania entrusted the former tailor with the mansion in his absence. Venomania asked if they would leave her "body" and I.R. affirmed that it was more convenient, charging Mikulia with taking care of it. While hurrying the sorceress, Gumina grabbed his hand. Turning to face her, they shared a kiss and he told her that he had to go. He left the mansion with I.R., hiding the cat within his coat as they traveled.

Directed to Mystica in search of an altar in the Misty Mountains by the sorceress, the duke traversed the town before seeing Lilien Turner in the local bakery. As he entered the shop, he overheard two women discussing the recent disappearances and spoke aloud how those rumors were popular in the town. While she asked about his bill, Venomania mused that he wasn't shopping, just searching for an address. At that moment, Lilien's father came in, yelling at him to either buy something or leave. While watching the two bicker, her father suddenly recognized the duke's identity and knelt down before him with his sincerest apologies.

Once he explained that he was traveling the nearby mountain range, Lilien was told by her father to guide him and the two traveled together through a forest leading to their destination. Venomania apologized for having her guide him and the baker said it was alright, asking why he wanted to go to the Misty Mountains. He said he had business at the ruins over there and she responded that the altar there was haunted. Chuckling at her comment, he noted how she acted meeker compared to earlier and she fervently explained it was because she was traveling alongside Duke Venomania.

Duke Venomania and Lilien at the Misty Mountains

In reply, he told her she didn't have to be respectful since he was incompetent, unable to solve the recent disappearance cases.

Sateriasis told Lilien that those missing were beautiful women like her, telling her to take care of herself. Embarrassed, she responded that she was not that beautiful in comparison to Lukana. Surprised, he asked about the name and learned that the two girls were friends before she disappeared three months ago before noting that he remembered how she was the first woman reported missing.

Once they arrived at the foot of the mountains, Lilien explained he would just need to follow the mountain path to reach the ruins. Thanking her, he expressed his hope that he would find her friend soon. As she lackadaisically said she believed him and that Lukana would be alright, he noted her frankness. Responding once again it was because she was speaking to the duke, he grabbed her shoulder and qualified that she was still a bit stiff.

He flirted that she could stay there in front of him and asked if her tomboyish attitude with her father was her normal self. Stuttering, she said it wasn't and he responded that she looked more attractive when she acted naturally. Before she could finish her response, he let go of her shoulder and headed for the mountains. As he continued on his journey, she yelled if it was alright for the duke to traverse the mountains alone. Chuckling, he told her he had his retainer, opening his coat to let I.R. crawl out upon his shoulder.[33]

Lust for Power

"The-then did you finish your errand?"
"Yes. And I'd like to stay in this town for a little while. But in this sandy and dusty town, what I'm attracted to is the flower that blooms among the sand."
―Venomania flirting with Lilien[src]

Venomania at the altar in the ruins

Led by I.R. to the altar in the ruins, the duke commented with disbelief that Lilien had been Lukana's acquaintance. I.R. chastised him for not knowing more about the women he entranced and the duke responded that he met Lukana in Lasaland so he didn't know. When the sorceress noted he should pay more attention to the women he acquired, the duke found it unusual that the cat was caring about the other women.

The sorceress then said she was once a woman too and the duke noted her claims of being a witch working without the Devil's power. Reminded to fulfill their contract if he wanted more power, the duke remembered his Gumina at the thought of Lilien's mention of a "childhood friend". When he returned to his senses, he touched the altar and invoked the powers of Lust, opening a secret passage to a burial chamber. Sensing what I.R. was looking for, he opened the stone coffin before him and found a spoon in a pile of treasure. Confident in his senses, he stated he found a second vessel of sin.[34]

The cat denied it and, surprised, he noted that it shared the same wicked aura as the vessel of Lust and she explained it was a magic tool made by her father. Realizing it was just another Clockwork magic tool from the extinct Magic Kingdom Levianta, he found it worthless and tossed it away. Leaping off his shoulder after it, I.R. told him not to mess around. Annoyed, he scoffed that he should have been told about the spoon beforehand, and asked if they should return home with the spoon.

