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Reincarnation[note 1] was a type of magic involving the rebirth of an entity's soul into a new body. A rare and powerful ability originally only possible with the Black Box Type L, it became possible to achieve with various magic means and allowed the affected user to live new lives in a continuous cycle.


Before the completion of the Third Period, reincarnation was originally achieved by using the Black Box Type L to transfer one's soul into a new body. The device could only be used with the consensus of the entire crew aboard the Climb One, and could only be used by those with the DNA of a crewmember.[1]

In the Third Period proper, select individuals could reincarnate in continuous, predetermined cycles,[2] giving them a certain degree of immortality.[3] The reincarnated bodies produced in the predestined cycle typically resembled the original body of the soul reincarnating. While reincarnation cycles were predetermined, a reincarnation born from preexisting parents could be disrupted by interference with the intended parents from a third party. This could cause the soul to reincarnate in a different body earlier than the cycle's course if it was unoccupied, this body even looking different from the original appearance of the soul incarnated into it.[2]

Reincarnation could also be achieved through magical techniques and technologies. In this case, a ritual could be performed that would reincarnate the affected target to a being of the target's choosing.[4] With magical technology, a reincarnated body could be naturally produced by implanting a woman with a "seed", producing a fetus. In all cases of reincarnation, due to the rules of the Third Period, any being that reincarnated on the ground world had any prior memories sealed, though some memories could be unintentionally retained or reawakened.[5]



Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Reincarnation is a common concept held in many philosophies and religions, especially prevalent in the Asian hemisphere.


  • While fundamentally different in method and function, the different lives lived by Eve Moonlit while under the effects of her hypnosis are also referred to as "reincarnations".[6]




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