"So what success I've had is ultimately owed to my father."
―Riliane Mouchet[src]

Riliane Mouchet, nicknamed Lily, was a general of the Lucifenian army and the daughter of Gaston. After her father was killed during the revolution, the young commander was incorporated as part of the Marlon military. Ordered to counteract the reformed resistance, Riliane and her forces succeeded in driving off the enemy, remaining stationed at Retasan Fortress while tensions escalated between Marlon and Beelzenia.


Early Life

"Didn't your father, the previous commander of Retasan Fortress, die during the revolution?"
―Germaine Avadonia[src]

Born in the Kingdom of Lucifenia on August 25, EC 480, Riliane was the daughter of the famous general, Gaston Mouchet. She later became part of the Lucifenian army under her father's tutelage and became a minor officer. At some point, her father recounted the simplicity and straightforwardness of Leonhart Avadonia, making him strong.[1] During the Lucifenian Revolution, Riliane participated in the battle of Rollam and faced Germaine Avadonia on the battlefield, although the Lucifenian army was eventually defeated.[2] Later on, she learned her father was killed by the masked man supporting the Resistance army on their way from Retasan. Choosing not to hold a grudge, Riliane continued her service in the military as a general.[3]

Retasan Commander

"But, it didn't go as well as the time of the revolution. Following their defeat, Lucifenia's female general Lily Mouchet was assigned to counteract the resistance, eventually retaking Retasan and forcing us to flee to Beelzenia."
―Chartette Langley[src]

Cha19 liliane
Following the Kingdom of Marlon's occupation and later annexation of Lucifenia in EC 501, Lily and her men were incorporated into the Marlon military. In EC 503, King Kyle ordered Riliane to counteract the reformed resistance forces stationed at Breck Mountain and Retasan Fortress. With the soldiers under her command, Lily launched an assault on Breck Mountain and captured the resistance base before pushing her assault toward Retasan; during the battle, she injured one of the key members of the Resistance in the right leg with her lance.[4]

After successfully recapturing Retasan and driving the Resistance into Beelzenia later that year, Riliane was appointed as the new commander and stationed with her men while political tensions between Marlon and the Beelzenian Empire rose. In EC 505, Riliane learned from her military superiors that the Marlon Royal Family was after criminals the Empire allegedly harbored. Later on, Riliane was walking through town when she saw the hat of a young girl fly in front of her. Crossing the road, she picked up the hat and placed it on her head. After the girl thanked her, the commander waved and they went their separate ways.

The night, she went to the bar at Half Moon Pavilion and ordered a white Rollam bird meal. While awaiting her food, she again encountered the girl. Telling her to pay no mind to her generosity earlier, the girl asked if she could eat with her and Riliane complied. After sitting down, Riliane asked if she was a traveler and the two exchanged idle gossip regarding the city before the waiter brought out their meals. Riliane then smiled and noted how they both ordered the same thing before beginning to eat. A little bit later, the commander commented how she saw the girl heading towards the gates and asked why.

As the girl, Yukina, expressed her failure to cross over to Beelzenia, Riliane explained the rough history between the countries and the current political situation. When Yukina pried over who the criminals were, Riliane brushed it off as classified, saying it was not easy to cross borders due to the potential of war in the near future. Seeing Yukina's outburst at the selfish reasoning, Riliane laughed and agreed with her sentiments. Yukina then went onto explain how terrible she was treated at the gates and that the commanders didn't know how to discipline the troops.

After saying that may not have been true, Yukina said that Commander Mouchet had to have been evil before asking for her name. Saying it was Lily, Riliane listen as Yukina explained how the troops thought Commander Mouchet was frightening and cruel, much to her chagrin. At that moment, a soldier walked in and reported that General Ausdin was visiting and awaited her in the commander's room. Saying she would go once she finished her meal, Riliane asked who had been on sentry duty.

Once she heard it was Oudinot and Bonnard, she chuckled and stated she would keep that in mind. When Yukina suddenly asked "Lily" for her full name, and the commander revealed her identity, saying she preferred to be called by her nickname. Embarrassed, Yukina apologized and Riliane told her to just eat her meal before it got cold. Over the course of five days, Riliane and Yukina walked through the main streets together while Riliane continued her duties, talking a bit about her past.

