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"In the end, my success is also riding on my father’s coat-tails."
―Riliane Mouchet[src]

Riliane Mouchet, nicknamed Lily, was a general of the Lucifenian army and the daughter of Gaston Mouchet. After her father was killed during the revolution, the young soldier took over command and served the new Marlon government after it annexed the nation. Under orders to recapture outposts lost to the reformed Lucifenian Resistance, Riliane and her forces drove the revolutionaries out of the country, remaining stationed at Retasan Fortress while tensions escalated between Marlon and Beelzenia.


Early Life[]

"Your father was Retasan Fortress Commander, and he died during the revolution."
―Germaine Avadonia[src]

Riliane was born in the Kingdom of Lucifenia on August 25, EC 480, the daughter of the famous general, Gaston Mouchet. She later became a minor officer in the Lucifenian army under her father's tutelage. During the Lucifenian Revolution, Riliane participated in the battle of Rollam and faced Germaine Avadonia on the battlefield, although the Lucifenian army was eventually defeated.[1] Later on, she learned her father was killed by the masked man supporting the Resistance army on their way from Retasan.[2]

Retasan Commander[]

"But things didn't go as good as they did durin' the revolution. After Lucifena's lady general Lily Mouchet started her counter-measures we kept getting losses--eventually they took back Retasan Fortress, and we fled to Beelzenia."
―Chartette Langley[src]
Cha19 liliane.jpg

Following the Kingdom of Marlon's occupation and later annexation of Lucifenia in EC 501, Lily and her men were incorporated into the Marlon military. In EC 503, Riliane counteracted the reformed resistance forces stationed at Breck Mountain and Retasan Fortress, recapturing Retasan, driving the Resistance into Beelzenia, and injuring the resistance member York Le Corbusier in the leg.[3] She was afterwards appointed as the new commander at Retasan and stationed there with her men while political tensions between Marlon and the Beelzenian Empire rose, the Empire allegedly harboring criminals wanted by the Marlon Royal Family.

In EC 505, Lily was walking through town when she caught Yukina Freezis' hat flying in the breeze and returned it to the girl. The night, she went to the bar at Half Moon Pavilion to have supper, where she encountered Yukina again. As she sat down to eat with Riliane, the two exchanged idle gossip regarding the city before receiving their meals. A little later, Riliane questioned why Yukina had been heading towards the gate and learned that she'd tried and failed to get into Beelzenia, explaining to the girl the rough political situation between the two countries.

Riliane leading Yukina towards the gates

Not long afterwards, Yukina began to talk about how terribly she'd been treated at the gates, the child going on to insult the troops' commander without realizing that "Commander Mouchet" was Lily. At that moment, a soldier walked in and reported that General Ausdin awaited her in the commander's room; Lily used the opportunity to learn that Oudinot and Bonnard had been the troops badmouthing her to Yukina at the gate. Afterwards, her identity as Commander Mouchet was revealed and Lily waved off Yukina's mortified apology.

Over the course of five days, Lily and Yukina spent time together and talked, until one day she resolved to help Yukina get into Beelzenia, sharing her decision with Yukina while they were shoe-shopping. During the ensuing conversation, Yukina revealed she was the daughter of Keel Freezis of the Freezis Firm, and on those grounds she later had Lily send a messenger to Beelzenia.[2]

Eighteen days later, Lily received word that King Kyle was sending the Special Maneuvers Task Force. Having secured a permit for Yukina to go to Beelzenia, she woke Yukina at her inn and told her to get ready. Quickly explaining the situation as she took her to the gates, Lily hurried to get Yukina out of the country and shouted at her troops. After she directed the girl to head to Rucolebeni and handed her the permit, Lily said her farewells and Yukina departed.[2]


"Still, hearing about you quitting the Lucifenian army and immediately fleeing to Beelzenia... that was surprising."
―Yukina to Lily[src]

Later on, Ney Phutapie arrived and took over command of Retasan, relieving Riliane of her position. When the new commander waged war against the Beelzenian Empire using an undead army over two weeks later, Lily deserted and fled to Beelzenia on horseback. She slew the reanimated former Beelzenian Emperor, took his head, and stormed into Rucolebeni. Impaling another corpse soldier, Lily approached the Langley Unit of Beelzenia and told its commander, Chartette, that she wanted an audience with the Emperor.

