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"Lucifenia’s boasted diva, Rin Chan, has made her appearance."
―Bruno Marlon[src]

Rin Chan was a diva living in Rolled in the Lucifenian Republic and a childhood friend of Lemy Abelard. Growing up in the local orphanage, Rin was adopted by Ton Corpa and trained to become a professional singer. After having her face changed by Seventh Magician, she became a sensation across Evillious until losing her singing voice. Soon caught in a scandal, she feared for her life before being rescued by Lemy.


Early Life[]

"Rin and I were raised at the same orphanage. We were friends."
―Lemy Abelard[src]

Rin was born in the Lucifenian Republic during the EC 590s and orphaned at a young age; growing up in the local orphanage in Rolled, she became close friends with another orphan, Lemy. During their time at the orphanage, Rin learned to read picture books and sing beautifully. On December 27, EC 600, Senator Julia Abelard adopted Lemy and Rin was left in the orphanage.[1]

Soon after, she was adopted by the merchant Ton Corpa and worked as a servant in his local mansion. Later on, the man discovered her great singing talent and plotted to make her a professional singer for his profit. Going along with the idea, Rin allowed Ton to take her to a fortune teller's store in Rollam, where a woman called "Seventh Magician" changed Rin's face into that of Princess Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche with a sword inhabited by a demon. Afterward, Ton set himself up as the girl's manager for her upcoming career.[2]

Diva of Lucifenia[]

"I heard her singing voice lots. There's no mistaking it. There's absolutely no doubt that's Rin... But her face is super different."

Rin debuts at Milanais Theater

A few days after the completion of Milanais Theater in EC 606, the excited Rin was brought there to perform for her new career's debut. After one of Ton's other child performers was suddenly mauled by a lion backstage, the singer was rushed to stand-in for the opening act and amazed the audience with her singing voice.[1] Afterward, Rin Chan became a sensation as a child prodigy, performing all over Evillious.

Overjoyed by her new beautiful face and ever-growing fame, she nonetheless gradually began to suffer as Ton forced her to constantly perform and, at last, lost her singing voice. Afterward, Ton brought in a Netsuma girl named Chansaux to replace her; discovering Seventh Magician had closed shop and couldn't change the Netsuma's discriminated appearance, he instead had Rin continue publicly performing while secretly lip-syncing to Chansaux.[2]

Rin was later scheduled to sing at President Julia Abelard's inauguration party at the Lucifenian Palace on August 18 of EC 609; while lip-syncing in the Hall of Mirrors,[1] she noticed her childhood friend Lemy nearby speaking to a blue-haired man. After departing, Rin Chan left Lucifenia to perform at a concert in Asmodean;[2] then, she traveled to Elphegort and performed in Aceid's Central Theater on September 10. In the wake of a former manager of hers leaking that she had lip-synced her songs,[3] Rin Chan returned with Ton to his mansion and later declined an interview with the Schuburg Newspaper regarding the allegations.[2]

Accidental Kidnapping[]

"But... That's not all, Mr. Ton's gonna kill me too. I heard him talking with someone, saying he "should find someone new"."

On October 6, Rin Chan learned that Ton had killed Chansaux in the basement to remove evidence of her lip-syncing, overhearing that he was planning to kill and replace her as well. Soon after he locked her in her room; where she remained until, to her surprise, Lemy arrived and, despite not having a key, got the door open. After she greeted Lemy, Rin begged him to help her escape and explained her situation. The two then tried to flee, only to run into Ton on the way out.

Terrified, Rin watched her manager prepare to kill her and Lemy, only for Lemy to overpower and slaughter the man with a smile on his face. Appalled by her friend's actions, Rin lashed out at Lemy and he forced her to come with him into a carriage, riding with him on the way to Toragay. After a few hours, Rin finally regained her composure and apologized for her behavior, the two making plans to go to Lemy's aunt in Calgaround after stopping to rest. The children rented a room at an inn in Aceid, where Rin Chan told Lemy everything that had happened to her; explaining how Seventh Magician had changed her face to look like Riliane's, she proposed the possibility that Lemy was descended from the Lucifenian Royal Family, only for her friend to dismiss the idea.[2]

That evening, Rin and Lemy arrived in Calgaround and made their way to the mayor's home. Rin watched as Lemy was greeted by his aunt Mayrana, the town mayor, and his mother, Julia Abelard.[2] After Lemy begged his mother to help Rin, she was allowed into Mayrana's custody and, after the boy left with his mother,[4] left to live freely in the basement.

