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"Something like that. That way I can invite some more women into my harem."
―Duke Sateriasis Venomania[src]

Sateriasis Venomania, originally named Cherubim Venomania, was a Duke of the Beelzenian Empire, governing the territory of Asmodean. Despised for his deformed appearance and rejected by his close friend and crush, Gumina, Cherubim slaughtered his family and forged a contract with the Demon of Lust. After rechristening himself as his brother, "Sateriasis Venomania" abducted and defiled numerous women using his dark and enchanting powers.


Early Life

"The jail is dark. I want to go outside."
―Cherubim's diary[src]

Nylpho looking at her deformed baby

The currently unnamed Cherubim was born to Ilotte and Nylpho Venomania in Lasaland, Asmodean, in EC 113. Born with a small face on his right cheek, his mother committed suicide and his father, believing him a "demon child," imprisoned him in their mansion's basement.[1] Treated as non-existent, the boy grew up in his cell with no company but his guard, although Duke Ilotte occasionally visited to briefly talk with the guard. Later on, that guard taught the child how to write, and he learned about other basic things in the world, such as the sun.

On October 1, the child began to keep a diary and regularly wrote about his miserable circumstances, slowly improving his literacy under the guard's tutelage and yearning to go outside. Later on, he learned about the Evillious Calendar and began including years in his diary entries' dates. On July 19, EC 123, the deformed child was discovered by his half brother, Sateriasis; since then, the other boy began to regularly visit him, offering him amenities and telling him stories about the outside world. Eventually, Sateriasis snuck the boy out of the mansion the night of September 7, with the complicity of the guard.

Cherubim and Sateriasis meeting Gumina

Since then, Sateriasis began regularly sneaking his half-brother out of the mansion to see the outside world, taking him through Lasaland's Workshop Street on October 10. On October 16, the brothers met Gumina Glassred during their outings and, once she promised not to tell on them, the three played together.[2] Over the years, the three often snuck out of the mansion to play at Workshop Street; the boy who would become Cherubim regularly watched the blacksmiths work, while Gumina watched an old painter and Sateriasis saw the Gine Workshop make dolls.

Eventually, Sateriasis convinced their father to free his brother, and he became a servant of the mansion named "Cherubim".[2] Although reviled by everyone else for his appearance, Cherubim continued to be friends with Sateriasis and Gumina, although over time envying his brother's beautiful face and popularity.[3] Around the early EC 130s, Cherubim posed for a portrait by the old painter from Workshop Street, hiding his deformity behind his long bangs. Once the painting was complete, Cherubim kept it in his quarters in the attic.[2]

Angel to Demon

"Yes. I am fine with this. That is proof of the contract. I have surely accepted this blood, filled with your desire. Come, shall we dance?"
―The Demon of Lust[src]

Cherubim killing his family

In December of EC 135, Cherubim learned that Sateriasis and Gumina were engaged. Devastated, he approached Gumina at a party to confess his love to her; before he could make his confession, Gumina cruelly broke off their friendship and mocked his "ugly" face, claiming she loved Sateriasis.[3] Heartbroken and humiliated, Cherubim was overcome with rage. The next day, he took a sword and slaughtered his father, stepmother, brother and the entire staff.[1] After his fury subsided, he was overcome with guilt and prepared to commit suicide with his sword.

Before he could kill himself, Cherubim was approached by a woman in a dark cloak, I.R., and he explained his miserable situation to her. The mysterious woman offered a katana from her robe and instructed him to impale himself on it instead, in order to make a contract with the demon inside it. Although skeptical, as he exchanged his sword for the new blade Cherubim heard the voice of the Demon of Lust and became convinced the woman spoke the truth. Impaling himself on the katana, Cherubim forged a contract with the Demon of Lust and was filled with its magic, turning his blood purple.[4]

After introducing herself, I.R. explained that he now had the power to seduce women with his gaze, manipulate memories, change faces, and transform himself.[5] Agreeing to use the demon's power to seduce women, Cherubim was allowed to keep the vessel of sin and, with it,[6] he changed his face to look like Sateriasis.[7] When they discovered that there had been a witness to his crime, I.R. taught Cherubim how to perform an amplification ritual to invoke the sword's memory-wiping power on either sex within the area.