Lily confronts Germaine

Not long after, Lily met with the Beelzenian Emperor in the Imperial City and presented him with the head of his reanimated father as a gift. Receiving his favor, Lily was given refuge in the empire and the emperor decided to invade Retasan the next day. When she left the audience chamber, Lily ran into Yukina again and learned how she had gotten involved in the attack of undead soldiers. As they talked, Yukina told Lily that she intended to stay and Lily told her of the emperor's decision to attack Retasan.[1]

During the Beelzenian invasion of Retasan, Lily stayed in Rucolebeni and met up with Germaine Avadonia at a bar. The two drank together and conversed before Yukina joined them, and Lily explained how this was the first time they formally met since their clash during the Lucifenian Revolution. Lily then began to criticize Germaine for sitting in a bar and drinking rather than helping with Beelzenia's invasion, while she herself wasn't permitted to participate.

As Germaine argued that the invasion was just for pointless vengeance, Lily pointed out the rumors that Germaine had started the revolution to have revenge on The Daughter of Evil for killing her father, whose assassination was still unsolved. As the conversation went on, Lily eventually convinced Germaine to participate in the fighting to live up to Leonhart's memory, albeit after she sobered up. Germaine then asked Lily about the death of her own father, Gaston, in the revolution, and Lily clarified that she had no wish to avenge him.[1]

Several weeks after Retasan was captured by the Beelzenian army, Lily returned to Lucifenia and was present when Yukina, King Kyle, Gumillia, and Germaine were about to set sail for Marlon. Bidding them farewell, Riliane left while dragging Chartette away after she tried to board Kyle's ship without permission.[4]

Four Horsemen[]

Riliane later rejoined the Lucifenian army. In EC 508, she was deployed along with the rest of her unit to Holy Levianta to aid the nation and the Levin church with suppressing the terrorism caused by Neo Apocalypse and became involved in the Four Horsemen Incident. During the period, she encountered Germaine Avadonia again and bested her in a duel. After Neo Apocalypse's defeat, Riliane left the army and eventually married a man and had two children with him.[5]


Following her death, Riliane's soul was sent to the Heavenly Yard and remained there. In EC 999, she and the other souls were pulled back to the Third Period as the ground world merged with the Hellish Yard.[6] Afterward, Lily was invited to a dinner party at the Lucifenian Royal Palace held in Princess Riliane's honor and joined the other guests in the Hall of Mirrors. Later during the festivities, she inhaled the Eighth Gift in the palace air and fell into a deep slumber.[7]

Lily eventually woke up and gathered with everyone else in the Hall of Sounds. As the group discussed the Tasan Party soldiers surrounding the palace and Chartette expressed her worry for Riliane, Lily refuted her, citing that Riliane was already dead like everyone else. Later on, Yukina conjured an illusory gun and shot it at Lily to explain her point, causing her to get angry. She later joined the forces about to do battle.[8]

During the ensuing fight, Lily and her forces stayed on the palace roof. Later into the battle, a Black Box flew out over the Lucifenian forces and began to suck everyone inside; Lily then had her soldiers fire their cannons at it, to no avail. Soon after, the Black Box was defeated. [9] When all the souls of the Third Period started singing the Clockwork Lullaby to restrain Ma, Riliane eventually joined in their singing.[10] After Allen and Riliane later created a new world with the Re_birthday function, Lily was presumably incorporated into it.[11]

Personality and Traits[]

"The guards at the gate told me that Commander Mouchet is frightening like an ogre, cruel like a demon, and works the soldiers like slaves. It must be such a burden on you to have to work under such a person as that."