That day, the commander resolved to find a way for Yukina to enter Beelzenia. While window shopping later on, Riliane asked if Yukina needed a new pair of shoes. When Yukina noted the commander's good mood, she insisted she call her "Lily" in private since she wasn't talking with her troops. Sighing, she said they should just try to find a way to get her to Beelzenia and queried why she wanted to go there. Yukina answered she wanted to visit an ancient city, although not an enthusiast. Riliane accepted the answer, brushing it aside.

Soon after, Yukina tried posing a question and Riliane asked if she had wanted another pair of shoes. When the girl asked if they could send a messenger to Beelzenia, the army commander asked why due to the danger. After Yukina explained she was the daughter of Keel Freezis of the Freezis Firm, the surprised Riliane agreed and sent out the messenger that day.[5]

Change in Command

"The fact that you managed to escape from Lucifenia and come to Beelzenia surprises me."
"I was originally a Lucifenian soldier."
―Yukina and Riliane[src]


Riliane leading Yukina towards the gates

Eighteen days later, Riliane received word that King Kyle was sending the troops from Nantes and that they would arrive in the afternoon. Despite the trouble with her superiors, the commander managed to have a permit issued for Yukina. That morning, Riliane returned to Half Moon Pavilion and shouted at Yukina's room before rushing inside, up the stairs, and into her room. The military commander immediately told the girl to get ready, saying they were going abroad.

As they progressed towards the gates, Riliane explained that the Freezis name she used didn't cover it but that the plan worked nonetheless. At the gates, she ordered the soldiers to grant Yukina access and beckoned them to hurry. When Yukina asked if she was trying to rush her out of the country, Riliane explained the situation before continuing to order around the troops.

Once she directed her towards Rukolbeni, she gave the young girl her permit and advised she show it to any soldier who stopped her. Thanked by Yukina, Riliane brushed it aside and reminded her of the possible war with Beelzenia in the near future. She also insisted she be strong and not die, or else she would have nightmares and her supporters would be sad. At Yukina's confusion, Riliane explained that her men were fans of the writer.[6]

Later on, Ney Futapie arrived and took over command of Retasan, relieving Riliane of her position. When the new commander waged war against the Beelzenian Empire using an undead army, the blond soldier deserted and fled to Beelzenia on horseback. Desiring protection from Marlon and wishing to meet the Langley Troops, Riliane slew the reanimated former emperor, took his head, and stormed away from the undead army. Proceeding towards Rukolbeni, Riliane encountered and impaled an undead soldier before approaching the Langley troops.

As she confronted the soldiers, Chartette demanded to know why she came and Riliane said the "former" Retasan Fortress commander wanted an audience with the Emperor. After reporting that the previous emperor had led the reanimated troops and was defeated, Riliane met with his son in the Imperial City and presented his father's head to him as a gift. Receiving his favor, Riliane was given refuge and allowed to move freely; with the emperor deciding to invade Retasan the next day, the exhausted Riliane left the chamber and saw Yukina and noted how she hadn't fled when the war broke out.

When Yukina asked, the soldier explained what had happened at the fortress and why she came to Beelzenia. Yukina then asked if she wanted tea and Lily declined, asking for coffee instead. After Yukina asked the maid and explained it would be late, she told her to forget about it and queried what the girl was planning to do next. Yukina responded that she planned to stay and Riliane said it was useless to leave, relaying the emperor's decision to attack Retasan.[7]

Meeting the Hero

"Although I don't know anything about your past or your ideas but in my opinion, you're just playing dumb."
―Riliane to Germaine about her brooding[src]


Lily confronts Germaine

During the Beelzenian invasion of Retasan, Riliane stayed in Rukolbeni and met up with Germaine Avadonia at a bar. The two drank together and conversed amiably when Yukina joined them, asking if they knew each other. Riliane explained how it was the first time they formally met since their clash during the Lucifenian Revolution.

In response to Yukina's excitement, Riliane expressed her disappointment in seeing Germaine a drunkard and teased that perhaps she needed to drink to become the famous hero again. Hearing Germaine's excuses, the former Lucifenian commander called her a coward for trying to avoid fighting.