Hastily and improperly performing the ritual, the new Sateriasis Venomania unintentionally wiped his own memories of himself as well as the target's.[2] Amnesiac and masked as his brother, Sateriasis believed himself to be the only survivor of his family's massacre. In response, the Beelzenian Empire had Sateriasis succeed his father as Duke of Asmodean, although having Marquis Claster Glassred manage Asmodean while he recovered from his memory loss. Horrified by his new lustful urges, Sateriasis stayed secluded in the manor by himself. Later that month, he got into an argument with the Claster over his seclusion.[8]

The Tailor of Mystica

"Well then, Lukana, look into my eyes."
―Sateriasis invokes his brainwashing power[src]
Chara img1.jpg

During the Lasaland New Year Festival, Venomania, starving and filled with lust, instinctively left his mansion and meandered into the capital, where he collapsed. He was rescued by Lukana Octo and awoke in her uncle's shop; as Lukana tended to him, he apologized for his strange behavior after his family's massacre, which had caused the citizens to believe he'd gone mad, and later formally introduced himself. When he prepared to leave, Lukana's uncle had her escort him back to his mansion after giving him a change in clothes.

After arriving at the mansion, Sateriasis suppressed himself from leering over Lukana and affirmed to her that he was living alone while he was unable to remember his family's murderer's face. He told her that he gone into the city because he had run out of food, and because he was looking for two women he barely recalled, one being an Elphe and the other a Netsuma. Lukana directed Sateriasis to ask his Elphe uncle, Marquis Claster Glassred, about the former and he timidly described their argument.

As they continued to talk, Sateriasis ended up hiring Lukana to tailor him a new wardrobe, having her stay in a guest room at the mansion while she worked. Lukana worked late into the night over the next two weeks; one night, after being unable to find "his" own diary, Sateriasis found Lukana asleep at her work table and again had to resist the lust he felt towards her. He was then startled when she awoke terrified from a nightmare, before she apologized and returned home. Over the next five days, Lukana worked hard and completed his wardrobe.

By dawn, after Lukana gave the duke his last suit she tried to hurry to return to Mystica, evading Sateriasis' excuses for her to stay. Nonetheless, he insisted on seeing her off to the city gates. As they passed through town, Sateriasis noted Lukana's discomfort beside him and increased his speed towards the city gates. Once they reached the border, he tried to question Lukana on her behavior when she tried to leave, only for her to reject him and leave. Sateriasis was stunned as Lukana's words triggered his memory of Gumina's own cruel rejection, and from there he remembered the massacre and the deal he made with I.R.

I.R. suddenly approached him immediately after in her red cat body; once he confirmed that some of his memory had returned, Sateriasis expressed hesitance chasing after the departing Lukana due to how far she'd already gone; reminded he could fly and threatened to hurry up, he telepathically conversed with the Demon of Lust asked for its assistance; sprouting wings, Sateriasis took flight and caught up with Lukana in the forest.

Giddy with lust, Venomania asked the horrified Lukana for her hand in marriage and was surprised to learn she had already found out about his contract. As Lukana refused to be his, Sateriasis completed his demonic transformation and invoked his powers on her, brainwashing her. Once Lukana had been enchanted to his will, Sateriasis kissed her passionately. They were suddenly interrupted when a beautiful Elphe girl, Mikulia Greeonio, stumbled on the scene and screamed at the sight of Saterasis' demon features.[8]

The Peasant Girl of Abito

"You have such a cute face... Though it may just be the course of events, perhaps our meeting was destined."
―Sateriasis to Mikulia[src]

The Duke and Lukana

While he stood perplexed, I.R. caught up to Sateriasis with her human body and scolded him for letting his demonic appearance be seen. Releasing Lukana, Sateriasis tried to nonchalantly brainwash Mikulia as well, only to be taken aback when she remained unaffected and fled. As I.R. pointed out it was too risky to chase after the girl during the day, Sateriasis headed back to the mansion with I.R. and the brainwashed Lukana to discuss their plans.

After he returned to the mansion with his first harem member,[8] I.R. instructed him further on how to use his powers. She also advised him to continually have intercourse with women, to avoid the wild lust he felt before. Over the next week, Sateriasis spent his time making love to Lukana, reluctantly moving her into the basement out of the public eye. Remembering only a few vague memories, Sateriasis received no answer from I.R. on why he had murdered his family.