The Duke heads to Marquis Ferdinand's estate

As the sorceress cursed about burning the officer, Tette Cetera, for her false lead, Venomania stated he wanted to avoid killing anyone in his territory, seeing no gain in it. When asked if it was because her associate was a woman, he expressed his interest in adding her and other women into his harem.

After the cat put the spoon back and returned to his shoulder, they exited the tomb and I.R. noted it was dark and asked where they would seek shelter. He answered that Marquis Ferdinand would accommodate them and she questioned his judgment, noting that the marquis was investigating rumors surrounding him; Venomania said it was his reason for going there. While seeking refuge at the Ferdinand estate, I.R. attached herself to his wife and Sateriasis gathered the entire staff and remaining Ferdinand family living within the home and massacred them, leaving their bodies in the room.

The next day, he returned to the bakery to take Lilien out for a stroll but was stopped by her father. As the man argued about her leaving her work at the bakery, Venomania paid him a bag full of coins for her time, much to his pleasure. Approaching her stand at the bakery, he queried about her shocked expression. She responded with surprise that he came to visit her, and he said he had promised to. Asked if he finished his errand, he told her he had and that he wanted to stay in Mystica for a little while, saying he was attracted to the flower that bloomed among the sand.

Seeing her blush, he asked if he liked his flirt before saying they should just go on their tour of the town. Lilien explained that she couldn't since she left the shop too many times already and Venomania noted how she shouldn't worry, noting her father "fought hard" for her time, smiling at the man caressing the pouch of coins a few meters away from them. As he followed Lilien across town, she showed his the different vendors and items for sale. Hearing her hum to herself, he politely offered her a dance and the two happily danced together in the streets.

Later that day, he returned to the mansion greeted by I.R. who commented that he was late. Brushing it aside, Venomania was curious when the sorceress asked she follow him. Doing so, she revealed Marquis Ferdinand's secret room, pointing out the personal womanly possessions he hid. Looking upon the portrait that caught his eye, he asked who the woman was and I.R. responded it was the Beelzenian Empire's third princess, Maylis Beelzenia. Fascinated by her beauty, the duke offhandedly spoke aloud about how he had heard the rumors and expressed interest in acquiring her.[35]

Power of Lust

"What will happen then? Will one of Beelzenia's Five Dukes, Lord Venomania, take the baker's daughter as his wife? The best you can hope for is to be his mistress."
―Rajih to Lilien[src]

Venomania kisses Lilien

Several days since his outing with Lilien, the duke bought her a lavish dress and invited the girl to the Ferdinand mansion that night. That evening, he took her to a bedroom and she remarked that he'd return home the next day; he explained he didn't think it would be good to stay much longer. In response to her silence, he grabbed her wrist and told her to come to him, pinning her to the bed before kissing her.

After their kiss, he noticed she looked shocked and asked what was wrong. When she realized they were wearing the same bracelet, he revealed it was Lukana's gift to him. Utterly shocked, he commented how he expected her to figure it out by now, revealing that he was behind the disappearances and that Lukana now lived with him in Lasaland. Seeing her conflicted expression, he justified that he didn't force the girls as they all wanted to be in his harem, saying she could return with him to Lasaland to see Lukana again. As she broke down and began to leave, he sighed and expressed disappointment at having to use his powers to get her to submit but gladly invoked his abilities.

Forcing Lilien to completely submit to him, Sateriasis had her lay against him upon the bed when an armed intruder entered the room. Demanding he step away from Lilien, they stood up and embraced one another as the duke questioned if he was a robber or simply a jealous poor man. Called a murderer, Sateriasis realized the intruder saw the mansion's corpse-littered room. Sitting Lilien on the bed, he said it couldn't be helped, using the powers of Lust to undergo his demon transformation as he said he described that he would destroy the man to keep him from speaking.[36]

Sateriasis battling Rajih

Battling the intruder, Venomania disarmed him and injured his arm, taunting that it would be best if he jumped out the nearby window and ran away. In response, the intruder attacked him, prompting the duke to leap into the air and retaliate. With a single sweep of his claws, he sliced the sword to pieces and knocked his opponent to the ground. As the man attempted to stand again, Sateriasis asked why he was trying so hard as he never even said he was in love with Lilien, so his efforts wouldn't even be acknowledged even if he managed to take her from him.

