Punishment[note 1] was a weapon developed by the Elphegortean military sometime during the world war at the end of the 10th century EC. Ordered to be developed by the nation's dictator, the weapon became the ultimate tool in ending the war, as well as the Third Period itself.


After gaining political power in Elphegort, Führer Nemesis Sudou discovered a boy of destruction created by Seth Twiright and sealed in Lunaca Labora. Sometime after EC 993, she ordered the Elphegortean military to launch a secret project to develop a new weapon based on the "boy": Punishment.[1] In EC 998, a prototype was developed and testing began in the Millennium Tree Forest. With the test launch successfully obliterating the forest, Elphegort began utilizing Punishment in the worldwide war, aiming it at the United States of Maistia.[2]

After firing the weapon at the Maistia continent and decimating its landscape, a targeting miscalculation occurred and the Green Country's ally, Jakoku, was destroyed as well. Afterward, countless Punishments were set up across the Evillious region. Nemesis then fired the weapon again, completely eradicating all the remaining life in the region and bringing an end to the Third Period.[3]


Punishment was a potent weapon capable of destruction on a massive scale. Functioning as an explosive device, it could generate a blast powerful enough to decimate everything within its blast radius, leaving only a wasteland behind.[2] Punishment was capable of traveling great distances, even reaching continents on the other side of the world. The "boy" that the weapon was based on was a similarly potent explosive weapon, which had the form of a blond-haired young boy with blue eyes. When the "boy" was activated, a "Lu Li La" sound resounded.[3]


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Punishment is likely inspired by the atomic bomb developed by the United States during World War II; the Great War, the conflict Punishment was used in, shares similar parallels with World War II.


  • Interestingly, the "boy" that Punishment is based on is portrayed as resembling characters represented by Kagamine Len.





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