By February of EC 136, I.R. used her extensive connections to track Mikulia to the village of Abito and Sateriasis took a carriage with her there that morning. During the ride, Sateriasis had a nightmare of when Gumina had scorned him; after he awoke, he talked with I.R. about their travel and learned during the conversation that he was the only one who could understand her speech as a cat. He later became lost in thoughts over his memories before they arrived at the village of Abito. Still tired from his escapades with Lukana, as the carriage entered town Sateriasis considered his options eventually decided he'd have to keep her and his future "wives" secret, since polygamy was outlawed in Beelzenian Empire.

After I.R. also promised to deal with the matter of Lukana's worried relatives soon, she and Sateriasis entered the village and met with its chief. Sateriasis was temporarily delayed by the extremely talkative chief while I.R. went on on ahead. When he managed to catch up with her later, it was to find that she had already located Mikulia. Sateriasis was surprised to find that the girl had stopped being afraid of him, having concluded that he was some kind of handsome demon prince come to make her happy. Although ultimately failing in his second attempt to brainwash her, Mikulia nonetheless agreed to come with him to his mansion.

Afterwards, at I.R.'s insistence Venomania went back to the mansion alone, while I.R. stayed behind and led Mikulia there under he cover of night.[9] Later that night, I.R. had Sateriasis perform the amplification ritual again in the basement, taking care not to wipe his memories again. With it, he wiped the memories of everyone in Lasaland and the surrounding villages of his encounter with Lukana and Mikulia. Once he had confirmed it was successful, Sateriasis went to bed with his newest harem member.[2]

The Dancer of Lisa-A

"I am Lolan Eve."
"...The dancer of Lisa-A, huh? Well, nice to meet you... So this makes three women."
―Lolan and I.R.[src]

The Duke making love with Mikulia

Sateriasis made love with Mikulia over the following three days and nights, moving her into the basement with Lukana.[10] Later on, Venomania heard about the alleged beauty of the star performer at the grand theater in Lisa-A, Lolan Eve, and traveled to the town to see her in person. Attending the theater, he was captivated by her exotic appearance and decided to make her his third mistress. After the show, Venomania arranged to meet Lolan backstage and, finding her to be a lesbian, brainwashed her to fall for him.

After Venomania returned to his mansion in Lasaland, Lolan joined him two days later as he had instructed and he brought her into the basement. They were greeted by Mikulia, who had been given a new revealing dress by Lukana. After he introduced Lolan to Mikulia, and observing the frosty meeting between the two, Sateriasis brought her along to the kitchen where Lukana was cooking. Once he had introduced her to Lolan, Lukana gave Venomania some old diary volumes she had found in the barred room deep in the basement. After he exchanged a few words with Lukana, Sateriasis led Lolan out.

Next, he ended up introducing her to I.R., finding her in the middle of a project. After Lolan and I.R. exchanged pleasantries and Sateriasis quarreled briefly with the mage, he tried to learn more about what she was working on before she kicked him and Lolan out. Sateriasis concluded the tour by bringing Lolan to her bedroom and making love with her. Sometime afterwards, Sateriasis read through a little of the diary volumes Lukana had found; not remembering that they were his own, he became curious about the boy who had once been imprisoned in the mansion, before his thoughts returned to having sex with his concubines.

Later on, Duke Venomania heard of a beautiful fortune teller living in Evunemi and traveled to meet her, Mirigan Adi. Brainwashing her, Sateriasis had her join him a few days later at the mansion like the others and made love with the beautiful fake fortune teller. After he left her room, he encountered I.R. in her red cat form, who indicated that the Marquis Glassred had come to visit; receiving the marquis despite the late hour, Sateriasis directed him to the drawing room where they could talk. He was then shocked to find the marquis accompanied by his daughter, Gumina Glassred.[2]

The Childhood Friend

"I remember her face. But anything more than that... I had even forgotten the fact that she was your daughter right up until we met face to face like this."
"I see... But then, in that case it looks like I made the right call bringing her along."
―Sateriasis and Claster Glassred regarding Gumina[src]

Once Sateriasis, Gumina, and Claster had all settled in the drawing room, Sateriasis listened to the marquis report about the mysterious disappearance of women across Asmodean and was relieved to hear they were unsolved; Sateriasis explained in turn that his memories hadn't fully returned yet. Shortly after, he heard Claster say that Gumina would be living with him from now on, shocked to find out she was his fiancée in light of his cold memories of her. Worried his harem would be discovered, he quickly convinced the marquis not to force Gumina to live with him, with the unwitting Gumina's help.

