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"There's nothing that I can't steal! ...Probably."

Platonic, also known as Phantom Thief Platonic, was a thief from Calgaround in the Kingdom of Elphegort. Taking up the life of a thief under a new name to escape her noble family, the rebellious and free-spirited youth became infamous across Evillious. After her mentor's death, she was hired by AB-CIR to steal the red wine glass of Banica Conchita and later the Twin Blades of Levianta from Elluka Clockworker. She was one of Eve Moonlit's incarnations.


Early Life[]

Following the death of the daughter of the noble family of Calgaround, Elphegort, the Clockworker's Doll was activated and its demon assumed the child's identity.[1] The girl then grew up in an affluent lifestyle, but eventually became tired of the restrictions her life gave her. Desiring freedom, she ran away from home and encountered a thief, who mentored her. "Platonic" thus took up the life of a thief and made it her goal to one day buy a house with her own money.

Under her master's tutelage, she became an excellent thief, using the Association to help with her heists. Later on, her mentor died, causing AB-CIR, who had been a patron of her mentor, to contact Platonic for jobs as well. Around EC 324, Platonic attempted to steal a black crystal from Duke Demilamb and acquired the Association's layouts of the mansion. She infiltrated the home only to find the Duke's daughter extremely sick. Not only was she unable to complete the mission, but the daughter saw her face, resulting in her likeness being plastered all over Evillious in the form of wanted posters.[2]

Wine Glass Heist[]

Chara img4C.jpg

Soon after, Platonic was hired by AB-CIR to steal a particular red wine glass from Banica Conchita, with the man offering to pay her enough money to buy her dream home. With her new objective, Platonic visited the Association's hideout in Beelzenia and met with its Bruno. After receiving the mansion's floor plans, Platonic learned of the rumored white monsters roaming the area and that the allegedly cannibalistic Banica had only three staff in her employ.

The following evening she infiltrated the mansion, searching the kitchens before making her way down to the treasure room. Once there however she heard the singing of the servants Arte and Pollo, and decided to retreat before being discovered. Unfortunately for her, she was soon attacked by a zombified pig and easily found by the twins. While the two of them argued over Pollo's new laugh, Platonic created a smoke screen and escaped in the confusion.

While the twins hunted for her, she fled to a nearby room and stumbled upon Banica's former cook, Ildebrando, the man having been crucified. Spying the wine glass on the nearby shelf, she grabbed it but accidentally spilled its contents, reanimating Ildebrando into a hideous, undead monster. As Platonic fled with the wine glass, she ran into Banica herself, who took it from her; following a brief battle, Platonic escaped to the garden and left the estate empty-handed.

She then traveled to Lioness and reported her to failure to AB-CIR at Castle Hedgehog's prison. One of the prisoners, Prince Carlos of Marlon, overheard their conversation;[2] once AB-CIR decided to have him infiltrate the mansion instead and changed his face with the Venom Sword, Platonic helped care for the unconscious prince until he was awake.[3]

Forcibly Employed[]

"Miss thief here was just serving as my maid. As punishment for sneaking into my abode I was trying to pull a bit of 'mischief' with her."
―Elluka's association with Platonic[src]

AB-CIR then assigned Platonic to steal the Twin Blades of Levianta that were being held in Lucifenia instead.[3] In preparation for the job, she met with the "Bruno" of Lucifenia, who was known publicly as the merchant Lionel Corpa in the city of Rolled. During their meeting, Bruno explained to Platonic how the Twin Blades had allegedly been handed off to the sorceress Elluka Clockworker, who was currently staying at an inn in Rolled.

After bribing the innkeeper and placing a sleeping drug into Elluka's drink, Platonic snuck into the Rolled inn that night and tried to take the swords. She was taken by surprise, however, by a sober Elluka, who revealed that she had prophetically predicted and avoided Platonic's trap. Bemoaning her luck, Platonic became baffled when Elluka interrogated her on her background and stayed firm when she asked who her employer was. To cap it off, Platonic learned to her frustration that the Twin Swords Elluka had were a fake.

As punishment for the attempted theft, Elluka forced Platonic to be her servant over the course of a year.[4] During that time, Elluka tried to teach Platonic to cast spells, only to learn, as AB-CIR did, that she had no magical talent. Utterly miserable, Platonic attempted to escape multiple times. As a result, Elluka at one point kept her confined to their residence with a spell while she went to visit Held in his forest, before coming back after remembering she'd left no food for her.[5]

In July of EC 325,[6] Elluka and Platonic were both arrested from their residence in Lucifenia by Empress Juno's soldiers. Brought to Juno herself, the irritated Platonic stood by, bound, as Elluka met with the empress and explained their current arrangement. To her shock, Platonic learned that she wasn't going to be executed for her crimes, but that Empress Juno wanted her and Elluka to help investigate Banica Conchita's apostasy.

The two arrived at the city of Re Tasan during their investigation. After meeting with the mayor and learning how governance of the Conchita territory had broken down, the two were led to the city jail to examine a captured undead soldier; Platonic quickly recognized it as the kind of creature that had attacked her in the mansion. She watched Elluka interrogate the monster, forcefully playing ignorant when mention of Conchita's wine glass came up from the results. She protested being brought along to search the mansion until Elluka threatened her, and the two departed.

Coming to the town of Gasto by August, Elluka and Platonic stopped at a bar and met the the minstrel Xenos Jaakko. From him they learned that the undead soldiers had vanished, and that furthermore the mansion appeared uninhabited. As Xenos started to sing to them, the two ignored him and left the bar, discussing the odd information he shared. The two then continued on directly to the mansion; upon reaching the grounds, Platonic was impressed as Elluka used magic to unlock the front gate and the two of them entered to find that the area was indeed empty.

