"I’m deeply fascinated with what the cause of their symptoms might be… Well, I suppose I’ll have to leave the rest to the local doctors."

Puerick Rogzé was a medical doctor of the Lucifenian Republic and a renowned expert of pharmaceuticals throughout the Evillious region. Diverting from his family's history with politics to study medicine, Puerick became famous for developing a cure for the Gula epidemic. As mysterious deaths began plaguing Toragay, Puerick was called upon to examine the first victims.


Early LifeEdit

Born sometime during the sixth century EC, Puerick was one of two sons born into the Rogzé family living in the Lucifenian Republic's capital city of Lucifenian. Ignoring his brother's and later nephews' political leanings, Puerick pursued a career in medicine and studied his family's history and expertise in pharmaceutical drugs and poisons. During his career, he developed a cure for the terrible Gula epidemic and established himself as an expert in his field.[1]

Toragay EpidemicEdit

"Hmmph… If we presume the Marquis’ death and Dr. Felix’s critical illness both have the same cause, then we must reject the notion that it was tobacco. Though I was skeptical of that from the start."

Following the mysterious death of Marquis Kaspar Blankenheim on August 31, EC 609, Puerick was made the lead doctor for the World Police's investigation into the incident due to his fame and skill. During Kaspar's autopsy, Puerick found no traces of poison in the marquis or his mistress' system.[1] Later, he examined the ingredients Margarita Blankenheim purchased from the town pharmacy and determined there was no poison in them.[2]

After Dr. Felix was reported to be in critical condition on September 18, Puerick also received toxicology reports from Aceid concerning the doctor.[3] Later, Puerick agreed to meet with Schuburg Newspaper reporter Hanne Lorre regarding Kaspar's case at his home. That September, he served her coffee while she spoke with him about Kaspar's death and Dr. Felix's illness.

Discussing Kaspar's condition, Puerick expressed contempt at the diagnosis that he had died from tobacco poisoning, reporting how he hadn't found traces of poison during the autopsy. He then went on to discuss Gift, sharing its history as a poison formulated from a medicine in Calgaround by Plus Rogzé. When asked, he explained as well how Gift was far more toxic than the original medicine, to the point where even a small drop in Hanne's coffee would kill her.

Amused as Hanne sputtered, he assured her the drink was safe and related how Plus had made the poison for his daughter, Prim Rogzé. He finally finished his tale by explaining that, if Kaspar was poisoned, it was likely Gift due to the symptoms and its previously untraceable nature. The two exchanged thanks and Puerick saw Hanne out.[1]

The Deepening MysteryEdit

Some time later, Puerick met with Hanne again and received a vial of strange liquid that she had discovered in an inn at Toragay; after testing the liquid's properties, he discovered that the vial contained blood which refused to coagulate, as well as a toxin that he was unsure was a poison or a result of the blood rotting. When questioned over his results later, Puerick returned the vial to Hanne and reported his findings. He then agreed to Hanne's suggestion that the blood might be of an unknown animal.

As they discussed the vial, Puerick listened to Hanne theorize that the poison used on Kaspar and Dr. Felix was formulated to blend in with toxins released by rotting blood so as to be untraceable. In light of Dr. Felix, however, who was alive yet and had no trace of poison in his blood, Puerick suggested that the two had suffered two different causes of illness despite the similarity in symptoms. Soon afterwards, Hanne prepared to leave only for two men in black to block her from leaving; Puerick then watched the trespassers inform Hanne that Shaw Freezis had passed away and she left with the two.[3]

Later, after a handful of survivors of Gift had been discovered in Toragay, Puerick received reports detailing how no traces of the poison were found in the dead; at the same time, antibodies had been discovered in the blood of the survivors contacted by Elluka Clockworker, after shedding her disguise as Hanne Lorre. Told about the medicine made from sap of the New Millennium Tree which fought the symptoms of Gift, Puerick agreed to meet Elluka at the New Millennium Tree and obtained a forest traffic permit to visit the pilgrimage site. Taking a sample of the sap, he quickly found it to have detoxifying qualities.

Puerick was then joined by Elluka Clockworker and he greeted her as Hanne, telling her his findings on the sap. Although admitting he didn't know if the sap could be used as an antidote, Puerick noted he would examine the antibodies found in the blood of the survivors before beginning his research. He then prepared to head home, told by Elluka that she and her companion Gumillia would stay in the forest a little longer. After brushing off a warning to not have his sap confiscated by the church, he returned to his home in Lucifenia and, in late October, successfully developed an antidote to the Gift.[4]

Personality and TraitsEdit

"Hahaha, don’t worry. I haven’t put any poison in your coffee. I was merely making an example."
―Puerick's dark sense of humor[src]

Puerick was an honest, good-natured, albeit unconventional man. Not wishing to involve himself in politics, he was instead inspired to dabble in the hobby of the Rogzé family and practice pharmaceuticals. While he learned of his ancestors and their usage of poison for political gain, he instead engaged in the study of poisons and medicines for the betterment of his peers. He was also a responsible man when it came to his own health and that of others. As well as advocating tips for long living, Puerick's work into pharmaceuticals was in part to advance cures for terrible afflictions, such as Gula, which had plagued Evillious for centuries.

Intelligent and hardworking, Puerick held a certain amount of pride in his abilities, though was not above trusting in other professionals to arrive at their own conclusions with local cases. He was also, at times, unconventional in manner as befitting his fascination with poisons, having a more mischievous sense of humor with guests.[1] He was also not above moving around the laws and rules of a given institution when lives were at stake, taking sap from the sacred New Millennium Tree to cure the Toragay populace and hiding it from the Sisters of Clarith.[4]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

"Let me think…The only thing I can think of is that it was illness after all. Though I’ve never seen nor heard of an illness with these symptoms before… The two of them may have come into contact with some new breed of virus."
―Puerick's medical expertise[src]

Over the course of his studies, Puerick gained an impressive knowledge of medicine and poisons to advance his pharmaceutical career. In particular, he became an expert on the formulation, administration, and identification of poisons and toxic substances. Similarly, he became well-versed in the history of their usage, particularly the Gift poison that had been used by his family and the sleeping medicine that it was based on.[1] Using this information, Puerick was able to form antidotes to a poison when given a curative substance to work with.[4] Additionally, he had an extensive knowledge of diseases and was able to create cures for some of the most longstanding and deadly afflictions in Evillious.

As part of his medical experience, Puerick also had extensive anatomical knowledge, able to accurately determine the cause of death of a deceased individual.[1] Despite this, he was unable to correctly identify the usage of poisons when the poison was masked by the body's own toxins or a make of which he hadn't seen before.[3] Aside from this Puerick, due to his status, held a certain amount of prestige in his field and afforded social and financial benefits as a member of the noble Rogzé family.[1]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Prim Rogzé: A famous member of Puerick's family. Puerick was well-versed in the history of Prim and her father, particularly for their usage of Gift, although did not share her penchant for using it to solve her problems.

Hanne Lorre: A reporter Puerick aided. Puerick grew amiable towards the reporter over the course of their acquaintanceship, and was eager to aid her in her investigations into Toragay. He later was quick to work with her again in the formation of a cure for Gift, showing some concern for her to relax as he did so.


Conceptualization and OriginsEdit

  • Like other named members of his family, Puerick's name begins with the Japanese character プ (pu).
  • His surname seems to be a corruption of Zero-G, the company that created his ancestor Prim's representative Vocaloid, Prima.


  • Puerick is described as having a balding head, wearing glasses and having a sharp gleam in his eye.[1]



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