Nonetheless, before he left Claster arranged for Sateriasis to meet with Gumina again to help recover more of his memories. Three days later, in March, Duke Venomania met with Gumina at the Glassred manor and they decided to have their date in Lasaland; as they were accompanied by Gumina's servant, Carol Shields, Sateriasis slowly began to remember more about Gumina. The three traveled to Lasaland, with Gumina making small talk, and then arrived in Workshop Street. They walked through the street, Gumina prompting Sateriasis with the things they used to do in their childhood.

When she mentioned Cherubim, he pressed her further; the shocked Gumina told him about Cherubim, "his" older brother, and Sateriasis identified him as the mysterious writer of the diary. As Gumina also mentioned the portrait that had been painted of Cherubim, Sateriasis searched his mansion that night until he found it and read more of the diaries to confirm that this boy was the writer. Becoming instinctively disgusted by his own portrait, Sateriasis came to the conclusion that he hated his "brother"; remembering Gumina's rejection, he came to the conclusion that Gumina had chosen this Cherubim over him and that this caused his massacre.

Venomania decided to rage again and called out again to the Demon of Lust grant; transforming into his demonic form, Sateriasis flew to the Glassred Mansion and slaughtered the household as he searched for Gumina. While he slaughtered the guards and servants, he encountered Carol Shields. When she tried to stop his progress, even attacking him with a sword, Venomania invoked his lust spell and brainwashed her. Carol then led him to the room his fiancée was hiding in, helping restrain her as he came inside. As Gumina screamed and protested, Venomania seduced her with his magic.[2]

The Growing Harem

"You are the Duke, the lord of the Asmodean region. But in the end, that’s all you are."

After taking his new harem members back to the mansion, Sateriasis performed the ritual to wipe out all memories of what happened at the Glassred estate from the local populace.[2] Sateriasis then began keeping company with solely Gumina; during the same period, he began leaving more and more to handle state affairs in the wake of Marquis Glassred's breakdown from the tragedy that befell his manor. While returning from one of his political outings, he encountered the homeless Hakua Netsuma in town and, reminded of I.R., brainwashed her to be the seventh member of his harem.

When he brought Hakua home, Sateriasis was shocked to learn that Hakua and I.R. appeared to be acquainted. As I.R. insisted he get rid of her, eventually admitting that Hakua was the older sister of her human medium, the surprised duke entrusted Hakua to Lukana before speaking with I.R. further in private. He learned that I.R. had burned down Hakua and Haru Netsuma's village looking for the Venom Sword before she possessed Haru. Moving on, I.R. requested for Sateriasis to seduce Marlon's queen, Yufina Marlon. Although uneasy, he listened as I.R. explained that Yufina had one of the seven vessels of sin.

Sateriasis burns the portrait

Under I.R.'s repeated persuasion, Sateriasis was convinced to help with her request, if only to prevent himself from being eventually defeated and to continue growing his harem. Lukana soon after came in and reported that Hakua was given a room right next door to I.R.; Sateriasis learned from the incensed sorceress that Hakua's presence was causing Haru to rebel and prevent I.R. from threatening Hakua as she usually would. When I.R. left, Sateriasis as shocked to learn from Lukana that Gumina had hung Cherubim's portrait in her room.

As he interrogated Gumina, she told Sateriasis that she had Carol acquire the portrait from the attic. Furious she still pined for Cherubim, Venomania burned the portrait in the fireplace. Afterwards, he kissed Gumina and then used his magic to wipe her memories of Cherubim. Sometime after that he attacked Queen Yufina's entourage in his demonic form, slaughtering the soldiers guarding her. As her escort Marquis Marcs Donald continued to assault him, the duke tore off his arms and then erased his memories of his attack. After seducing Yufina,[11] Venomania added Sonika Sonic, Lazuli Blue, and Priema Soap to his harem by early April.[12]

The Baker of Mystica

"You don't have to be so respectful. I can't even get a clue on the disappearance cases. I'm incompetent."
―Duke Sateriasis[src]

Duke Sateriasis Venomania kissing Gumina goodbye

While he attending to his harem, I.R. arrived to have Sateriasis accompany her to Mystica to find another vessel of sin. Before he left, he entrusted the mansion to Lukana, watched as I.R. entrusted her human body to Mikulia, and gave Gumina a passionate kiss goodbye. With I.R.'s cat body in his coat, he arrived at the town and was directed to find an altar in the Misty Mountains. Entering the local bakery, Venomania met the beautiful Lilien Turner and tried to ask for directions to the mountains. After his presence was discovered by Lilien's father, he had Lilien escort the duke to the mountain range.