On the second floor, the two came across Murara, the white pig that had bitten Platonic, though it crumbled into bones upon their encounter. By the third floor, Elluka and Platonic entered Banica's room and were shocked to discover Banica's bloody wine glass and her child. They collected the baby and the glass and Elluka concluded that Banica had vanished without a trace. Sometime after they visited the mansion, Platonic escaped from Elluka with the wine glass and returned home to Calgaround, reuniting with her parents.[4]

Two months later, her family was visited by Xenos Jaakko, although she failed to recall the man.[7] The girl later regained all her memories as Eve Moonlit and passed away, allowing the slumbering Demon of Sloth to regain consciousness.[1] Presumably, before or during this period the wine glass passed back to AB-CIR's hands.


Centuries afterward, no records of Platonic's true identity survived, leaving only her birthplace and thief identity still recorded in history.[8] Xenos Jaakko later penned an unpopular song entitled "Platonic and the Wine Glass", and detailed his encounter with Platonic in his memoirs entitled "Evillious Travels", including an illustration of her.[7] Centuries later, during the EC 900s, a waiter of the Graveyard restaurant related stories of Platonic's involvement with AB-CIR, Elluka, and Banica to Judge Gallerian Marlon before being arrested by the Dark Star Bureau.[4]

Long after her death, the Clockworker's Doll crafted a new persona and assumed the identity of Margarita Felix nearly 300 years later.[1] While investigating the tales of the Flower of the Plateau, Elluka Clockworker came across Xenos' Evillious Travels and his accounts of Platonic.[7] After investigating the incident, Elluka confirmed Eve Moonlit's connection to the phantom thief and her false life as the original daughter of Calgaround.[1]

Personality and Traits[]

"–Well, even if the owner is a creep that doesn’t have any relation to my job. All I’m doing is stealing that wineglass from her, you know."
―Platonic's focus on her work[src]

Platonic was a free-spirited and energetic person, determined to live a full life as she pleased. Growing restless with the formal and rigid lifestyle of an aristocrat's daughter, she severed all ties with her past and fully embraced the way of thieves, living by her own rules.[9] Coinciding with her free lifestyle, the girl dreamed of owning her own house in the city one day, paid for with her own saved up money rather than relying on the wealth of her parents.[2] This same free-spirited nature led her to chafe under her forced service to Elluka, often complaining and trying to escape her servitude.[4] Despite her free-spirited nature, she eventually returned back to her aristocratic life after her experiences with Elluka.[7]

Although not above feigning a childish ignorance when it suited her,[2] Platonic was very professional with her dealings and was dedicated to getting a job done, as well as refusing to reveal her clients while under interrogation. Similarly, while showing fear towards things she didn't understand such as Banica's undead soldiers, she was capable of hardening her resolve to face them if given no other option,[4] and typically approached things with a cool head. Platonic was disinclined to murder someone on a job, having never done so, and used stealth tactics to get around obstacles instead. She was also a vegetarian, though out of personal preference rather than for religious reasons.[2]

Skills and Abilities[]

"Although, if you really are the best thief in Evillious, you’ll manage somehow won’t you? It is because AB-CIR values your skills that he entrusted you with this."
―Bruno to Platonic[src]

Despite having come from a rich and cultured background, Platonic was able to have some success as a thief and fit well into the lifestyle and work required, gaining notoriety as being able to steal anything. As such she employed an arsenal of strategies to aid her in her work, such as the use of smoke bombs,[2] sleeping draughts, and bribery if need be.[4] Although working alone, Platonic's connections to the Association allowed her to be well informed on her targets and to more easily break into homes and avoid their inhabitants.[2]

Although skilled as a thief, Platonic had no magical talent and was unable to perform even simple spells.[5] Due to being an incarnation of Eve Moonlit, however, Platonic was presumably resistant towards demonic influences, which would make her ideal for jobs in retrieving the vessels of sin.[1]

Character Connections[]

AB-CIR: One of Platonic's employers. AB-CIR was an old friend as a former patron to Platonic's mentor. As such, she maintained a professional relationship with AB-CIR and refused to divulge his name as part of that relationship, going on multiple jobs for him. She also found him to be handsome, although she was frustrated to find that he was not as trusting of her as she was of him and put off by the dark rumors surrounding him.

Elluka Clockworker: A temporary associate and partner of Platonic. Resentful of being forced into servitude for Elluka, she often complained about the work she was forced to do and mostly complied with her orders out of fear of the sorceress' powers, while making multiple attempts to escape. Additionally, she had no issue with deceiving Elluka in the end to get her hands on the wine glass.

Eve Moonlit: Platonic's true self. Hypnotizing herself to believe she was truly the daughter of the Calgaround lord, Platonic had no awareness of the slumbering Eve within her and only retained the witch's memories upon her later death.


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • The word platonic refers to a nonphysical love or relationship and to be friendly.
  • "Platonic" also contains the first three characters for the word "plateau", プラトー (puratō); her birthplace, Calgaround, is located in Merrigod Plateau.
  • Her title "Phantom Thief" invokes the phantom thief archetype popular in media; known in Western media as a "lady thief", it refers to a thief of noble upbringing.
  • Platonic's original surname, Calgaround (カルガランド), may be a reference to the English term "Merry-Go-Round" (メリーゴーランド); the song Madam Merry-Go-Round is also sung by Miku.
  • The romaji for Calgaround (karugarando) may also be a reference to the Japanese adverb 軽 (karugaru), meaning "lightly, easily, or carelessly"; it is also a possible allusion to Platonic being an incarnation of the Demon of Sloth.
  • Platonic's name is partially inspired by the name of her representative Vocaloid, Miku, with Platonic's romanization containing "ikku" in it, with the same pronunciation as "iku".