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"I've been waiting... though for whom, I don't know."
―Rin Miroku[src]

Rin Miroku was the youngest daughter of the Miroku Family. Born with the nagging feeling that she was waiting for someone important, the young girl occasionally helped her father and mother with their dry goods business while awaiting that someone's return. She was one of Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche's reincarnations.


Early LifeEdit

"Not just today either. Yesterday, the day before that, and even long before that—since the time I was born."
―Rin regarding her feeling of waiting[src]

Rin was born into the Miroku Family sometime during the EC 820s. Raised by her parents Kai and Mei alongside her elder sister Miku, Rin grew up feeling that she was waiting for someone, although she didn't know who. Eventually, she began helping with the family dry goods business. When a great fire struck Enbizaka in EC 838, she and her mother and sister remained at home while the fire ravaged the main town on the other side of the river; shortly after, the family discovered the back of Kai's left hand was severely burned.[1] She later learned that her sister started dating Kiji Yarera of the Yarera-Zusco Firm.[2]


"Are you waiting for someone too, Onee-san?"
"... Why would you think that?"
"Somehow, I get that feeling from your face."
―Rin and Kayo Sudou[src]

In early EC 842, Rin was left with watching the store due to the rest of her family going out. The shop was then visited by a woman she didn't know, Kayo Sudou, and Rin explained to her how the rest of her family was out and that she couldn't do any of the work herself. Rin then fell to telling the woman about her sensation of waiting for someone, admitting that she had the feeling that Kayo was the same way. Afterwards Rin watched as, stricken, the woman told her that the people she was waiting for would never come back and left.[1]

Later that year, Rin began watching her mother after she became sick. Later in the day she welcomed her father home and reported Mei's condition and that Miku was likely at Kiji's house. As Kai ranted his disapproval of the foreign Kiji, Rin snapped at him to not yell at her about it and then saw him go to the back of the shop.[2]

Enbizaka Murderer ScandalEdit

After the brutal murder of Rin's mother in spring of that year, as well as Miku's a few month's later, Rin grieved terribly for both losses.[3] Later on, she went to her father's hometown in Amayomi to recover, making a lot of new friends. During this time, she acquired one of the Four Mirrors of Lucifenia and, contracting with the Demon of Pride, later dreamed of her past life as Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche and that Kayo Sudou would murder her on the Onigashima shoreline.


Rin confronts Kayo at the beach

Sometime after, Rin returned home for about a week and went out with Kai. The two visited a hairpin shop and, after picking out a golden hairpin for herself, Rin had the shopkeeper Oyuka help put it in her hair. While Oyuka worked with her hair, Rin spoke with Kai about her time in Amayomi and how she'd be leaving in a week, with Kai promising to join her by spring-time the following year. After Oyuka finished and Rin admired her new look, she left the shop with Kai.

That night, the girl went to the beach and waited until Kayo arrived later that evening, greeting her and revealing to her the prophetic dream she'd received. After she revealed the hand mirror she owned and pointed out its similarity to the Twin Blades of Levianta the tailor possessed, Rin explained how she had regained her memories and knew who she was waiting for.

Even as Kayo mocked her "childish fantasy," Rin became determined not to die until she'd reunited with Allen and invoked the Demon of Pride to help her defeat Kayo. Met with no response from the demon, Rin was mortally injured by Kayo and, after her murderer apologized and took her hairpin, the child succumbed to her wounds.[4]


In the days following her death, Rin's body was never found and her disappearance was investigated in connection to her mother and sister's murders. Kai later fled the town before being confronted by Kayo wearing all three women's articles of clothing, who subsequently murdered him shortly before her arrest.[5] During her trial, Kayo claimed she had murdered Rin and her mother and sister because they were in an affair with her husband. She was soon after convicted and executed for her crimes.[6] When Gakusha asked about Kayo's gibbeted head, the monk was told about her ghastly murder of Rin and the other Mirokus.[7]

Personality and TraitsEdit

Rin was a kind but sharp-tongued girl. While maintaining a polite demeanor, especially with strangers, she was also quite blunt, giving facts in a straightforward manner and usually speaking her mind.[1] After losing both her mother and sister, Rin fell into a mild depression and became significantly less responsive, though eventually cheering up a little. Fitting her straightforward demeanor, she was unafraid to face her family's murderer head-on and even was willing to make a contract with a demon if it gave her the strength to do what she wished.[4]

Aside from this, Rin had a nagging feeling since birth that she was waiting for someone, though unaware who that someone was for her entire life. As a result, she thought the matter over often, hoping to understand this strange feeling.[1] After regaining her memories as Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche, Rin also treasured her past life's relationship with Allen Avadonia and became determined to remain alive until she met him no matter the cost.[4]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Rin was trustworthy enough to watch over her family's shop alone. She was also decent at business, helping out with her family's livelihood. However, she had limited knowledge of the business' systems, not knowing the pricing of their kimono.[1] After contracting with the Demon of Pride, Rin was able to heal from any injury unless dealt by another contractor or similar demonically-fueled attack, although she did not appear to receive any special strength from the demon.[4]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Kai Miroku: Rin's father. Rin loved her father deeply and performed her duties as his daughter, pitching in with the family business. She also loved being doted on by him, such as being bought her golden hairpin and being promised a new kimono to match it. Despite this, she did not share Kai's views regarding foreigners and was unafraid to challenge them, also irritated whenever he was unreasonably angry.

Mei Miroku: Rin's mother. Rin loved Mei deeply, caring for her while sick, and performed her duties as Mei's daughter to pitch in with the family business.

Miku Miroku: Rin's sister. Rin loved Miku and referred to her affectionately, taking her death particularly hard and needing to leave Enbizaka to recover from it. She also was willing to think the better of her boyfriend, in contrast to their father Kai.

Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche: Rin's previous incarnation. Rin regained her memories as the Lucifenia princess following her contract with the Demon of Pride.

Kayo Sudou: Rin's murderer. Rin and Kayo originally had a cordial relationship, which ended bitterly as a result of Kayo's revenge plan against Kai.

Lilith Baldured: Rin's later incarnation. Rin passed on to Lilith her grieving sense of "waiting" for someone.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Rin's name is written as 燐 in Japanese kanji, using the kanji for "phosphorus".
  • Rin shares her name with that of her representative Vocaloid, Kagamine Rin.
  • Like her previous incarnation, she also forged a contract with the Demon of Pride and used the name Rin.
  • Her surname is written as 三六 in Japanese kanji, literally meaning "36".[8]
  • The name Miroku is taken from the atomic number of Krypton; this is a reference to Crypton Future Media Inc., the company that produced Rin's representative Vocaloid.




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