Chatting with Lilien on the way, the conversation eventually turned to mentioning the recent disappearance cases and Venomania learned that Lilien had been friends with Lukana before she joined his harem. Once they arrived at the foot of the mountain, Venomania gave an intimate farewell to the flustered girl and headed for the mountain range, taking I.R. out of his coat. As he approached the altar in the mountain's ruins, the duke talked with I.R. about how he hadn't even known that Lilien was one of Lukana's childhood friends.

The Duke heads to Marquis Ferdinand's estate

Arriving at the altar, he invoked his lust powers and opened a secret passage to a burial chamber. Inside, he found a spoon in a pile of treasure. Although believing it was a second vessel of sin,[6] I.R. corrected him that it was a magic tool made by her father and he quickly lost interest. As I.R. cursed her officer, Tette Cetera, for her false lead, Venomania expressed interest in adding her to his harem. He then departed from the tomb, planning to take shelter for the night with Marquis Ferdinand, who was himself investigating the disappearances.

While seeking refuge at the Ferdinand Mansion, I.R. attached herself to his wife and Sateriasis massacred the rest of the household. The next day, he returned to the bakery and paid Lilien's father to let him take Lilien out for a stroll, before approaching and flirting with the girl herself. He then had Lilien take him on a tour of the town, looking through the marketplace and then dancing together.

Venomania kisses Lilien

Later that day, Venomania returned to the mansion and met with I.R., who showed him Marquis Ferdinand's secret room full of Maylis Beelzenia's possessions. Spotting a portrait of Maylis, the duke became fascinated by her beauty and decided to acquire her.[5] Several days since his outing with Lilien, the duke bought her a lavish dress and had her visit him in the Ferdinand mansion that night.

Venomania stayed with Lilien in one of the bedrooms and shared a passionate kiss with her, until she deduced he was Lukana's abductor after spotting her bracelet on his wrist. As Sateriasis tried to convince the girl to come with him willingly, he nonetheless ended up invoking his powers when she tried to flee. Shortly after he did, Lilien's friend Rajih Assad entered and confronted him over the massacre of Ferdinand's household. Undergoing a demonic transformation,[13] Sateriasis attacked Rajih and badly wounded him before shattering his weapon.

Although Rajih continued to struggle and weather Sateriasis' taunts, he collapsed from his injuries and Sateriasis reverted his transformation in triumph. With Lilien properly entranced, Venomania departed for Lasaland with I.R. and explained to her what had happened. While eager to return to his harem, the mage reminded him of Tette Cetera's waiting punishment and Venomania became eager to make love with her too.[1] Sometime after, Sateriasis received Lilien in his mansion with the rest of his harem.[14]


"I think even you must have realized it, Duke... You have already begun to be suspected as the culprit behind the disappearance of women. I have no intention of being taken down along with you."
―I.R. to Sateriasis[src]

The duke continues to build his harem

The duke continued his antics, adding Mewtant Lusha, Tette, and Rio Neja to his harem. He later seduced the Beelzenian spy Neruneru Nerune. After Neruneru lured Princess Maylis to Asmodean, Sateriasis was confronted by her at his mansion, accused of being the culprit. He then argued with her over making her his wife, claiming he was a god that gave women the love they wanted. As Maylis continued to resist him, Sateriasis enchanted her as well.

One morning he learned that Lolan Eve was discovered dead after he spent time with her the previous night. As Lukana spoke with him over the matter, Sateriasis expressed his indifference, much to Lukana's shock.[12] Later on, in order to monitor the other women's health, Sateriasis found and enchanted the elderly Annlee Sweets due to her previous occupation as a doctor. Later on, Sateriasis noticed that Gumina hadn't shown herself in days. Worrying she had ended up like Lolan, he went to her room and found her painting; exasperated that she still hadn't forgotten Cherubim, Sateriasis took her painting supplies and burned her canvases, forbidding her from painting.

Later that year, the Duke was visited by the famed Elluka Clockworker, turning her away due to being in a bad mood and aware she was investigating him at the behest of the Beelzenian Imperial Family. Telling I.R., Sateriasis learned that Elluka was I.R.'s foe; I.R. then recommended he enchant her as well. A few hours later, he found I.R. using Lukana as a medium, planning to flee with the Venom Sword. As I.R. explained that she foresaw the Duke's downfall, Sateriasis forced her relinquish Lukana, although allowing her to leave with the sword and her original medium.