The man asked if the duke ever really loved someone, touching a nerve. During his explanation, the intruder collapsed from sudden fatigue. Repeating the question he was queried, he looked at Lilien before reverting his transformation and responded that he had while imagining Gumina. Dressing himself again, he traversed the mansion's corridors until he found I.R. alone, without her "body". The sorceress asked if the fight was over and the duke replied it was. With the sorceress on his shoulder, they left.

On their way back to Lasaland, the sorceress questioned if it was alright that he left Lilien there. Sateriasis told her it was fine as she would come to him on her own. Urging them to hurry back to Lasaland, and confident his harem was eagerly awaiting his return, the sorceress suggested they pick a fast carriage. He told her they would take any carriage going to the city, saying he would make love with the woman once he returned. I.R. then reminded him about "rewarding" Tette Cetera for her false information and Venomania responded that he would make love with her too.[37]

Depraved Lunacy

"Ha... The things you end up liking!"
―I.R. regarding the Duke[src]

The duke continues to build his harem

Sometime after, he returned to his mansion in Lasaland, attending to his harem. While doing so, Lilien came to the mansion and entered his basement. Like the others, Venomania reached out his hand to Lilien, asking that they dance. Complying, the two danced in front of his harem.[38]

The duke continued his antics for a year, adding Mewtant Lusha, Tette, and Rio Neja to his harem. He later seduced the Beelzenian spy Neruneru Nerune and, through her, enchanted and abducted Princess Maylis.

While attending to his harem, Venomania became aware that I.R. was targeting Lukana as a new host body and obstructed the sorceress from doing so. Afterwards, he instructed the tailor to keep an eye on the sorceress using her prophetic dream ability. At some point, he spent a night exchanging information with Lolan Eve and her corpse was discovered the next morning, to his apparent indifference.[39]

Around that time, Venomania looked upon his portraits and was reminded of his past. Angered, he burned all his old portraits in his fireplace.[40] After burning them, he drew the adjacent Gumina close to him and kissed her.[41] To monitor the other women's health, Sateriasis found and enchanted the elderly Annlee Sweets due to her previous occupation as a doctor.[42]

In EC 137, the Duke was visited by the famed Elluka Clockworker. Aware she was investigating him, the Duke saw she kept her head low to avoid eye contact and refused to grant her an audience with him. Later, while enjoying his harem, he was informed by Maylis that someone was on the first floor. Heading there, Sateriasis was surprised to discover I.R. raiding his storage while using Lukana's body.

Questioning her intentions, the sorceress explained that she expected him to fall to ruin soon, given Elluka's investigation into him and recent actions, hence why she planned to take the vessel of Lust and leave. Although willing to let her leave, Venomania refused to let her take Lukana and threatened to use force; after a long stare off, I.R. conceded and relinquished Lukana's body. Once she took back her original vessel, the mage left with the sword. Brushing off I.R.'s concern, Venomania was again seemingly visited by Elluka. Inviting her in, Venomania invoked his powers upon the mage and, seeing that it worked, was confident he could manage on his own. Once he brought her to the basement,[43] he noticed she carried a key and he embraced her.

Venomania stabbed by Karchess Crim

As he asked Elluka for a dance, the Duke was interrupted by a sharp pain in his chest. After releasing their embrace, looked down to find his chest bleeding.[44] The woman then called him a fool and removed her wig, revealing herself as Karchess Crim, having disguised himself as Elluka and transformed the key into a knife to stab him. While Karchess left to search for Yufina, Sateriasis collapsed from the wound, in disbelief that he had been injured.

