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"As the husband and Duke, you have to first attend to your own responsibilities."
―Ron Grapple to Muzuri Conchita[src]

Ron Grapple was the grand chamberlain of the Conchita family. Serving closely to Muzuri Conchita, he was among the household inadvertently cursed during the duke's daughter Banica's birthday celebration. Becoming one of the few survivors of the plight, the man continued working for the ruined noble family.


Early Life

"My Lord, the livestock has been transferred to the barn..."
"Does it look like a delicious animal, yes or no?"
"Well, it... Evidently, it isn't known who the giver of the livestock is."
―Ron and Muzuri[src]

Born in the third century EC, Ron was hired as a servant to Duke Muzuri Conchita around EC 293 and eventually became the grand chamberlain. In November of EC 296, Ron stood by as his employer oversaw the gifts given in honor of the birth of Muzuri's daughter, Banica, explaining to the scatterbrained duke that the sword and shield had come from Empress Juno. As Muzuri accepted gifts, Ron had to calm him over not yet being able to be with his daughter and his wife, Megour.

Ron soon learned about the new gift, a live animal with an unknown sender, being housed in the mansion's barn; with Muzuri, he went into the barn to inspect the red pig. He then watched as Muzuri recognized the new red pig, the baemu, and was witness to his explanation on its rare, legendary status. After Muzuri determined the pig was a gift from God and to be served in tonight's banquet, he was left with the stockman and helped carry the pig to the kitchen. Like the rest of the staff, Ron ate the baemu pig during the celebratory feast that night.[1]

Ten Years of Gula

"I don't know whether the incident of this time is the same as your current one, but if you hold off the disease—no, this "curse" as you call it, for ten years, you might be alright."

Dizzy from hangover the next morning, the chamberlain cleaned the garden before discovering the head cook dead near the kitchen. The family doctor was summoned and confirmed the cook's death, although not his cause of death; fearing he was poisoned by the baemu, Ron reported his concerns to Muzuri and, once instructed, he had everyone examined by the doctor. With no one suffering similar symptoms after a day since eating the pig, everyone began believing the cook died of an unrelated illness. As a new death occurred each day for the next four days, the entire household became increasingly unnerved.

When Muzuri sought the council of AB-CIR regarding the recent deaths, Ron joined the Duke's meeting with the mage the next day; there he learned that the wine glass found in the baemu's stomach was the source of the deaths, having summoned a curse known as the "Gula Disease" that could only be staved off by the household satiating their appetite for the next ten years. Ron then watched as AB-CIR took the wine glass and left.

As the staff continued to die over time, Ron managed to satiate his appetite. Six years later, he attended a meal with Muzuri, Megour, and Banica, witnessing Megour trying to stuff Banica's leftovers down her throat despite his protests. Over time, he continued to satiate himself; when the ten year period finally passed, Ron was one of the only members of the Conchita household to survive the disease, alongside Muzuri and Banica.[1]

Peculiar Engagement

"Prince Carlos. With all due respect, you may not be too keen about this engagement. However, please don't forsake the Conchita family—no, Lady Banica. I want her to be happy no matter what."

After Empress Juno stripped Muzuri of his authority over his territories, Ron took care of the household as the duke's health worsened.[1] When Arte and Pollo came to the mansion, Ron agreed to hire them to take care of Banica in the wake of the deceased staff per Muzuri's instructions. Over the years, the twins refused to let him into their room to clean and he repeatedly told them to take care of their room and its fireplace or it'd become useless.[2]

In June of EC 311, Ron accompanied Banica, Arte, and Pollo to Marlon to meet with her betrothed, Prince Carlos, and introduced her to the prince. While witnessing Prince Carlos' reservations about the marriage and Banica's portly appearance, Ron firmly explained to him the circumstances that afflicted her, while fudging the truth that she had been afflicted with Gula as well.

After Banica finished dining with Empress Juno, her Beelzenian ministers, and the Marlon Royal Family in February of EC 312, Ron witnessed Banica suddenly steal and devour the leftovers like an animal, frozen in horror with the rest of the party. Afterward, the furious King Charon broke off the engagement, fearing Banica was still afflicted with Gula, and the Conchita staff returned home with their mistress.[3]

Gourmet Noble Banica

"Anyway, what's important is that you're safe. How were your travels?"
"Good, they were certainly quite fruitful."
―Ron and Banica[src]

When Banica, Arte, and Pollo began traveling abroad in January, EC 316, the aging Ron remained at the mansion and took care of Duke Muzuri over the next two years. After receiving a letter that the group was returning home from Lioness in a few days, Ron worried of the dangers of Banica being in enemy territory, although set up a meeting with Empress Juno at the imperial palace as requested.