Venomania stabbed by Karchess Crim

Brushing off I.R.'s concern, Sateriasis was visited by Karchess Crim disguised as Elluka; after seemingly invoking his powers upon "her", he brought his new bride to the basement. As they embraced, Karchess stabbed Venomania in the chest with the Golden Key and triumphantly revealed himself to the duke.

While Karchess left to search for Yufina, Sateriasis collapsed from the wound; calling for the demon, he learned that, as he had been stabbed with another vessel of sin, the key, he was going to die while the demon would return to its vessel until it found a new host. Once the demon's voice disappeared, Sateriasis' face returned to its original deformed state; around this time, all of his memories returned and the duke realized that he, in fact, was Cherubim.[3]

As the women, freed from his spell, fled the mansion, Cherubim saw Gumina about to join them before she looked back.[15] Realizing he had never confessed his feelings to her, he desperately called out to her to say he truly loved her and explain that he was Cherubim, not Sateriasis. However, he could only breathlessly watch her leave him before dying of his injury.[3]


"To save a woman in trouble–Isn't that only natural for a man?"
―Sateriasis to Kayo and Riliane[src]

Following his death, Sateriasis' soul remained barred from the Heavenly Yard due to his contract and as a result he ended up in the Hellish Yard; during this time, he was able to retain his brother's face as his "ideal" form and left his original identity behind completely. During his time in the underworld, the Master of the Hellish Yard told Sateriasis the story of the sun god's charge Allen Avadonia, the boy called "Irregular".[16] In EC 999, as the ground world merged with the Hellish Yard, Venomania returned to the Third Period; as a result of the merge,[17] his memories and those of others in Asmodean reconstructed the capital Lasaland and the former Duke returned to the site of his mansion.

Meeting with Lukana, Mikulia, Gumina and Maylis, the former Duke invited the members of his former harem to live with him once again of their own free will, promising to behave for their cooperation.[16] Some time after, the Master of the Hellish Yard visited and took Sateriasis back to the bowels of the Hellish Yard.[18]

Since then, Sateriasis waited at the judgment door with Gallerian Marlon and his descendant Kayo Sudou until the Master of the Hellish Yard arrived with Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche and Prim Marlon, pleased that their new arrivals were women. Sateriasis later watched as Gallerian suddenly summoned Sleep Princess; during the confrontation, as Sleep Princess hypnotized Prim into attacking, Sateriasis brainwashed her in turn with his power. As Gallerian and Michelle escaped, Sateriasis and the others were blown out of the Hellish Yard in the process, winding up back at his estate in Asmodean.

Sateriasis accompanies Riliane and Kayo in confronting the theater inhabitants

After being welcomed home by his harem, Sateriasis decided to tag along with Kayo and Riliane as they went to Evil's Theater, convincing them to let him go since he was only one who could counter Sleep Princess' hypnosis.[19] Arriving underneath Evil's Theater, Sateriasis sprouted wings and flew Kayo and Riliane up, dodging the gunfire of the Tasan Party soldiers. The three then followed Sleep Princess into the director's office, listening to Gammon Octo and then Gallerian Marlon's explanation of how they were trying to rebuild the world.

After Ma's consciousness suddenly resurfaced from within Riliane, Sateriasis was absorbed along with the rest of the contractors.[20] Following Ma's defeat, Sateriasis separated from the fusion.[21] After Allen and Riliane later created a new world with the Re_birthday function, Sateriasis participated in the ball at the Lucifenian Royal Palace[22] before being presumably incorporated into the Fourth Period.[23]


After his death, I.R. named the vessel of Lust the "Venom Sword" to express her "thanks" to him.[24] At the end of the incident, the exact number of victims that Venomania had in his harem was unknown.[25] Due to his interactions with the Venom Sword, the children Sateriasis sired with Maylis, Lukana and Mikulia and their descendants gained the potential to develop Hereditary Evil Raiser Syndrome and pass it onto future generations.[24] His children later led to many famous descendants, including Banica Conchita, Gast Venom, Germaine Avadonia and Gammon Octo in the late 10th century EC.[26]