After calling for the demon, it telepathically explained that he was defeated by another vessel of sin, the key. Pleading that he stopped messing around and did something before they died, the Demon of Lust countered that only the Duke would die while the demon would return to its vessel until it found a new host. The Demon then bid Venomania farewell, telling him to give the Master of the Hellish Yard its regards.

Once the demon's voice disappeared, Sateriasis' face returned to its original deformed state.[45] As he futilely attempted to stop the bleeding, the magic of Lust infused in him began seeping between his fingers.[46] Without the magical fluid coursing through his veins, his power dispelled and the women he abducted came to their senses and he saw them begin fleeing his mansion, ignoring him.[47]

In tears and left to die, the duke reflected on his past and the pain it had brought him.[48] He then saw Gumina, the last to leave the mansion, pause and look at him for a second.[49] Realizing he never confessed, he desperately called out to her to say he truly loved her and explain that he was Cherubim, not Sateriasis. However, because of both despair and a lack of breath, he was unable to speak and breathlessly watched her leave him before dying of his injury.[50]


Following his death, Venomania's soul remained barred from the Heavenly Yard due to his contract and as a result he ended up in the Hellish Yard; during this time, he realized that his soul retained his brother's face and that he didn't need the demon's power to hide his true visage anymore. At some point, the Master of the Hellish Yard conveyed to Sateriasis the story of the sun god's charge Allen Avadonia, the boy called "Irregular".[51] In EC 998, as the ground world merged with the Hellish Yard, Venomania's soul returned to the Third Period; as a result of the merge,[52] his memories and those of others in Asmodean reconstructed the capital Lasaland and the former Duke returned to the site of his mansion.

Sateriasis attends to his reformed harem

Meeting with Maylis, Lukana, Mikulia, and Gumina, the former Duke invited the members of his former harem to live with him once again of their own free will, promising to behave for their cooperation. Sitting on his throne and attending to his harem, Sateriasis caught sight of a boy entering his mansion and became displeased. Demanding to know who he was, the former Duke stated men were forbidden from the premises. When the child cheekily asked if that meant the Duke himself should leave as well, he clarified he was the lord of the manor and so exempt, repeating his command for the boy to leave.

After the boy asked what he'd do if he said no, Sateriasis grabbed the hilt of his sword threateningly before the Demon of Lust beside the boy told him to stop. Recognizing the demon, the shocked former Duke released his sword and wondered why he was with the child, asking him who he was. When the demon mentioned the name Irregular, Sateriasis began to laugh, remarking on how he had heard the story from the Master of the Hellish Yard.

Laughing harder, he sat back in the chair and asked if there was something "Irregular" needed from him. Told that he was being forced to come study his history, Sateriasis admitted he didn't think there was anything he could teach him. He then heard the boy remark on how his face was the same despite his becoming a spirit and boasted of how convenient it was for his soul that he didn't need the demon's power to keep his face. Once Allen questioned if that meant this was the face he had sought, Sateriasis confirmed, explaining how he had discarded his past and had no reason to return to his old face.

Afterwards, Allen remarked that it seemed not everyone was back in Sateriasis' harem and the former Duke clarified it wasn't like that, no longer wishing to use force to obtain women. Asked if that meant they loved him, he replied they did and then asked if the boy was unsatisfied with this answer. Hearing Allen's inability to understand loving more than one person at once, Sateriasis queried if he meant he disapproved of it and, when Allen said he naturally did, baited that he must not have loved more than one person at once, referring to his love for Michaela and Riliane.

Hearing no reply, the Duke happily continued that one-on-one love was a convention of the church and that it was ridiculous to deny that humans were capable of loving more than one partner at a time. When Allen insisted his love for his sister was different, he protested that it wasn't and that it was simply human nature, regardless of whether or not he'd contracted with a demon.