Riliane was an assertive young woman with a strong sense of pride. Working her way up into the high ranks of the military despite being a woman, Lily was very conscientious of her duties and reputation among her troops. Proud of her responsibility as a military woman, she displayed more tomboyish traits than her peers expected of her, acting strongly aggressive and masculine, and was fearless in combat as well as extremely strict with her subordinates. She similarly expected others to have the same strong values as herself and thought little of those who refused to help, believing them cowards, while also valuing inner strength and forward thinking.[4] Lily's dedication to the military remained strong even after retiring as a soldier.[5]

Yukina helping Lily with her hair

Lily did, however, have a softer and more casual side in contrast to her strict military behavior. In normal circumstances, she would be kind and relaxed, even calm in the face of her reputation being slandered. Also being humble, Lily didn't boast about her rank or lineage to strangers and likewise distanced herself from her relation to Princess Riliane by preferring the nickname "Lily." She also enjoyed shopping and talking with friends like Yukina and,[2] later in life, demonstrated a nurturing side in becoming a proprietress and mother of two.[5]

Outside of this, Lily had a strong moral center and was harshly critical of the regimes she served under,[2] although only becoming insubordinate when driven by harsh extremes.[1] She was relentless in fulfilling her promises and dedicated to helping others in need, a considerate and trustworthy woman. Having great respect for her father, Gaston, Lily embraced his principles of life and death during wartime, including forgiving the enemy for killing comrades and loved ones on the battlefield.[2]

Skills and Abilities[]

Riliane was a skilled fighter and strict military commander. Expecting the most out of her men, Lily hardened herself when dealing with military matters and was able to easily separate herself as a soldier from herself as the average citizen. Although already an incredibly competent commander on her own merits, Riliane went far in the military in part due to her father being the famed Gaston Mouchet.[2] She was also skilled in horseback and wielded a lance with great effect during battle.[1] Outside of her skill as a warrior, Lily was evidently a good hostess, tending to the army late in life as a proprietress.[5]

Character Connections[]

Yukina Freezis: A friend of Riliane's. Appreciating Yukina's insight on matters of politics, Riliane grew close with the girl over the days they spent in Retasan and enjoyed spending time with her, even after quitting her position. She wished to aid Yukina in her endeavors to travel through Evillious. 

Germaine Avadonia: A fellow swordswoman. Riliane was appreciative of Germaine's skills as a swordswoman, holding her no ill will for their past encounters as enemies, but was incensed by the latter's tendency to drink rather than fight and her perceived inconsistent views on revenge.

Gaston Mouchet: Riliane's father. Riliane greatly respected her father and the two had a close relationship, with Lily following Gaston into military service; she believed it her duty to honor the Mouchet name by living up to his principles. Due to this, although he was murdered by an ally of the Lucifenian Resistance, she meant the Resistance no ill will after the Revolution.


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • Riliane's name and her preferred nickname, Lily, is a wordplay on the Japanese pronunciation of the "R" and "L" sounds; the beginning of both names share the same romanization.
  • The nickname is also derived from "lilies", flowers representing beauty, purity, and innocence.
  • Her surname is French and is shared with Mont Mouchet, a mountain that acted as the headquarters of a French resistance group during World War II; Lucifenia, Riliane's native country, is inspired by France.
  • Riliane's nickname is inspired by the name of her representative Vocaloid, Lily.
  • Originally, Riliane was planned to be the main protagonist of The Daughter of Evil: Praeludium of Red but was later changed so that the story would be told from Yukina's perspective.[12]


  • Riliane shares the same birthday (August 25th) with her Vocaloid.[13]
  • Like Princess Riliane, Riliane Mouchet's name comes from the princess' great-grandmother, Empress Riliane Roses; due to being a distant relative of the Lucifenian queen, Gaston was allowed to name his daughter after her.[2]
  • In retrospect, mothy considers the original plan to have an entirely new character, Lily, taking the lead somewhat contrived and is satisfied with the change to Yukina.[14]
  • In Epic of Evil: The Daughter of Evil Fanbook, Lily was voted as the fourteenth most popular character in The Daughter of Evil Series by Japanese fans.




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