During her investigation of the incident and its aftermath, Elluka Clockworker learned from Gumina about Cherubim and their interactions leading up to the massacre. In the years following the incident, Gumina continued painting portraits of Sateriasis at her home in Elphegort, eventually producing dozens of works depicting Duke Venomania's visage. Earning the moniker as the "Duke of Lust", Levin followers of the Held sect began spreading word of Sateriasis' demonic deeds.[24] With the duke memorialized as a "demon" in myth, devout Levin followers often persecuted those identified as his descendants, such as "The Demon of Asmodean".[27] As time progressed however, the more supernatural elements of the Duke were deemed fictitious by the late EC 900s.[28]

Despite this, his crimes were still remembered and one criminal, Scherzer, even attempted to mimic the incident Cherubim had caused.[29] Less than a century after the duke's death, Asmodean became an independent state and Venomania was regarded as a celebrity for the country. As a result, Duke Venomania became a part of Asmodean culture, such as the Asmodean Emperor deriving several of his powers from the Venomania dukes.[30]

Elluka Clockworker later passed on her knowledge of Sateriasis to the historian Will Jaakko, who later compiled a manuscript regarding the vessels of sin.[31] Centuries after the Duke's death, Yukina Freezis visited the site of his ruined mansion while investigating Will's writings on the Seven Deadly Sins.[32] The novelist later wrote a Freezis Fairy Tale inspired by Venomania's actions, entitled "The Duke and the Four Women" and became among her more popular works.[33]

Personality and Traits

"At any rate, I have a spell that allows me to fulfill what they hunger for. And so I was able to grant these women a new happiness. This... is the work of ‘god’. I am a god who makes women happy."
―Sateriasis' twisted reasoning[src]

Sateriasis' conceit in his own power

Sateriasis was a selfish and hedonistic man. Due to his background, Sateriasis had a stunted social development and was embittered by the ridicule and abuse he suffered because of his deformity. This bitterness and hatred of his family remained with him even when his memories had been wiped of the cause. As the Demon of Lust encouraged him to behave like a HER, Venomania's bitterness transformed into a complete disrespect for women and life, thinking nothing of brainwashing his harem members and slaughtering countless innocents while masking his bitterness under delusions of grandeur. After being freed of his lust, however, Sateriasis preferred instead to be chivalrous and helpful to women.

Cherubim originally was a quiet, lonely boy who had the self-control to tolerate the abuse he faced. After being scorned by his love, Cherubim broke under the pressure and lost control; this loss of control was capitalized on by the Demon of Lust. Its magic made him impulsive and quick to go to extremes, reflected in Sateriasis' tendency to commit most of his murders as massacres and his rape of women as a large-scale harem; he similarly had trouble controlling his libido and his sexual addiction only increased over time. Fitting this, Sateriasis' natural cluelessness warped into conceited arrogance and childishness, allowing him to easily be taken by surprise.

Venomania's insatiable sexual appetite

Sateriasis gradually developed an obsession with collecting women as his "wives," believing himself in love with any beautiful woman he met no matter her class, sexuality, or age. Sateriasis cared little for his wives as individuals, though, save for a few favorites, and was unconcerned with their deaths. Despite this, as his lust grew he deluded himself into believing that he was akin to a god granting women the "love" that they were unable to obtain in their own lives, believing that he would create a utopia of women in love with and loved by him. In the afterlife Sateriasis maintained a positive view of polygamy and remained fiercely jealous of rivals, although with a harem made up of genuinely-consenting women.

Outwardly, "Sateriasis" hid his darker nature by appearing a charismatic, kind, and humble duke. Ironically, when amnesiac about his possession, Venomania was horrified by the depravities he desired and, as Cherubim, had been deeply guilty over his massacre of his family. He similarly began his reign as duke being far more humble and awkward, possibly due to his true background. Because of his abuse, however, he loathed his former identity and personality as Cherubim; following his death he stubbornly retained his Sateriasis identity, albeit much more toned down.

Skills and Abilities

"Heh...Don't forget why we're here. If you want further power..."
"I understand."
―I.R. and Venomania[src]

Venomania slicing through solid iron with ease

Despite being trapped in a basement for part of his life, Venomania was very shrewd; he was extremely successful as the Duke of Asmodean and well-versed in reading, writing,[6] and, also dancing.[5] With his position of authority, Venomania was a capable actor, portraying himself as a respectful, humble, and kindhearted duke and that he was as confused about the mysterious disappearances as everyone else. His influence as one of the Five Dukes, also allowed him to track the progress of the Empire's investigation into the disappearances.[34]

