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Are you looking for the spell called Re_birthday?
"When I woke, I was alone in a room smeared black."
―Unknown boy[src]

Re_birthday is a song released by Akuno-P on December 27, 2008. It is the fourth song in the Clockwork Lullaby Series, depicting the awakening and imprisonment of a mysterious boy.


The story starts where a boy awakens alone in a dark room that has clockwork mechanisms on the ceiling. Not being able to see, he then hears a voice saying that he will be staying there for eternity and he starts to remember all the evil he has done. He finds that his arms are in red handcuffs, like the red of bloodshed, and his ankles are in blue shackles, like the blue of tears shed. The boy hears a "Lu li la" melody of someone's voice coming from somewhere and is slowly healing his soul, though he wonders who it is singing the melody.

An unspecified amount of time passes, and one day, the boy recognizes the meaning of the lullaby being sung and adds new words to it. Out of the ceiling a "message" arrives in the form of a light and the clockwork begins to move as the chains disappear, saying he will soon be reborn and this is his new birthday.


何も見えず 何も聞こえず




瞬間 思い出した全ての記憶






だけど 水という言葉 悪という言葉

赤い手錠外れ 僕に語りかける
青い足枷外れ 僕に話しかける


Mezameta toki boku wa hitori
Kuroku nuritsubusareta heya
Nanimo miezu nanimo kikoezu
Hitori furueru yami no naka

Tenjou ni wa ooki na ana
Yoku mireba soko ni wa kyodai na zenmai
Sono saki kara totsujo hibiku
Etai no shirenu bukimi na koe

"Tsumibukaki shounen yo
Omae wa kono saki eien ni
Kono heya kara wa derarenu"

To itta

Shunkan omoidashita subete no kioku
Mizukara ga kasaneta tsumi no kazukazu wo
Koko ni iru riyuu to ketsumatsu ni kizuita
Mou ano koro ni wa modorenai no da to

Kizukeba ryouude ni wa merareta akai tejou
Sore wa kitto dareka no nagashita chi no iro
Ryou no ashikubi ni wa aoi iro no kusari
Sore wa kitto dareka no namida no iro

"Ru ri ra ru ri ra" kikoete kita uta wa
Dare ga utau komoriuta darou ka…

Dore hodo no toki ga nagareta darou
Ugokanu zenmai ni tazuneta
Doko kara tomonaku kikoete kuru
Utagoe dake ga boku wo iyasu

Aru hi boku wa kizuita n da
Sono uta no shinjitsu no imi wo
Soshite boku wa komoriuta ni
Atarashii kotoba wo tsuketashita

Zenmai no sukima kara
Ochite kita chiisana hikari
Sore wa kitto

―Kimi ga kureta MESSEEJII―

Mawari hajimeta zenmai shizuka ni kataru
"Tsumi ga keshite yurusareru koto wa nai"
Dakedo mizu to iu kotoba aku to iu kotoba
Bokura wa sorera wo uta e to kaeyou

Akai tejou hazure boku ni katari kakeru
"Kore kara anata wa
Umarekawaru no yo" to
Aoi ashikase hazure boku ni hanashi kakeru
"Kyou ga kimi no atarashii Birthday"

Subete ga mawari soshite shiroku somaru
Mou sugu kimi ni ai ni yuku yo

When I woke, I was alone
In a room smeared black
Not able to see, not able to hear
I tremble alone in the dark

In the ceiling there’s a big hole
Looking closely, there’s a huge spring in there
From beyond that, there suddenly resounds
A ghastly, mysterious voice

"Sinful boy
From this point on you will never
Be brought from this room", it said

In that moment I recalled all of my memories
The many sins piled upon myself
Along with the reason I’m here, in the end I realized
That I can’t return to back then anymore

When I came to, both my arms were clad in red manacles
That is surely the color of someone’s spilled blood
As for both my ankles, they have blue colored chains
That is surely the color of someone’s tears

"Lu li la lu li la", the song I came to hear
I wonder who is singing this lullaby?…

How much time has passed?
I asked of the unmoving spring
Only the singing voice
That I’m hearing out of nowhere heals me

One day I realized
The true meaning of that song
And I added on new words
To the lullaby

From a gap in the spring
A small light fell down
This is, surely
–A message you sent me–

The spring that began to turn recites quietly
“Your sins will never be forgiven”
But a word called water, a word called evil
We shall change those into a song

The red manacles fall off and address me
"After this you will be reborn"
The blue shackles fall off and talk to me
"Today is your new birthday"

Everything spins and dyes white
I’ll go to see you very soon

English translation by Pricechecktranslations

PV Text[]

Happy Birthday!

Related Songs[]

Clockwork Lullaby[]

Clockwork Lullaby shares the "Lu Li La" pattern and its healing properties as alluded to in Re_birthday, as well as sharing a theme of adding words to the song.


Wordplay shares the theme of "words" as alluded to in Re_birthday.

The Song I Heard Somewhere[]

Re_birthday is referenced in The Song I Heard Somewhere, with Seth Twiright telling Irina Clockworker of her impending rebirth in the same way as done to the boy singer.




Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • In-universe, a Re_birthday is a "reformatting" event involving both the destruction and creation of the world anew; it can only be performed by a set of irregular twins working together.
  • A "rebirthday" is an anniversary day on which someone celebrates their salvation.
  • The song was intended to somewhat act as answer to Regret Message, with both songs containing "Re" at the beginning of their titles to reinforce the parallelism.[1]
  • This song was released in celebration of Rin and Len's first anniversary.[2]

Curiosities []

  • Re_birthday's original PV mirrors Clockwork Lullaby, depicting the Len character in a similar pose opposite of Clockwork Lullaby's mysterious singer.
  • During the original song PV, the chorus sung by MikuKAITO, or MEIKO is complemented by the image saturating green, blue, and red respectively.
  • A rearranged version of The Servant of Evil's melody can be heard as the second musical bridge.
  • In the PV for Capriccio Farce, Adam is shown wearing red and blue shackles, a likely reference to this song.
  • In the Clockwork Lullaby album, Kiril Clockworker mentions keeping the song's contents a secret from TALOS, and that the boy in it hasn't even been born yet.[3]



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