Afterwards the Duke saw Allen approaching one of the women and yelled at him not to approach them without his permission. He then watched as Maylis spoke with Allen regardless and, after some time, asked her what she liked in the child. Beginning to protest her speaking with him, Sateriasis was cut off by her reply that she would leave if he complained and he reluctantly acquiesced, saying he would behave. While Maylis and Allen spoke, Duke Venomania allowed Lukana to pour him tea and he drank it while holding Mikulia by the waist.

Once Allen prepared to leave the mansion Venomania stopped him, asking if he thought he could leave without saying farewell to the lord of the mansion. As the child hastily gave a goodbye, he chided his rudeness and then asked him to fulfill a request for him, elaborating that, if he find I.R., to tell her to make an appearance for him.[53] Some time after Allen agreed and left, the Master of the Hellish Yard visited and took Venomania back to the bowels of the Hellish Yard.[54]


After his death, I.R. named the vessel of Lust the "Venom Sword" to express her "thanks" to him.[55] At the end of the incident, the exact number of victims that Venomania had in his harem was unknown. Some theorized it was around twenty women while other claims said the number of victims was over a hundred.[56] Many of those affected were impregnated and produced offspring in Venomania's bloodline who were "cursed" by their forefather's blood in their veins.[57]

Due to his interactions with the Venom Sword, the children Sateriasis sired with Maylis, Lukana and Mikulia and their descendants gained the potential to develop Hereditary Evil Raiser Syndrome and pass it onto future generations.[58] His children later led to many famous descendants, including Banica Conchita, and Gast Venom, that had also become involved with the vessels of sin. His bloodline lasted into the late 10th century EC with Gammon Octo.[59]

During her investigation of the incident and its aftermath, Elluka Clockworker learned from Gumina about Cherubim and their interactions leading up to the massacre. In the years following the incident, Gumina continued painting portraits of Sateriasis at her home in Elphegort, eventually producing dozens of works depicting Duke Venomania's visage.

Earning the moniker as the "Duke of Lust", Levin followers of the Held sect began spreading word of Sateriasis' demonic deeds.[60] With the duke memorialized as a "demon" in myth, devout Levin followers often persecuted those identified as his descendants, such as "The Demon of Asmodean".[61] As time progressed however, the more supernatural elements of the Duke were deemed fictitious in the modernizing society and his name was rarely spoken by the late EC 900s.[62]

Despite this, his crimes were still remembered and one criminal, Scherzer, even attempted to mimic the incident Cherubim had caused.[63] Less than a century after the duke's death, Asmodean became an independent state and Venomania was regarded as a national hero for the country. As a result, Duke Venomania became a part of Asmodean culture, such as the Asmodean Emperor deriving several of his powers from the Venomania dukes.[64]

Elluka Clockworker later passed on her knowledge of Sateriasis to the historian Will Jaakko, who later compiled a manuscript regarding the vessels of sin.[65] Centuries after the Duke's death, Yukina Freezis visited the site of his ruined mansion while investigating Will's writings on the Seven Deadly Sins.[66] The novelist later wrote a Freezis Fairy Tale inspired by Venomania's actions, entitled "The Duke and the Four Women" and became among her more popular works.[67]

Personality and Traits

"At least you're consistent."
―I.R. regarding Venomania[src]

Sateriasis' conceit in his own power

Sateriasis was an arrogant, conceited, and lustful man, consumed by his own sexual desires and increasingly self-absorbed. As a child, the previously deformed Venomania was lonely and despised as a "demon child" by his own father. Because of his half-brother's kindness, the boy was able to experience the world and became close friends with him and Gumina Glassred and would often play with them throughout Lasaland.

