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"…Well, do as you like. My goal is simply to find the blades that are spoken of in my family. I have no interest in a case like this…Ain’t a big deal."

Saruteito, formally known as Saruteito XVI, was the sixteenth head of the Rangu Clan and a blacksmith from Jakoku. Searching for the legendary blades forged by her ancestor, she befriended Kokutan-douji and joined his party traveling to Onigashima, taking part in various adventures.


Early Life[]

"Well, the rumor is the head of the Rangu clan has joined them."
―Eikichi to Oyuka[src]

Saruteito was born into the Rangu Clan sometime during the EC 800s, the sixteenth generation to be named after her ancestor, Chartette Langley. Living with her family near Momogengou village, she eventually participated in her family's traditions to imitate her ancestor, engaging in swordsmithing, dying her hair red,[1] wearing a monkey mask modeled after hers, and imitating her speech patterns.[2] She later became head of the family.

Journey to Onigashima[]

"You two're headin' for Onigashima, yeah? Then ya should take me along too..."
―Saruteito to Inukichi and Kokutan-douji[src]

Kokutan-douji's party on their journey

In EC 842, Saruteito was assigned to take back the swords sealed by the Octo Family, which Chartette had allegedly forged in Onigashima. After running into Kokutan-douji and Inukichi outside Momogengou, she learned the two were heading for her destination and joined their party, journeying alongside them.

During their travels, the group was attacked by a thief and promptly defeated the bandit. Later on, the group learned about a corrupt magistrate pocketing the people's money on his authority, bringing him to justice before continuing their travels. Later on, the three met a retired crepe silk wholesaler. Afterward, they punished a scoundrel and tattooed playboy. Eventually they departed from the main island and sailed to Onigashima.[3]

Following Leads[]

"Anyway, it doesn't seem like you'll get in our way, that's good."
"Ya say "get in your way", but if I don't know what ya guys're doin', I may interfere with ya mission... yeah."
―Kiji Yarera to Saruteito[src]

After their arrival, Saruteito parted ways while Inukichi began working at the Freezis trading house and Kokutan began living with his alleged "mother", Kayo Sudou. She began investigating the town of Enbizaka for clues about the twin blades' location, noticing the numerous men in business suits doing their own investigation around town. Sometime after, she searched the seaside cliffs and found a cave by the shore that the blades were supposedly stored in. As she investigated and found the cavern empty, she ended up meeting another man, Kiji Yarera, outside it.

After being recognized as one of Kokutan-douji's friends, Saruteito spoke with Kiji, in the process having to explain the reason for her speech patterns to him. In turn, she learned Kiji was investigating the murder of his beloved to take revenge on her killer, despite Saruteito pointing out that such was illegal. Although admitting her mission was just to find the blades her clan spoke of, Saruteito pointed out that Kokutan-douji was likely to get involved once he heard about the murders, and soon after she and Kiji parted ways.[2]

Sometime later, Saruteito sought out Anan Octo at the Freezis Foundation's trade house, having heard that the Octo family kept the twin blades as a family heirloom. After having his maid, Bufuko Tsukimoto, arrange for her to meet with Anan, Saruteito joined him for tea and, upon prompting, discussed her quest to find the swords. Anan in turn explained to her the ties between the Rangu Clan and the Octo Clan beginning from Gaou Octo; the girl learned that the family had indeed kept the demonic swords sealed in the cavern on the shore of Onigashima, with not even Anan knowing what they look like.

Saruteito drank tea and they continued to talk; Anan clarified that although he would gladly return the swords to her, they had been stolen by Kagura Octo, Kayo's mother, and were subsequently lost after her death. With this new information, Saruteito prepared to leave; before she did so, she had Anan promise to persuade the magistrate Gato Octo to let her have the swords if she found them by daybreak, in exchange for a katana she herself had crafted. As she left, she encountered Inukichi and he excitedly told her about how he'd finally managed to get a date with Bufuko.[4]

The Killer of Enbizaka[]

Following her lead from Anan, Saruteito traveled to Kayo Sudou's tailor shop; accompanied by Inukichi, she learned how Kokutan-douji had been feeling down since Kayo had fled Enbizaka following Rin Miroku's disappearance. Reaching the tailor shop, they found Kokutan still waiting for Kayo and Saruteito scolded him for not going out to find the woman who was both his alleged mother and likely a murderer. The three friends then discussed the possibility that Kayo wasn't Kokutan's mother after all, and whether or not she could really be the murderer Kiji was looking for.

