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Rituals were a method of casting magic spells. They typically involved extensive preparation, and often required great magical power.


Clockwork Secret Art[]

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Clockwork Secret Art[note 1] was a type of spell associated with Elluka Clockworker and Gumillia. It was usually activated by an elaborate ritual and required a large amount of magic to power it, although it could also be cast without said ritual.[1] When activated, the spell created a magnetic field over an area and allowed the user to warp time and space at will.[2]

Reincarnation Ritual[]

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A type of magic specialized in by Elluka Clockworker. It was activated by a ritual that involved drawing a magic circle in the ground in an astrologically suited area. When performed, the ritual allowed the user to incarnate a target into a human body.[3] An individual could also perform the ritual on themselves provided they had enough magical power, and could thus reverse it and revert to their original form.[4]

Summon Rain[]

A type of magic associated with Elluka Clockworker. It was activated by a ritual that involved sacrificing a Ziz Tiama while praying to the gods. When performed, the ritual caused rain to pour over an area; the spell's strength varied with the quality of the sacrifice, with a good sacrifice causing a permanent mist over the area.[5]

Wipe Memories[]

A type of magic associated with the Demon of Lust and its contractors. It could be used to erase a memories of an individual or multiple people in an area, and was activated by a chanting ritual around the Venom Sword that could be joined in by others. The spell's range of effect could be adjusted by the user; additionally, it had the risk of backfiring and even erasing the memories of the user themselves if they did not restrain their power.[6] It could be countered by the god Held and those he extended his protection to.[7]




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