After being made a servant, Cherubim was tolerant of the ridicule and scorn he faced but soon grew jealous of his brother's handsome appearance.[68] Cherubim also had a deep infatuation with Gumina since he had met her, holding his love for a decade.[69] After learning of Gumina's engagement to his brother and being reviled by his love,[70] Cherubim became heartbroken and the constant ridicule he suffered embittered him to the point of spitefully murdering his family and attempting suicide. However, when given the chance to steal his brother's face and identity and gain great power, he ultimately chose to take it and became obsessed with obtaining more power for himself.[71]

Venomania's domineering his women for personal pleasure

Outwardly, "Sateriasis" appeared charismatic and kind to others, masking his involvement in the disappearances and acting as a humble and deeply concerned duke to his people.[72] However, his personal life hid his darker nature, brainwashing women and using them to satiate his sexual desires, although revolting this domineering behavior during his memory loss.[73]

Venomania always considered adding any beautiful women he encountered to his harem, regardless of their social class or occupation. Treating his concubines like possessions, he had little care for their personal lives or who they were before seducing them.[74] Similarly, he showed little compassion for their well-being, killing several of them to fuel his powers and caring little for how they would actually feel about being used.[75] This disregard extended to others who threatened him. Sateriasis would slaughter anyone who could potentially discover his secret.[76] As his harem grew, Venomania became increasingly depraved, eventually seducing even children for his personal fantasies.[77]

Among his habits, Venomania would extend his hand to a new member of his harem and dance with her once she arrived.[78] Because of these abilities, the Duke was convinced in his own invincibility and grew complacent with his powers.[79] Often, he acted indifferent, wrapped up in his own interests, regardless of his tardiness or the occasion's importance. As his wanton desires continued to escalate, his attention to his action's consequences plummeted.[80] To an extent, this selfishness also made him childish, refusing to do anything cumbersome unless threatened to lose his power.[81]

Sateriasis' desperation in his final moments

Picking "favorites" among his girls, Venomania sometimes rewarded them for "returning" to him, expecting their complete obedience to him.[82] He also enjoyed toying with his girls, making some of the women chase after him rather than simply taking them back with him after his initial brainwashing.[83] He also taunted his opponents in battle, suggesting that they run away when faced with his overwhelming power.

After his visit to Mystica and battle with Rajih, Venomania remembered the pure love he had for Gumina.[84] Resentful of his old name and appearance, Venomania eventually burned any portraits of his past self and became more and more obsessed with his harem. As his lustful kingdom fell apart, the Duke fell into despair. In his final moments, he desperately wished to confess his feelings to Gumina, hoping to let her know who he was and how he had felt.[85]

Skills and Abilities

"Heh...Don't forget why we're here. If you want further power..."
"I understand."
―I.R. and Venomania[src]

Venomania slicing through solid iron with ease

Despite being trapped in a basement for part of his life, Venomania was very shrewd; he was extremely successful as the Duke of Asmodean and well-versed in reading, writing,[86] and, also dancing.[87] With his position of authority, Venomania was a capable actor, portraying himself as a respectful, humble, and kindhearted duke and that he was as confused about the mysterious disappearances as everyone else. Extending his reach as one of the Five Dukes, Venomania remained in touch with current affairs and was able to track the progress of the Empire's investigation into the disappearances.

After sealing a contract with the Demon of Lust, Venomania was infused with Lust magic, granting him new powers. By simply looking into a woman's eyes, Venomania could instantly make the woman infatuated with him and,[88] when invoking his full power, could brainwash her to absolutely submit to his will or make them fall madly in love with him.[89] His powers over the mind similarly extended to memory manipulation, able to erase someone's specific memories, regardless of gender.[90] Because of his connection to the Demon, Sateriasis could freely interact with it telepathically,[91] as well as invoke his powers to sense other sources of magical power.[92] Finally, he could tap into his powers of Lust to undergo a demonic transformation, giving him wings for flight and claws that could hack iron or steel swords to pieces in a single swipe.

Using these abilities to perfect his technique, Sateriasis easily charmed and acquired new members of his harem without being discovered and, in some cases, killing those who were investigating rumors surrounding him.[93] However, to keep his powers' potency intact, he was required to constantly have intercourse with and take the life energy of some in his harem.[94] During his tenure as a servant, he was capable in performing the duties required of him.[95] He also had basic knowledge of the Magic Kingdom Levianta and its figures, such as the Clockworkers and their creation of magic tools.[96]

Character Connections

I.R.: Venomania's partner. While initially bewildered by her sudden appearance and skeptical of her claims, Sateriasis became amused by I.R.'s secretive nature and what he perceived as her needless concern. Although genuinely thankful to the mage for interrupting his suicide and interested in bedding her medium, he was less enthusiastic with helping her achieve her own goals and expressed more interest in building his harem.