On October 21, Elluka Clockworker and Gumillia came and found Rin in the basement; as Gumillia suggested taking her back to Rolled, the frightened Rin refused, fearing her lip-syncing would be discovered. While being taken upstairs, she watched as Elluka was attacked by Gatt Coulomb and,[5] with Gumillia, rushed her to the coachman outside to be taken to the hospital in Aceid.[6]


"Impossible! You can't just change a person's face so easily!"
"Really now?—  I actually found that out in Elphegort. It was a woman who Yuzette... No, "Seventh Magician" changed her face. Upon her request, I won't give out her name, but she promised to testify in court proper if necessary."
―Bruno Marlon and Ayn Anchor[src]

Shortly after returning to Aceid, Rin was taken in by Gatt and disappeared from the public eye again, living with Phoebe Aymieux's younger sister.[4] In the latter half of May of EC 610, Rin was found by Justea investigator Ayn Anchor, who questioned her in relation to the criminal organization Père Noël. Relating everything she knew about Seventh Magician and her face-changing ability, Rin agreed to testify in court if necessary but otherwise remain anonymous for her own protection.[7]

Taken into protective custody by the World Police, Rin continued helping with their investigation into Père Noël although avoiding details regarding Lemy and his mother's involvement, claiming she didn't know Fifth Pierrot's identity.[8] After Fifth Pierrot was allegedly killed and Père Noël fell apart at the end of January of EC 611, Rin resumed her singing career. On February 15, she sang an open concert in Milanais Square before a large crowd.[9]

World's End[]

Following her death, Rin's soul was sent to the Heavenly Yard and remained there. In EC 999, she and the other souls were pulled back to the Third Period as the ground world merged with the Hellish Yard.[10] After Allen and Riliane later created a new world with the Re_birthday function, Rin participated in the ball at the Lucifenian Royal Palace, where she singed before the public as they waltzed.[11] After that, she was presumably incorporated into the Fourth Period.[12]

Personality and Traits[]

"At first, I was happy. I got a more beautiful face than before and became more and more famous—  But, it gradually became painful."

Rin Chan was a good-natured and ambitious young girl. Despite her poor background and later abuse, she showed a kind disposition to everyone.[2] This also extended to Rin's body language, maintaining a calm and polite demeanor in most situations.[1] She also thought killing was immoral and was terrified when faced with it. Due to her love for singing, Rin was initially overjoyed at the chance to become a famous diva, willing to even change her face, and was pleased with the attention. However, her constant abuse under Ton took a toll on the child and she became miserable being essentially enslaved to her manager.[2]

Despite her association with the criminal underworld, Rin was still willing to help the authorities find and bring to justice the criminals involved in Lemy's organization,[7] though remaining protective of anything directly harmful to Lemy or his family.[8] Although originally having a pretty pale, freckled face with black hair, Rin took a liking to Princess Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche's face that she gained via the Venom Sword, considering the royal appearance both beautiful and preferable.[2]

Skills and Abilities[]

"That day, Rin Chan performed 39 songs in total, including two encore performances. And so once again she has earned our admiration for her true merit, with a voice that will never dry up even across vast distances."
―The Schurburg Newspaper on Rin's supposed singing talent[src]

Possessing an otherwise average intelligence, Rin Chan was a talented prodigy in singing, with a voice beautiful enough to soothe an irate crowd. Despite her youth and inexperience, she was particularly skilled in opera and was able to project her voice over a wide audience.[1] Although having an impressive endurance, Rin's singing voice wasn't without limit and eventually gave out entirely under Ton's abusive management.[2] She did, however, regain her singing ability after her extensive break from her career.[9]

Although not originally possessing a stage-worthy presence, Rin Chan gained the royal visage of Princess Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche after her face was changed with the Venom Sword, giving her the standing and beauty to be a very popular diva. She was otherwise very capable on-stage and could lip-sync flawlessly.[2]

Character Connections[]

Lemy Abelard: Rin's childhood friend. Rin became good friends with Lemy over the course of their time in the orphanage and had a close relationship with the boy. Although initially frightened by his great capacity for killing someone, she nonetheless appreciated what he had done for her and refused to give him away to the police.

Ton Corpa: Rin's manager. Although initially content to work for Ton and happy to start on a career as a diva, Ton's abuse, pushing her to sing constantly, caused her great anxiety and stressed her to the point of being unable to sing. Learning of her manager's more murderous nature, she feared the merchant; despite this, Rin was horrified by Ton's death.

Chansaux: Rin's backup singer. Rin got to become professional acquaintances with Chansaux after the latter helped her with her concerts by providing her vocals, and appeared to have a good relationship with the girl. After her murder, Rin became terrified for her own life at Ton's hands.


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • Rin's name is taken from her representative Vocaloid, Kagamine Rin.
  • Her surname is possibly derived from the Japanese suffix -chan, which is added to the end of someone's name, usually a small child or friend.


  • Humorously, Rin is quoted as exclaiming "Now, kneel to me" during her performance in Aceid, likely a reference to Princess Riliane whom she shared her new face with.