Rolled[note 1] was a city in Lucifenia, located along the Orgo River. Built up as a merchant town, it was the site of the start and end of the Lucifenian Revolution, becoming an important political symbol of the Lucifenian Republic. During the 7th century EC, it was subjected to the brutal serial killings perpetrated by Lemy the Ripper.



At some point before Lucifenia's independence, Rolled was founded as a merchant town along the Orgo river,[1] organized into numerous blocks. After Lucifenia declared its independence in EC 399, Rolled continued to be part of the Yellow Country. After the royal palace released the Freezis Family from imprisonment in EC 500, Keel Freezis and his family were placed under house arrest at the merchant Corpa's mansion for a short time before secretly departing.[2] Later on, the Venom Mercenaries occupied the town and began abusing the populace under the royal palace's authority.[3]

Lucifenian RevolutionEdit

Later that year, a fight broke out at a tavern on Milanais Square between the mercenaries and members of the resistance, inciting a riot within the city.[3] The riots were later put down after a week before fighting restarted between the resistance and the mercenary forces stationed there. After another week of fighting, the Marlon army covertly joined with the revolutionaries and forced the Venom Mercenaries to retreat.[4]

On December 26, a week and a half later, Princess Riliane was publicly executed at Milanais Square.[5] The city was later annexed by the Blue Country along with the rest of Lucifenia's territory in EC 501.[6] Once Marlon completely reinstated Lucifenia's independence in EC 510, Rolled became part of the new republic.[7] Following the election of its first president, the new government official held his inaugural address in Milanais Square; the tradition was continued over the century by subsequent presidents.[8]

Birth of a DivaEdit

In EC 604, the city began constructing a new theater on Milanais Square. Following the completion of Milanais Theater in EC 606, numerous events were performed each day to celebrate its completion. During one of the events, one of the circus' lions mauled its child tamer shortly before the show;[8] Fifth Pierrot fled the scene shortly after, pursued by the World Police.[9] Afterwards, Rin Chan performed in the circus' place, becoming a hit with the audience.[8]

Rolled Serial KillingsEdit

On August 18, EC 609, President Julia Abelard held her inauguration speech in Milanais Square.[8] On October 6, Ton Corpa was murdered within his home by Lemy Abelard and Rin was abducted by the boy before they fled the city.[10] The next day, a letter claiming Fifth Pierrot's responsibility was sent to the Saintes Fauraux Newspaper. The World Police dispatched a Justea unit to investigate the murders immediately after.

Starting in November of EC 609, a string of serial murders of prostitutes occurred in the city alleyways of 28th Block by the new Fifth Pierrot. After the fifth murder, another letter claiming the Père Noël assassin's responsibility was sent to the Saintes Fauraux Newspaper that month. Soon after, the World Police dispatched a Justea unit to help investigate the killings.[11] The murders then abruptly ended after the death of Isabel Ismael on February 11, EC 610.[12]

The murders later restarted on October 10 of that year with the murder of Congressman Elman Odbang, with individuals critical of President Julia Abelard or investigating said murders were killed as the months progressed. On December 26, Fifth Pierrot was killed by Eighth Sniper while attempting to murder Investigator Ayn Anchor.[9] On January 26, Julia Abelard fled the city shortly after announcing her resignation from the presidency. Later that night, the World Police arrested her maid Phoebe Aymieux on suspicion of her involvement with Père Noël.[13]

World's EndEdit

In EC 999, Rolled was completely decimated by Punishment. Following the end of the Third Period, the destruction site merged with the Hellish Yard along with the rest of the ground world.[14]


Milanais SquareEdit

Milanais Square[note 2] was the central square in Rolled. The square was built along the Orgo River and lined with taverns and inns, as well as the city's Milanais Theater on the western end. It was the staging ground at the start of the Lucifenian Revoluion and the location of Princess Riliane's execution at its closure. Following the revolution, Milanais Square became a symbol of the Lucifenian Republic's liberty and each president gave their inaugural address at the square.[8]

Abelard MansionEdit

The Abelard Mansion[note 3] was the residence of the Abelard Family, located on 1st Block. It had a surrounding wall and main gate protecting it. It had affluently decorated rooms and a treasury.[8]

Corpa MansionEdit

Main Article: Corpa Mansion

The residence of the Corpa family. The mansion was very spacious and had at least two floors with richly decorated rooms and a basement.[10] It maintained a large yard and garden outside.[15] After Marlon added Lucifenia as a territory, Corpa began holding banquets regularly at his mansion to celebrate his booming business.[15]


A brothel located on 7th Block. It roomed for numerous prostitutes and their clients as well as a living quarters for its owner. The whorehouse also had a storage room.[11]


A bakery located on 28th Block. It served bread and other baked goods.[11]

Orgo RiverEdit

The Orgo River[note 4] was a river running through the city. It powered a waterwheel located near the city's 28th Block, generating power for the adjacent building.[11] Milanais Square was also built along the river.[8]


An orphanage operating in the city. The orphanage housed numerous abandoned or lost children, supplying instructors and staff to help raise and teach them.[8]


A cemetery located in the city. It contained numerous graves and housed the remains of the deceased.[13]

Known InhabitantsEdit


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • The city's name, "Rolled" (ロールド), along with the name of its fellow city Rollam (ローラム), is likely a reference to the road roller (ロードローラー), a vehicle often associated with the Kagamine twins.




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