As Saruteito voiced her plan to spy on Kiji and his men as they pursued Kayo, Inukichi and then Kokutan both planned to accompany her. They prepared to set out on their journey, Saruteito making sure they were all armed, and they set out to find Kiji's men at Mount Inasa. While following the Yarera-Zusco Firm employees, the group was found out and the men confronted them. As Kokutan tried to explain their intentions, Saruteito came forward and soon confronted Kiji himself, the two locked in a stalemate as Kokutan's group wished to talk to Kayo and Kiji to kill her.

Kiji then allowed Kokutan's group to accompany them up the mountain, only for Saruteito to point out Kayo herself, who was descending down it. She watched with the rest as Kayo greeted them, completely covered in blood, and witnessed the woman's subsequent arrest.[4] A month later, Kayo was sentenced to beheading; Saruteito attended her execution and watched as the katana failed to cut off her head, despite the executioner making several attempts. Later, she talked about this with Kokutan in the tea house, the two speculating on how she was able to survive so many continual beheadings.

As they discussed Kayo's plight, the two were interrupted by Bufuko, who brought Kokutan away to speak in private.[5] Afterwards, Kokutan-douji successfully executed Kayo; he later told Saruteito and Inukichi that he would be accompanying Bufuko to a foreign country to look for his real parents. With Inukichi, Saruteito bid her friend a warm farewell, explaining that, since she couldn't find the Twin Blades of Levianta, she planned to make an even better blade. Soon after, Kokutan departed and his group disbanded.[6]

World's End[]

Following her death, Saruteito's soul was sent to the Heavenly Yard and remained there. In EC 999, she and the other souls were pulled back to the Third Period as the ground world merged with the Hellish Yard.[7] When all the souls of the Third Period started singing the Clockwork Lullaby to restrain Ma, Saruteito eventually joined in their singing.[8] After Allen and Riliane later created a new world with the Re_birthday function, Saruteito participated in the ball at the Lucifenian Royal Palace[9] before being presumably incorporated into the Fourth Period.[10]

Personality and Traits[]

"…I am showing respect towards the very first Saruteito-sama of my home clan. It is said that she was always speaking that way, so I do it to emulate her. This monkey mask is also in imitation of the one she used."
―Saruteito to Kiji Yarera[src]

Saruteito was a stern and loyal woman, devout to her family traditions and her personal allies. Despite being burdened to uphold her clan's customs of imitating their ancestor, she was dedicated to follow through with them.[2] Unlike her companions, Saruteito was more serious, possessing a businesslike manner when dealing with people. Despite this, she was somewhat sensitive about her age.[4]

After befriending Kokutan-douji and Inukichi, Saruteito supported them in whatever just cause they threw themselves into despite it sidetracking her main objective, although typically not caring about cases she deemed irrelevant.[2] Brave and enthusiastic, she was seldom deterred by any situation and expected the same out of her friends.[5]

Skills and Abilities[]

"The Rangu family is famed throughout Jakoku for their smithing. A blade made by its sixteenth family head would be valuable beyond measure."
―Anan to Saruteito[src]

Saruteito was able to carry out her family's traditions and was, by extension, a capable blacksmith, creating multiple katanas of high quality for use during her quest. She also utilized tireless skills of investigation to aid her quest of finding the twin blades.[4] She was also a decent fighter, able to assist her companions in defeating the numerous foes they encountered over the course of their journey,[2] although not as skilled as Kokutan in swordplay.[4]

Character Connections[]

Kokutan-douji: Saruteito's friends and traveling companion. Encountering him outside Momgengou, Saruteito eventually befriended the boy and aided him in his adventures.

Inukichi: Saruteito's friend and traveling companion. Encountering him outside Momgengou, Saruteito eventually befriended the boy and aided him in his adventures.

Chartette Langley: Saruteito's distant ancestor. Knowing her as the first Saruteito, Saruteito had a deep respect for the woman and took part in her clan's tradition of imitating her.


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • Saruteito's name is partially inspired by the name of her representative UTAU, Teto, with Saruteito's romanization containing "te" and to".
  • Saruteito's name is similar to the romanization of Chartette's name, シャルテット (sharutetto).
  • Her name contains saru (猿), the Japanese word for monkey.
  • Her friendship with Kokutan-douji is possibly inspired by the tales of Momotarou; one of the talking animals Momotarou befriended was a monkey.