Germaine questioned why Riliane couldn't go in her stead, and the refugee responded that she didn't have permission to participate due to her situation. Yukina interrupted and mentioned how much help Germaine gave before the undead soldiers attacked and Riliane calmed down, stating it should be ideal then since they were fighting monsters rather than humans.

After Germaine muttered the fighting was pointless, Riliane listened to Germaine explain her belief that the fighting was pointless vengeance and amounted to nothing. After a long silence, Riliane queried if she spoke from experience and asked if the rumors were true that she started the revolution to have revenge on The Daughter of Evil for killing her father. Germaine angrily denied it and the two stared intently at each other.

Yukina again interjected to confirm who Leonhart was. Riliane answered her and explained the uncertainty behind his assassination. After ordering some beer, the refugee told Germaine she thought she was being dumb, saying that regardless of her motives, the revolutionary went through with it and killed a far more awful tyrant. Recounting her father's praise for Leonhart, Lily asked if she was ashamed of him. Once Germaine responded that she respected him, Riliane implored her to follow in his footsteps and take action.

When the drunk Germaine tried to leave for headquarters, the former Retasan commander told her to sober up first. The former revolutionary then asked about Commander Gaston's death in the revolution. Surprised, Riliane chugged down her drink and then responded that he had been caught off guard and fatally wounded, brushing it off as old age. Queried if she had any hate for the revolutionary army, Riliane shook her head and said her father wished to die in battle, and that she only desired to meet his killers.[8]

Several weeks after Retasan was captured by the Beelzenian army, Lily returned to Lucifenia and was present when Yukina, King Kyle, Gumillia, and Germaine were about to set sail for Marlon. Bidding them farewell, Riliane left while dragging Chartette away after she tried to board Kyle's ship without permission.[9]

New Four Horsemen

Riliane later rejoined the Lucifenian army. In EC 508, she was deployed along with the rest of her unit to Divine Levianta to aid the nation and the Levin church with suppressing the terrorism caused by Neo Apocalypse and became involved in the New Four Horsemen Incident. During the period, she encountered Germaine Avadonia again and the two dueled; she then magnificently defeated the swordswoman. After Neo Apocalypse's defeat, Riliane left the army and eventually married and had two children. When Lucifenia became a republic, she continued to support her home as a proprietress for the soldiers.[10]


Following her death, Riliane was sent to the Heavenly Yard. In EC 998, she and the other souls were pulled back to the Third Period as the ground world merged with the Hellish Yard.[11]  Afterward, Lily was invited to a dinner party at the Lucifenian Royal Palace held in Princess Riliane's honor and joined the other guests in the Hall of Mirrors. Later during the festivities, the former soldier inhaled the Eighth Gift in the palace air and fell into a deep slumber.[12]

Personality and Traits

"The soldiers at the fortress entrance says that Commander Mouchet is scary, like a monster, and cruel, like a demon. They say that the Commander orders them around like slaves! Miss Lily must also have suffered while working under that kind of person, right?"


Yukina helping Lily with her hair

Riliane was an assertive young woman with a strong sense of pride for herself and her country. Working her way up into the high ranks of the military despite being a woman, she was very conscientious of her duties and reputation among her troops. Likewise, she had pride in her responsibility as a military woman.

As a result, Riliane often displayed more tomboyish traits than her peers expected of her. As part of this attitude, Lily was also very aggressive and acted quite masculine. Fearless in combat and extremely strict with her subordinates, she received a reputation as being akin to a demon for the men serving under her.

Despite this, Lily acted upon a strong moral center. Although following her duties as commander she nonetheless was harshly critical of Marlon's imperialist reign and had disapproved of Princess Riliane's regime,[13] even considering the revolution she fought against to be a natural response to her tyranny. Similarly, she disapproved of unqualified soldiers being appointed as commanders, such as Ney Futapie.[14] However, Lily's dedication as a soldier made her obedient to her superior's will and she acted accordingly, regardless of her personal bias.