Gumina Glassred: Venomania's childhood friend and later member of his harem. The duke became friends with Gumina at a young age and fell in love with her. He became devastated when she publicly mocked him and her engagement to Sateriasis was revealed, this driving him to seal a contract with a demon. Nonetheless, Venomania continued to love her until his death, though his love was warped by his heartbreak and lust.

Lukana Octo: A woman in Venomania's harem. During his memory loss, the duke grew to care greatly for Lukana over the time they spent together, initially resisting his lustful urges towards her. He was traumatized by her rejection, however, reminded of Gumina scorning him, and quickly adopted a more callous attitude towards her well-being and personal life. Brainwashing Lukana into his harem, Sateriasis maintained a false relationship with her and trusted the tailor with helping to manage the other women.

Maylis Beelzenia: A woman in Venomania's harem. The duke became fascinated with Maylis' portrait, finding her to be very beautiful, and resolved to seduce her into his harem. He maintained a false relationship with her while she was in his harem.

Lilien Turner: A woman in Venomania's harem. The duke became attracted to Lilien and preferred spending time with her during his time in Mystica, seducing her more subtly over several days. Venomania was disappointed at ultimately having to use the power of Lust on Lilien, having believed that this time it wouldn't be necessary. After she was in his harem he maintained his false relationship with her.

Rajih: A rival for Lilien's affections. The duke thought little of Rajih initially, intending to kill him in his demon form and not understanding the relationship that he had with his newest victim. Rajih's convictions and love for Lilien reminded him of his own past love for Gumina.

Mikulia Greeonio: A woman in Venomania's harem. The duke seduced Mikulia due to her beauty and maintained a false relationship with her in his harem, giving her gifts and treating her with more kindness than her own parents. She was among his chosen "favorites" in his harem.

Karchess Crim: Venomania's murderer. The duke met Karchess while the latter was disguised as a woman and welcomed "her" to his harem, finding "her" to be very beautiful. When Karchess stabbed the duke and revealed himself, Venomania was deeply shocked.

Sateriasis Venomania: Venomania's younger brother. Sateriasis was once Cherubim's only friend and the two would often play together, becoming very close. Eventually, however, Cherubim became jealous of Sateriasis' handsome face and popularity, envying his brother's engagement to Gumina. After Gumina rejected him, Cherubim's jealousy cemented into hate and prompted him to murder his brother.

Hakua Netsuma: A woman in Venomania's harem. Venomania found Hakua and seduced her due to her similarity to I.R.'s medium, and he maintained a false relationship with her while in his harem.

Lolan Eve: A woman in Venomania's harem. Venomania became fascinated with tales of Lolan's beauty and "healthy dark skin," using the power of Lust to seduce her against her true sexuality. Although indulging in a false relationship with her, he was unaffected by her resulting mental strain and later death.


Conceptualization and Origin

  • Sateriasis' name is derived from "satyriasis",[97] meaning an "uncontrollable or excessive sexual desire in a man"; the term comes from the satyrs, hedonist creatures featuring goat-like traits, tying with the Duke's demonic form.
  • His last name is a combination of the words "venom" and "nymphomania";[98] the latter word is defined as a woman's uncontrollable or excessive sexual desire.
  • His original name, Cherubim, is the plural form of Cherub, a hierarchy of angels in Judeo-Christian teachings often depicted with multiple faces; the name may be a reference to his deformity.
  • The Duke and his capabilities carries strong parallels with the incubus, a demon in male form that sexually defiles women in their sleep, with continued intercourse with the incubus sometimes leading to death.





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