After sealing a contract with the Demon of Lust, Venomania was granted all of the powers of the Venom Sword and the Demon of Lust, particularly in being able to brainwash the opposite sex, manipulate memories, and enact a demonic transformation. Because of his connection to the Demon, Sateriasis could freely interact with it telepathically,[8] as well as invoke his powers to sense other sources of magical power.[5] However, to keep his powers' potency intact, he was required to constantly have intercourse with and take the life energy of some in his harem.[3] During his tenure as a servant, he was capable in performing the duties required of him.[7] He also had basic knowledge of the Magic Kingdom Levianta and its figures.[5]

Character Connections

I.R.: Venomania's partner. While initially bewildered by her sudden appearance and skeptical of her claims, Sateriasis became amused by I.R.'s secretive nature and what he perceived as her needless concern. Although genuinely thankful to the mage for interrupting his suicide and interested in bedding her medium, he was less enthusiastic with helping her achieve her own goals and expressed more interest in building his harem.

Gumina Glassred: Venomania's childhood friend and later member of his harem. The duke became friends with Gumina at a young age and fell in love with her. He became devastated when she publicly mocked him and her engagement to Sateriasis was revealed, this driving him to seal a contract with a demon. Nonetheless, Venomania continued to love her until his death, though his love was warped by his heartbreak and lust.

Lukana Octo: A woman in Venomania's harem. During his memory loss, the duke grew to care greatly for Lukana over the time they spent together, initially resisting his lustful urges towards her. He was traumatized by her rejection, however, reminded of Gumina scorning him, and quickly adopted a more callous attitude towards her well-being and personal life. Brainwashing Lukana into his harem, Sateriasis maintained a false relationship with her and trusted the tailor with helping to manage the other women.

Maylis Beelzenia: A woman in Venomania's harem. The duke became fascinated with Maylis' portrait, finding her to be very beautiful, and resolved to seduce her into his harem. He maintained a false relationship with her while she was in his harem.

Lilien Turner: A woman in Venomania's harem. The duke became attracted to Lilien and preferred spending time with her during his time in Mystica, seducing her more subtly over several days. Venomania was disappointed at ultimately having to use the power of Lust on Lilien, having believed that this time it wouldn't be necessary. After she was in his harem he maintained his false relationship with her.

Rajih Assad: A rival for Lilien's affections. The duke thought little of Rajih initially, intending to kill him in his demon form and not understanding the relationship that he had with his newest victim. Rajih's convictions and love for Lilien reminded him of his own past love for Gumina.

Mikulia Greeonio: A woman in Venomania's harem. The duke seduced Mikulia due to her beauty and maintained a false relationship with her in his harem, giving her gifts and treating her with more kindness than her own parents. She was among his chosen "favorites" in his harem.

Karchess Crim: Venomania's murderer. The duke met Karchess while the latter was disguised as a woman and welcomed "her" to his harem, finding "her" to be very beautiful. When Karchess stabbed the duke and revealed himself, Venomania was deeply shocked.

Sateriasis Venomania: Venomania's younger brother. Although very close to Sateriasis in childhood, Cherubim became envious of Sateriasis' handsome face and popularity, which was cemented into hate when Gumina rejected him. Before regaining his memories, Sateriasis believed himself to be his brother and, even after regaining his memories again, preferred to keep his Sateriasis identity over his own. 

Hakua Netsuma: A woman in Venomania's harem. Venomania found Hakua and seduced her due to her similarity to I.R.'s medium, and he maintained a false relationship with her while in his harem.

Lolan Eve: A woman in Venomania's harem. Venomania became fascinated with tales of Lolan's beauty and "healthy dark skin," using the power of Lust to seduce her against her true sexuality. Although indulging in a false relationship with her, he was unaffected by her resulting mental strain and later death.


Conceptualization and Origin

  • Sateriasis' name is derived from "satyriasis",[35] meaning an "uncontrollable or excessive sexual desire in a man"; the term comes from the satyrs, hedonist creatures from Greek mythology.
  • His last name is a combination of the words "venom" and "nymphomania";[35] the latter word is defined as a woman's uncontrollable or excessive sexual desire.
  • His original name, Cherubim, is the plural form of Cherub, a hierarchy of angels in Judeo-Christian teachings often depicted with multiple faces; the name may be a reference to his deformity.
  • The Duke and his capabilities carries strong parallels with the incubus, a demon in male form that sexually defiles women in their sleep, with continued intercourse with the incubus sometimes leading to death.





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