On the day of his mistress' expected return, Ron gave Muzuri medicine and received Banica along with Arte and Pollo, although late in the evening due to travel complications. After a warm greeting from Banica and a rude one from the twins, Ron listened to Banica describe how she enjoyed her trip and brought many souvenirs. After preventing her from waking her resting father, he related he had made the arrangements she requested and watched her depart for the imperial palace.

In August of EC 321, Ron learned Empress Juno planned to restore the Conchita province to the Conchitas in light of Banica's success revitalizing Beelzenia's food culture. After seeing the excited Banica off to the trauben fields to pick the fruit for winemaking, he was summoned to Muzuri's quarters and Ron talked with him about Banica's progress, shortly before Muzuri told him he was going to pass away soon. Assuring him that he and the rest of the late staff bore him no ill will for having him eat the baemu, Ron listened as Muzuri began to entrust Banica to him before finally passing away.[2]

Death and Revival

After Banica was appointed as the new Duke of the Conchita province two months later, Ron continued serving his new lord. When Banica left on a journey with Arte and Pollo in July of EC 323, Ron began cleaning the mansion while they were away; as he cleaned the twins' room, he found a red wine glass stashed in the fireplace. Recognizing the cursed glass, the shocked servant pocketed the cup and planned to go throw it out, only to be blocked by Arte and Pollo. Surprised and perplexed, he listened as the two told him that they would need the glass for Banica's sake, claiming that with it, she would either die or forge a contract. Ron was soon after murdered by Arte and Pollo.[2]

Ron was later revived along with the rest of the servants and made to guard Banica's mansion. When the Beelzenian army surrounded the mansion in March of EC 325, Arte rode upon Ron as a steed while commanding the undead horde to slaughter the soldiers. Somehow, he also discovered that Banica had sired a son.[4] Sent out to ravage the province, the undead Ron eventually wandered into Re Tasan and, wounding three soldiers, was captured under the mayor's orders. There, he was locked up in the city's local jail.

In August, the mayor brought Elluka Clockworker and Platonic to him; Elluka performed a spell on Ron, allowing him to speak. As she questioned him about his name as well as what happened at the Conchita mansion, Ron explained in phrases what he knew, telling Elluka that the wineglass was the source of everything and asking her to save Banica and her child. Soon after, Ron's body fell apart and was reduced to a skeleton.[5]

Personality and Traits

"M'lady! Unlike us, Lady Banica hasn't eaten the baemu. There's no need to force her to eat like that!"
―Ron to Megour[src]

Ron was a loving and loyal man, devoted to serving the Conchitas in both their best and worst of times. Polite and very formal, Ron believed in upholding the duties expected of both his noble lords and himself as their servant. As a result, he could be very strict with his constituents and even his aristocratic masters. However, the man could still relax and enjoy himself when presented the opportunity, enjoying drinking wine, partying, and even the occasional joke. As part of this, he was appreciative of fine cuisine like the baemu pig.[6] He was also a kind and considerate of others, although nevertheless could be annoyed and unnerved by those such as Arte and Pollo.[2]

Skills and Abilities

"As expected of you, Ron. You remember things well."

As a longtime servant, Ron was capable with cleaning and other menial chores, his skills honed from years of serving the Conchitas.[2] As the grand chamberlain, he handled all kinds of tasks in the family and often accompanied the feudal lords he served to fulfill whatever they required of him. His suitable decorum, manner, and memory also made him excellent as both an adviser and representative for the family.[1] However, Ron lacked any apparent combat skills.[2]

Character Connections

Muzuri Conchita: Ron's employer. Ron faithfully served his master and believed him a kind, if scatterbrained man, whom he often ended up chastising as a result of his lackadaisical behavior. Despite his criticisms, Ron never blamed Muzuri for unleashing the Gula plague and served him loyally until his lord's death, comforting him in his final moments and looking after his daughter similarly.

Megour Conchita: Ron's employer. Ron served Megour loyally as a member of the Conchita family and cared for her as he did Muzuri. He was, however, horrified to see her conduct towards Banica during the Gula plague, not understanding her spite towards the child.

Banica Conchita: Ron's later employer. Ron cared deeply for Banica from the day she was born and, although helpless to prevent her abuse during the Gula plague, was protective of her whenever she faced scorn from others because of it. Ron faithfully served his master's daughter up until his death, his loyalty so strong that it became primal, present in his body even when his soul was gone.


Conceptualization and Origin

  • Ron's name is Scottish in origin, meaning "mighty counselor" or "ruler".
  • The English word grapple means to "engage in a close fight or struggle without weapons" or "wrestle".