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"If it would be of aid to you, might I lend you my power as the ‘Demon of Greed’? …Of course, I will require certain compensation fees."

Salem Dunbar, later known as the Demon of Greed, was an earthling from the Second Period and later one of the Demons of Sin. As part of the team on the Climb One who intended to repopulate a new planet with human beings, Salem became involved in the creation of the Third Period before being trapped on the ship and later reincarnated as the Demon of Greed.


Early History[]

Born in the Second Period, Earth, Salem became an economist.[1] As the Second Period began to collapse due to HERs contaminating the world, Salem and 71 other scientists boarded one of several spaceships intended to travel to inhabitable planets and repopulate them, theirs under the name Climb One. As they lost contact with all their fellow spaceships, the crew of the Climb One realized they were the last inhabitants of Earth and decided to create a new species in the image of earthlings.

After finding a new planet to inhabit, they set about constructing the new world and species. During this process Seth Twiright, an HER who had secretly boarded the Climb One, instigated the deaths of 62 of the crew members and contaminated the new species to have a possibility of developing HER Syndrome. The remaining crew, including Salem, proposed they reincarnate as gods into the world to guide the humans, unaware that they themselves were HERs.

When their colleagues Held Yggdra and Luna Hazuki disagreed, Salem joined the ensuing fight and was killed along with everyone else when it caused the Climb One to crash, leaving behind only his spirit data. Salem and his colleagues remained trapped in the Climb One for some time while the new species of humans began building their societies; eventually, the humans of Magic Kingdom Levianta discovered the Climb One and established it as a holy relic called the "Sin" ark.[2]

Mantle of Greed[]

Later on, Salem escaped the ark along with his fellow earthlings. Reincarnated as a demon as part of Hänsel and Gretel's Re_birthday in EC 014,[3] Salem became the "Demon of Greed" inhabiting the Marlon Spoon and lost all memories of his former life.[4] Afterwards, the demons and their vessels of sin were scattered across the world,[5] armed with the knowledge of the sun god's rules for demons.[6] When a blacksmith discovered the vessel and attempted to reforge it into a fork, the demon possessed him; going mad as a result, the blacksmith killed himself.[7]

Story of Evil[]

After Queen Prim Marlon gave the spoon to Mikina Freezis in EC 492, the Demon of Greed invoked his power to attract wealth to the merchant's wife, bringing her and her husband massive success with their shop in Aceid, Elphegort. Two years later, Mikina unwittingly forged a contract with the Demon of Greed to save her son, Shaw.

In EC 505, Abyss I.R. possessed Mikina and used the demon's power from the spoon to fight off the guards at Lioness Castle in Marlon. Several weeks later, Abyss I.R. used the demon's power to battle Germaine Avadonia. After Mikina's consciousness resurged in Lucifenia, Abyss used the Demon of Greed's connection to Mikina to regain control of her body. She then used its flames to trap Yukina Freezis before being interrupted by Rin.[8] After Abyss was defeated, Elluka Clockworker and Gumillia collected the spoon from Mikina and subsequently sealed it.[9] Centuries later, Ma absorbed the demon, only for it to be expelled when Ma was killed.[10]

World's End[]

After the Third Period's destruction and subsequent merging with the Hellish Yard in EC 999, the Demon of Greed regained his memories as Salem. The demons were then approached by the sun god, each of them tasked with helping Allen Avadonia meet with previous sin contractors.

With Allen ignoring Sickle's orders,[11] Salem instead gathered with the other demons in Marlon, staying there with Michaela.[12] Seeing dark clouds in the sky above Evil's Theater, Salem disputed Rahab's theory that catastrophe would occur due to Riliane and Allen reuniting; Rahab then explained her Prophetic Dream in greater detail.[13]


A heavily stylized account of Salem's participation in the Third Period's creation was noted in the Levin Bible, with Salem being one of the six "god kin" who swore allegiance to Levia-Behemo against the "Sun God".[14] Salem's actions as the Demon of Greed sparked chaos and tragedy throughout the history of the Third Period.

Personality and Traits[]

Acting like an HER, Salem was a morally corruptible man. During the creation of the Third Period, he and his colleagues became willing to kill in order to achieve their objectives, and as a demon of sin Salem became rampaging, apathetic, and greedy, having no goals but to sow chaos in the Third Period. Salem was noted, however, for being a proper British gentleman; this trait continued to manifest in the Demon of Greed.

Skills and Abilities[]

As a scientist from the Second Period, Salem had a basic knowledge of all of the advanced technology used by earthlings. Being an economist, Salem was skilled in his field but not especially useful to his colleagues on the Climb One. He was, however, noted for making a good cup of tea while onboard the ship. After his reincarnation into a demon, Salem had all the abilities of the demons of sin, although having no memories of his former life.

As a Demon of Sin, the Demon of Greed was able to possess those who wielded his vessel. While possessing a host, the Demon of Greed was able to influence their personality and actions, fueling their greed and avarice.[15] If a contract was forged between an individual and the Demon, the Demon's host would have access to powers provided by the Demon.

Among the Demon's powers were attracting wealth and conjuring blue fire. Those who wielded the Demon's vessel were blessed with success in business, allowing them to amass a great amount of wealth.[8] The Demon was also, while in the Third Period merged with the Hellish Yard, capable of emitting light that allowed the target to move through the spatial distortions caused by the merge, although the effect was temporary.

Although inhabiting the body of his host while possessing them, the Demon of Greed's true essence remained in the Marlon Spoon. Because of this, the Demon's powers could be inhibited by a sealing spell;[16] similarly, the demon was forced to abide by the "rules" put in place by Sickle until the end of the Third Period.[6]

Character Connections[]

Mikina Freezis: One of the demon's hosts. The Demon of Greed saw Mikina's desperate need to reclaim her child as an opportunity to forge a contract without her knowledge, giving her the power of the spoon in exchange for possessing her.

Luna Hazuki: A fellow earthling. Although originally fine with working with Hazuki as a colleague, Salem became resentful of her philosophy to let the humans work things out for themselves and caused chaos in the Third Period because of this.


Conceptualization and Origins[]

  • Salem's name is a reference to the Salem Witch Trials; Gallerian Marlon, the most infamous contractor of Salem's vessel, was involved in similar witch trials himself.
  • The demon's representative sin is derived from Greed of the Seven Deadly Sins.
  • The Demon of Greed manifests itself as an owl; fittingly, the Ancient Greeks used images of owls on their coins and associated owls with wealth.
  • Owls are also the mounts of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth in Hindu mythology.