Reanimation was a type of magic associated with the Demon of Gluttony involving reanimating and controlling dead bodies, typically reviving them en masse for building quick armies.


Reanimation magic allowed the user to revive and reanimate the dead, either human or animal,[1] in addition to directing the reanimated dead according to the caster's will. Due to being already dead, the reanimated corpses were not resilient and easily defeated by trained combatants in battle. Similarly, without souls the corpses only acted on a mindless instinct based on how they acted while alive, making them incapable of strategics. Nonetheless, in large numbers the undead corpses could easily overwhelm civilians or soldiers that were unprepared for them.[2]

The spell required the constant flow of large amounts of magic power to keep the technique in effect.[3] When the undead were not being controlled, they could act on their own and even betray the caster. Enemy mages could also use magic to free a reanimated individual of the caster's control.[4] In addition to being controlled by the caster, however, the corpse soldiers appeared to follow a "leader" corpse soldier,[5] whether it was a reanimated body like themselves or, in Lich Arklow's example, being a "death god" of a similar make as them.[6]

Users were able to reanimate the dead using the power of the Glass of Conchita;[2] the glass' necromancy ritual involved pouring liquid from the glass upon the actual body.[1] Seemingly, those affected by the Gula disease could be revived en masse without direct contact with the glass,[7] with the ritual only optionally including pouring wine from the glass onto the general area of the dead.[2] Inheritors of the Demon of Gluttony could also reanimate and control the dead.[8]

The corpse soldiers revived by this ritual appeared like monsters, having their skin become a ghostly white pallor, as well as having both the hair and eyes fall out.[1] Corpse soldiers also grew long claws,[7] or overgrown hooves depending on species.[1] When Banica Conchita revived her deceased household with the power of the Demon of Gluttony, they additionally reanimated as skeletons before gaining their white flesh from consuming the living.[7] In later centuries Banica Conchita, as the new demon, created a corpse soldier known as the Worldeater, an extremely large and powerful flying skeleton, using the "death god" Eater Sabella.[9]

During the breakdown of the world's rules in the late tenth century EC, corpse soldiers began to spawn of their own accord without association with the Demon of Gluttony.[6] This kind of corpse soldier was called an "Outlaw" and retained its soul.[10] They varied among themselves in terms of physical attributes, with some being particularly stronger or more agile than the rest. There were also "Worldeaters", corpse soldiers that were up to four meters tall and very difficult to defeat.[6]




  • As Platonic was able to revive a corpse using the Glass of Conchita by accident and without using a contract, it's unclear if a contract is ever needed in order to use this power.




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