Much of her military upbringing and philosophy was credited to her father, Gaston. While growing up, Lily held a great respect for her father and eventually joined the military as a result. Raised on his principals, Riliane accepted the nature of life and death during wartime, including forgiving the enemy for killing comrades and loved ones on the battlefield.[15] As a result, she did not believe in revenge to repay debts and valued inner strength and straightforward thinking.[16] Therefore, as part of her own philosophy, Lily believed it was her duty to act on her father's teachings and honor his name.

Beyond her role as an officer, Lily dedicated herself to helping those in need, regardless of the difficulty or circumstances, and she was relentless in fulfilling her promises. Considerate and trustworthy, the commander was very popular and well respected among her peers. Also, in contrast to her strict military behavior, Riliane acted more relaxed and kind in more casual circumstances. She got along well with Yukina and enjoyed spending time shopping or conversing with the novelist.[17] She also held an admiration for Germaine and demonstrated somewhat of a respectful rivalry with the revolutionary hero.[18]

A humble woman, Riliane didn't boast about her rank or lineage to strangers. Likewise, she wished to distance herself from her relation to Princess Riliane and hated when not being referred to by her nickname, "Lily". She was also able to keep calm when her reputation was slandered, although disgusted by those who gossiped to ruin others or belittle themselves.[19] In addition she would expect the same consistency and strong values from others that she upheld for herself, considering anyone who refused to help others a coward.

Later, after being stripped of her rank, Riliane did not hesitate to defect to Beelzenia and assist them against the dead soldier threat.[20] At the same time, she expressed disappointment in losing her military rank and swiftly returned to the Lucifenian army after the threat subsided. Following her retirement she continued giving support to the military; similarly, she demonstrated a more nurturing side of her, settling down with a family and raising two kids in her later years.[21]

Skills and Abilities

Riliane was a skilled fighter and strict military commander. Expecting the most out of her men, Lily hardened herself when dealing with military matters and was able to easily separate herself as a soldier from herself as the average citizen.[22] She was also skilled in horseback and wielded a lance with great effect during battle.[23]

Character Connections

Yukina Freezis: A friend of Riliane's. Appreciating Yukina's insight on matters of politics, Riliane grew close with the girl over the days they spent in Retasan and enjoyed spending time with her, even after quitting her position. She wished to aid Yukina in her endeavors to travel through Evillious

Germaine Avadonia: A fellow swordswoman. Riliane was appreciative of Germaine's skills as a swordswoman, holding her no ill will for their past encounters as enemies, but was incensed by the latter's tendency to drink rather than fight and her perceived inconsistent views on revenge.

Gaston Mouchet: Riliane's father. Riliane greatly respected her father and the two had a close relationship, with Lily following Gaston into military service and following his philosophy on not harboring resentment for casualties of war. Due to this, although he was murdered by an ally of the Lucifenian Resistance, she meant the Resistance no ill will after the Revolution.


Conceptualization and Origin

  • Riliane's name and her preferred nickname, Lily, is a wordplay on the Japanese pronunciation of the "R" and "L" sounds; the beginning of both names share the same romanization.
  • The nickname is also derived from "lilies", flowers representing beauty, purity, and innocence.
  • Her surname is French and is shared with Mont Mouchet, a mountain that acted as the headquarters of a French resistance group during World War II; Lucifenia, Riliane's native country, is inspired by France.
  • Riliane's nickname is inspired by the name of her representative Vocaloid, Lily.
  • Originally, Riliane was planned to be the main character of The Daughter of Evil: Praeludium of Red but was later changed so that the story would be told from Yukina's perspective.[24]


  • Riliane shares the same birthday (August 25th) with her Vocaloid.[25]
  • Like Princess Riliane, Riliane Mouchet's name comes from the princess' great-grandmother, Empress Riliane Roses; due to being a distant relative of the Lucifenian queen, Gaston was allowed to name his daughter after her.[26]
  • In retrospect, mothy considers the original plan to have an entirely new character, Lily, taking the lead somewhat contrived and is satisfied with the change to Yukina.[27]
  • In Epic of Evil: The Daughter of Evil Fanbook, Lily was voted as the fourteenth most popular character in The Daughter of Evil series by Japanese fans.




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